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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Exciting rivers.. thank you! Great pic of Hillary in Boulder, Colorado..

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton greeted supporters before speaking at a campaign rally in Boulder, Colo.

"She has presented clear and doable proposals to deal with other persistent problems confronting

our country: immigration reform, renewal of our infrastructure, climate change, financial industry reform, and sensible, effective background checks on would-be firearms buyers."

Great endorsement from Martin Gross former Mayor of Concord, NH, rivers, thank you!

Adorable from Hillary and here is Sm Biz Sat from Pres Obama, Malia, and Sasha.. out shopping!

President Barack Obama joined by his daughters Malia and Sasha, talk with manager Anna Thorn as they shop at Upshur Street Books on Small Business Saturday


Thank you, Agschmid~

Mahalo Kath~ Hillary Stands with Planned Parenthood~

Hillary Clinton Verified account 
@HillaryClinton Cutting off Americans from lifesaving health care at Planned Parenthood is wrong. #standwithPP

Hey Aloha Sea~

Padma Lakshmi
✔ ‎@PadmaLakshmi
Oh yes, it will finally happen. #Hillary2016
4:03 AM - 13 Apr 2015
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John Lewis.. not bernie sanders..

Clinton showcases strength with black voters in South Carolina

Nowhere is the demographic gap between the two leading Democratic presidential candidates more visible and more extreme than in South Carolina, where both are heading Friday for a jam-packed weekend of events aimed at appealing to African-Americans, anchored by a forum Friday night sponsored by the South Carolina Democratic Party and MSNBC.

The state plays a key role in the nominating process as the first contest in the South, as well as the first contest to feature a large number of African-American voters – the most steadfast Democratic Party constituency.

Front-runner Hillary Clinton is currently swamping challenger Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, 71% to 15%, thanks to her large advantage among nonwhite voters, according to a new poll from Winthrop University, which will host Friday’s forum. Among black voters, who make up a majority of the Democratic primary electorate in South Carolina, Clinton’s support climbs to 80%, while Sanders’ falls to just 8%, with 10% undecided.


Thank you, Brave~

Yes, I've seen the way BS "reframes" history..

"Sometimes people forget he was assassinated because he stood up with sanitation workers fighting for decent wages and decent working conditions," Sanders said, referring to King being shot in 1968 in Memphis, where he went to support striking workers."

You Forgot "BLACK" Sanitations workers, berni!

Bernice King and Cornel West are nice touches, too.

Thank you, bravenak~

Female Power.. It's here! From Rosie to Hillary!

Mahalo pnwmom~

Yes, it's the rwingers who gin up hate for orgs like Planned Parenthood, Kath.. "hate doesn't

need to be spread around" any further than that.

Thank you for supporting Hillary, Kath~

Hillary Clinton comes out in support of Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton is making her position on Planned Parenthood very clear: She is in full support of the organization.

“I’m proud to stand with Planned Parenthood, I’ll never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions,” Clinton said in a video released Monday.

The video is the strongest statement on the organization to date from the 2016 Democratic front-runner.

Planned Parenthood has been under fire since a series of undercover videos were released by an anti-abortion advocacy group over the past few weeks.


Thank you for this, Kath~

I'm more proud than ever.. look at how many years he hasn't let us down..

not me anyway.

No, "disappointments".

Update on Malia Obama..

First Daughter Malia Obama Eyes East Coast Colleges, Including University Of Pennsylvania

Pretty Foot ‎@PrettyFootWoman
First Daughter Malia Obama Eyes East Coast Colleges, Including University Of Pennsylvania « CBS Philly http://cbsloc.al/1NyvCbu
7:00 AM - 27 Nov 2015

First Daughter Malia Obama Eyes East Coast Colleges, Including University Of Pennsylvania
Malia Obama has visited at least a dozen public and private schools, mostly on the East Coast. Among them are six of the eight Ivies and a few with Obama family ties.


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