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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,657

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you this, Maraya.. It's up to us

Yes, I've been posting this.. Oh and how about the Independents?




Definitely and The Twilight Zone came too..

Proof that money can't buy happiness..

Trump's mentally ill says Paul Krugman this morning(yesterday)


Senator Kristen Gillibrand is there for us.. so please don't

broad brush.. Nancy Pelosi is there for us.


She "feels sorry for blotus"..



I remember that sign, too! "I am no longer accepting the things I can not change. I am changing the

things I can not accept."

I LOVE IT!Mahalo, kydo~

Thank you for your on the ground report.. very inspiring!

The psyche ops and brainwashing were complete

You have described it perfectly, yardwork.. Mahalo!

The lies about Hillary really brainwashed a lot of people.

The brainwashing affected people on both the left and the right. Then, to fill the void left by their refusal to consider Hillary Clinton in realistic, fact-based terms, millions of people simply projected their hopes and fantasies onto Trump.

It makes no rational sense but it happened. Kind of a mass hypnosis.

Team that up with comey and Russia's interference.. a shitload of mass HRC.. I saw it in Real Life from both sides of the spectrum.
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