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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Cover of Der Speigel.."The Germans tried to warn us about this Existential Threat in January

Cornelia ‎@PaladinCornelia
The Germans tried to warn us about this Existential Threat in January.
(They know a little something about fascists)

Wahnsinn = Lunacy.
5:30 AM - 3 Nov 2016
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H/T https://theobamadiary.com/2016/11/03/president-obamas-day-in-jacksonville/

February 1, 2016

America's Agitator

Donald Trump Is the World's Most Dangerous Man


Donald Trump is the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement. Nothing would be more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than if he were to be elected president. George W. Bush's America would seem like a place of logic and reason in comparison.


Trump Wants A Ruthless America

"Believe me, I'll change things. And again, we're going to be so respected. I don't want to use the word 'feared,'" he told the audience. But that is precisely what Trump wants: to be feared. His bid for the White House, long ridiculed, is a fight for a ruthless, brutal America. Behind his campaign slogan "Make America great again!" is the vision of a country that no longer cares about international treaties, ethnic minorities or established standards of decency.

The Rest of the Story.. Good Article!http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/donald-trump-is-the-most-dangerous-man-in-the-world-a-1075060.html

Bless his Heart! What a Brilliant surrogate!

"Thankfully Donald trump this isn't your America!"

Mahalo, Brooklyn

If that's indeed a true thing.. he's got to be the most stupid person to

come down the pike since trump..

Any age has better control than DT.. he's a dangerous idiot.

OT but it is an Obama thread in Florida..

Nerdy Wonka
President Barack Obama meets an adorable little girl while campaigning in Orlando, Florida. #ObamaAndKids



Yes, I say Austyn Crites is a hero, a gift from the Universe.

He certainly has trump's number.. poor guy had no idea he would be attacked like that for holding a sign.

trump caused it and then he tells everyone he survived an assassination attempt.. there's nothing lower on the face of the Earth than him.

Like someone said.. This isn't the Closing message they would have hoped for.. because I don't think we've seen the last of Mr Crites.. he even forgives his attackers. Nice guy.

Thank you for all the pics and the info, Coyotl

I called him brave earlier.. a repub who took one for

the Team.. That would be keeping American Sane!


"Crites cited Trump’s treatment of Mexicans, Muslims and women as the reason he decided to protest again Trump, who he described as “a textbook version of a dictator and a fascist”.


"He added: “The people who attacked me – I’m not blaming them. I’m blaming Donald Trump’s hate rhetoric.”

“My heart still aches for what this nation could potentially do by electing him,” he added. “That hurts me much more than any of this violence.”

“The fact that I got beat up today, that’s just showing what he’s doing to his crowds. But I just want people to understand I’m going to be OK, but now what’s more important is if the country going to be OK? So do your part and vote.”


Mahalo, rivers!

Trump Family Crossing Sign

Mexican Judge ‏@laloalcaraz · Nov 4
BREAKING TOON: Trump Family Crossing Sign, please share! #illegal #TrumpTaxReturns #MojadaTrump #Anchorbaby


Gracias, DemonGoddess!

Good point! And, considering Team Hillary's ground game, too

tephanie ‎@FormasForever
Listen, there is no ground game better than @HillaryforPA. By 6 PM, our vols knocked on 621,720 doors. That's 69,080 an hour. #proudtobePA
2:44 PM - 5 Nov 2016
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Good to see you back
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