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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,102

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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trump: you now have a POS who Lies his Filthy head OFF.


trump is Exponentially worse than any

jr high bully. he's a fake president trying to bully his way through 4 years by insulting the Military, Members of Congress, our Allies, and anyone else who tells the truth about him.

he's a despicable piece of slime trash who needs to get Kicked Way the Hell OUT.

Exactly Thank You! "progresives" gets thrown

around a lot.. just because they call themselves "progressives" doesn't mean anything. It's Positive Action that's the true sign of Progress.

Like the loyal Democratic Base, POC & especially WOC are who get out there and VOTE! That's how we Save Democracy & that's how they've been doing it.

Those who sat/sit home don't care about the Supreme Court/Poor People/The Planet.

Rt.. Good to Know.. TY, octoberlib.


You poor thing, Sprink💙.. on top of Everything Else!

Virtual Hug!

Rt! Like Rachel Bitercofer tweeted.. "Not one

damn word"!


TY Activists!! Rt.. & Tweet from Biden on the subject..


Cool.. Rt.. never thought about that!

TY for your phone banking, Jorge!

trump over-drugged looked like he wanted to lay down here..


Rt.. Ian Sams' Tweet.. Brilliant Biden Riff..

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