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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,191

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Fantastic! Rtx2!


The Base of the Democratic Party are those who

are the Loyal Voters and always turn out for Democracy.

They are the African American voters especially WOC who have once again GOTV and led the path to Victory in the Swing States!

Stacy Abrams Knows What She's Talking


So grateful she was on the View saying this. Hopefully those who need to will listen to Stacy!

TY George.. this is Golden!

Oh, that's right.. The Navajo! I had

read that, too.. Mahalo for the reminder & the Excellent post.

President Elect Biden does have a Broad Coalition.. that's who elected him & he has said he will be the President of Everyone.

We really should be United now.. The Biden Team is on the Front Lines fighting the trump coup.

Thank you, Sunsky

The base of the Democratic Party are

the Black Voters who GOTV for Biden in strategic Cities like Philly & Detroit.. & Georgia! And, made sure we WON Those STATES.

And, the Latino Voters who GOTV for Biden/Harris in Arizona!

I do Embrace the BASE.. very Much.. Who were such a huge part of the 77 Million Voters across the Nation that gave Biden/Harris a Record number of VOTES!! Thank you Very Much

Excellent Points.. we all know this but

it's righteous to see it out here in print

!hank you!

Well, I read this about PA legislators..

BumRushDaShow (69,700 posts)

35. But in PA, the legislature does NOT pick the electors (that is in the state Constitution)


Here are the facts: Richard Hopkins is a USPS employee in Erie, Pa.

Rt.. TY!

Richard Hopkins needs to explain WHY.

YES! Calling All Angels!


Why does trump want the SOS of GA to resign? TY! And, if the GA senators don't tell lies about the SOS trump will campaign against them?

Call his fucking bluff if I got that right.
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