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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 269,199

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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The Portraits Reply..

Joe Biden Speaks the TRUTH & Dems,

Independents, & So Many Repub Voters Love him for it.. Worth More Than 80 Million VOTES.



Bitter Whiny Losers couldn't Cheat their

way in Before the Election with Voter Suppression through the USPS & any Which Way.. So they're Throwing Shit against the Wall After the Election is OVER!



"There's integrity in our election system," Ducey continued. "Joe Biden did win Arizona" ...


I know you're upset.. we all are.. but it's important to focus on what's actually happening instead of the Chaos the bad faith maggots are throwing against the wall.

Cheetolini Fuckhead Orange Blob

Loses Again in PA.. once wasn't enough for IT.

Aside.. god he's Ugly.

Rt.. ".., with a judge one of Trump's nominees writing that the campaign's "claims have no merit."

TY Goth!

Maybe it was the "stable genius' "

idea to look bigger.. more imposing? More stable? lol

I don't think so.. he's a sociopathic LIAR &

this is all for show to sow violence & throw red meat at his Stupid Cult 74 Million.

Do you think when he Lied about the crowd size of his inauguration that he couldn't see the difference between his & President Obama's?

Then there was the time he said he had the Biggest..

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