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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,194

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Long a deep-red state, Arizona flips to Biden for first Democratic win in 24 years


The LA Times did!

Yes it did.. I experienced that myself..

I was bummed thus far and then along came Mark Kelly & Arizona!

Excellent point.. you guys did it!

I was sorry to see mediawhores.com

retire. We needed them then & Now!

I didn't even have a computer.. I saw DU talked about in a Nation mag article on alternative news sources, I bought in NYC, when we went to celebrate New Years Eve in 2001.

I got a Desk Top for DU and joined in late Sept 2002.

Aloha, Josh!

BREAKING: Joe Biden wins Hawaii. #APracecall at 7:06 p.m. HST.

I know.. Big Surprise but that's still 4 EV.. and they add up!

OMG.. This is Excellent! VIRAL IT!

Rt.. TY, Steve & TLP!

That does sound Wonderful!

That will be in my imagination while I'm deep breathing.

I used to do this all the time.. Yoga & everything.. then I got out of the habit. I have to get back in!

Biden Endorses Kai Kahele on Kamala's B-day!


And, who instigated Rep Clyburn? Jannie Jones

that's who!

Before the Clyburn Endorsement, an Elderly Church Usher With a Question (NYT)

Before the Clyburn Endorsement, an Elderly Church Usher With a Question
Jannie Jones is the 76-year-old woma
n who had to know who Representative James Clyburn was voting for in the South Carolina primary. Did her question change the Democratic presidential race?
By Chris Dixon
March 8, 2020

...On Feb. 21, Ms. Jones attended the funeral of James White, Mr. Clyburn’s accountant. After serving as an usher at the service at St. John Baptist Church in Hopkins, S.C., Ms. Jones noticed Mr. Clyburn standing against a nearby wall. On the spur of the moment, she said, she waved him over, with a crook of her finger, to the pew where she was sitting.

He leaned over, and she whispered, “I need to know who you’re going to vote for.” He replied: “Joe Biden. Are we together?”

“When it’s politics, you don’t know who for who,’’ she recalled. But she said she gave him a thumbs up and then asked: “What are you going to do for him, for the people?”

At his Feb. 26 endorsement Mr. Clyburn said, “I decided then and there that I would not stay silent.”

Whether the congressman seriously weighed not giving an endorsement, the nod from Mr. Clyburn helped propel Mr. Biden, the former vice president, to a resounding win in South Carolina on Feb. 29, and to a sweep of 10 out of 14 states three days later on Super Tuesday.

Ms. Jones said that she recognized Mr. Clyburn from seeing him on television. “But he didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat,” she said. “When I got home, I didn’t think no more of it. I just thought that hearing from him meant the world for me. I didn’t know that it was a big influence for him.”


💙This is Perfect.. I have something for you & all

our Kindred Spirits!

Mahalo, Me!💙

I know what you mean.. there can be

no stone left unturned to prepare the WH to be in a perfectly healthy environment for the Bidens & Friends. After the trump COVID Spreaders have left the building.

It's mind boggling what they could be leaving behind.

Aloha to you, onetexan.. it's been amazing being on the journey back to Democracy with you & everyone else on this crazy wild ride.. lucky to even be alive in many cases.

Best of Good Fortunate to America and our Planet Tomorrow and all the days following!
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