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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,121

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Mahalo, frr! Rt! Beautiful!


I love💙 it that dogs will be back in

WH, too! 💙

Aloha, Bob.. I have a question..

It may be silly but do you see any possibility of the SCOTUS interfering with this because trump clams "Voter Fraud"?

I told a friend this morning that I was celebrating online.. and he said because of the election?.. he said don't celebrate too soon.. this is going to the Supreme Court.

I said "No it's not.. trump is liar.. there is no voter fraud!" And, hung up on him. Maybe not a friend anymore. But evidently that's what his fans are counting on.


Yes! & so did my go to astrologer, Jim Shawvan,

at Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide!

Mercury enters into its Storm on Wednesday October 7 .. Moving less than 40 minutes of its arc per day as it slows down before Mercury goes Retrograde on October 13. The Storm acts like MercuryRX Not favorable for new projects.

Mercury note.. Mercury goes Direct on Tuesday November 3, 2020 but remains in its Storm, moving slowly, until November 7.

Aloha, Wicked Blue!

Exactly Me.. The know it alls need

to sit this one out.

I just hung up on a friend who I know voted for the idiot and I didn't speak to him for 2 years. But we've been friendly the last two years bc not one peep of politics.

So I called to thank him for bringing me some bananas.. and he said he had been resting.. I said I've been celebrating. he said "celebrating"? you better not celebrate yet.. that's going to the Supreme Court.

Well, I lost it! I said.. "No It's NOT.. trump is a GD LIAR.. there was NO Voter Fraud!!! & hung up the phone.. i mean how dare he?!!

I know.. I break out in big

smiles & tears of joy alternately! It's still surreal.. I went to bed and it hadn't been called & woke up to THIS! Everything Seems Brighter!

Wonderful traveling the long road with you, spicysista & all our Kindred Spirits!💙

It's Too Surreal, onetexan! After all

these years of Torture and just like that we have President Biden & VP Kamala Harris!

It's more than my brain can handle! LOL! But I'll get use to it! I swear!

And what a Cliffhanger! My god!


"You think you're the president, don't you?"


I don't think I've ever seen cable news fight to be *last* to call a clearly-over election.


I love what he said about.. ".. lawfully received.."

every one of these ballots that's in play right now that's gonna be counted throughout the rest of the day has been lawfully received and going to be counted."
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