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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 200,890

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

It's still the 17th in Hawaii.. Happy

Birthday, Michelle! Mahalo Motley

Mahalo for this, LCoyote


Busey is trumper..

Here are 15 right-wing ‘celebrities’ who are backing Donald Trump


Wonder how these dumbfucks feel now?

I say give an anti-trumper a job..

How about Alec Baldwin?! lol

I knew it! I keep saying..

it seems surreal that the doctor is lying but here we are!

President Obama is 6'1" and he doesn't look taller than a real President.

Mahalo, Goth!

Girther is shorter than President Obama..

Mahalo for your thread, JE.. Just like when Girth and Spicer were telling us how theirs was the largest Inauguration of all time.. or something.

"Unacceptable!" The Voting Booth..

Thank you, Senator Booker!

Pervert dotard would be tweeting and spewing hate


Gasket Blowing Time!

Greenwald who rails against identity politics when it comes to race is stoking the hell out of..


Hypocritical Liar

No, she's Not right. Damning President Obama and

Senator Ben Cardin with her Fearmongering ad, worthy of the republicons and/or Russian propaganda.

"..more of the same.." where have I heard that lazy crap before?

She'd still be in prison if Obama hadn't commuted her sentence.

Senator Ben Cardin:

Our democracy. Five days latter Chelsea Manning announces her run and releases one of the worst political ads I have seen. An ad that my technologically challenged ass could put together in an afternoon. It is a Republican style ad based in fear. The only party she directly mentions is when she levies an attack on Democrats.

JANUARY 10, 2018

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin Releases Report Detailing Two Decades of Putin’s Attacks on Democracy, Calling for Policy Changes to Counter Kremlin Threat Ahead of 2018, 2020 Elections


Yes, turns out that has LEGS..

"In a world where the news cycle turns over at lightspeed, it seems significant that we're still dealing with the fallout of ShitholeGate."

Why the toadies started rabidly denying it.

Mahalo for this, Ferret!...

"Living through these insane goddamn days, aren'tcha glad that so much of the narrative about the first female presidential candidate got set by creepy old dudes like Matthews and Matt Lauer? Thanks, guys! Without you, maybe we wouldn't know the joys of hearing our Commander-in-Chief talk about how great white supremacists are in the wake of a white supremacist terror attack!"
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