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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you for reminding us of That, Turin!

Biden Also has an EV Landslide Mandate.. Breaking all kinds of voting records..

They can & will Whine all they want but it will fall on "so the fuck what?"

Ha.. Biden beat Reagan.

Check out this 96 year old GA woman who Voted Biden..


Biden Won Georgia.. It's important for him to be there!

TY for reporting back from fox.. "No evidence of Fraud"

There is no evidence of fraud in this election and any claims to the contrary are an insult to the thousands of poll workers across the country who worked hard to bring us a fair and honest election".

OH.. I can't wait until the final count..

I've been hoping Christy Smith wins Katie Hill's former seat.. and beats Mike Garcia!!!

"legal challenges" to ZILCH!

Rather than revealing widespread ó or even isolated ó fraud, the effort by Trumpís legal team has so far done the opposite: Itís affirmed the integrity of the election that Trump lost. Nearly every GOP challenge has been tossed out. Not a single vote has been overturned.


trump treats the Military like Crap..

calling them "suckers & losers".. and Not sanctioning Putin for putting bounties on American & English Soldiers in Afghanistan.

I'm grateful this seemingly got through to the Military.

Pres Obama & VP Biden always respected them & treated them so well when they were in charge.

Not too long ago trump bragged he

was "going to run for a 3rd term.. he deserved it"

What happened to the 2nd term, maggotrump?

Oh man, That WH is SO GOING TO NEED

a Thorough Fumigation, Exorcise, & SAGE SMUDGE!

Trump bragged about "running for a 3rd term" not too long ago.. what happened t your 2nd term, Asshole?

FUCKING trump.. showing OFF WHY he LOST..

'cause he's a GD Murdering FUCKING LIAR.. Stupid Asshole Get the FUCK OUT!

Hey MTG.. the head maggotrump didn't

wear a mask & got COVID so What the Fuck are you Going on About.

Can she be kept out of congress without?

So you're "proud" you're a stupid ass. Not a question.
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