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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I do not think "it's too harsh".. that's what

many are saying who are out here Sheltered IN.. and loved ones of those who have perished.

DT called it a "Democratic Hoax" and wasted precious TIME.

I suppose Biden didn't want to accuse the asshole of having blood on his hands for.. reasons.

ETA.. Plus..

Warren Says Trump Admin Is Preventing States From Obtaining Coronavirus Equipment


Joe Biden said it Perfectly, Bill! Thank You!


Thank you for that, Tweet, Goth! Please check out my OP

with Klion's meme in it from Hawaii Delilah..



HawaiiDelilah.. You better fucking believe I am excited to vote for Biden.

StaySafe, Peeps

Here's the best on its own..


And, BS Spent 4x More $$$$ to Lose than Joe Biden did to WIN!

Awesome Find.. Tweeting this wherever it needs it.
So many love it on the Twitter feed.. Thank you, showblue & Jose!

Well well well.. And, there you have it .. the final word..

Sandersís own behavior sets the tone and belies the notion that he is not responsible for the most divisive campaign in the primary. His teamís baseless claim (for which he had to apologize) that former vice president Joe Biden is corrupt was positively Trumpian. The out-of-context clip that Sanders distributed on social media falsely suggesting Biden favored Social Security cuts was slapped down by fact-checkers, but Sanders continued to insist that Biden supported cuts.


Thank you, Tom

Thank you for that, BB.. That is so quick..

I will read it in increments.. have other stuff to do, too.

I posted this last night speaking of Pandemic Viruses.. the 1918 "Spanish" Flu which is a misnomer and the article tells why.

I think it's very interesting..

Why the Second Wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu Was So Deadly


My paternal grandfather perished in it in 1919.


Good One.. Thank you! Retweeted!


E gods with that Stein Voter Pusher.. I couldn't finish that.. west's Gaslighting

sickens me. sigh.

But thanks for that.. 'cause it just shows how divisive they are.

P.S. I can't understand why the "establishment" can't stand them.. that's a Real Mystery!
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