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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 255,926

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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So Melania's outfit last night cost $9,590.


Extraordinary BULLSHIT!

"Others saw it differently, with one user tweeting, “Van Jones just declared Trump became Presidential after he cynically exploited a woman he made a widow.”

Thank the Universe for Twitter! Instant feedback to the m$m..

Twitter Turns on CNN’s Van Jones After He Praises Trump: ‘How Dare You Normalize Him’

I like this one..


And that will never happen.

Mahalo meow

"Jones lavish praise of the president set the tone for his colleagues commentary. Reaganite troll

Jeffrey Lord said that Trump “walked in as the winner of a controversial election” and “walked out as the president"

JHC.. van's worse than I thought.. "..set the tone..".

This is most encouraging.... hope they get Jimmy Falloned 'cause the stupid burned too bright with them

Mahalo, NRL

Thanks, WP.. you made me look @ his feed.. A couple of more tweets there..



Trump blamed the military for the death of a SEAL and Obama for the botched Yemen raid


And, the m$$$$$m praised trump.

If Obama had done this shit.. do you think the m$m would have praised?

Love Tom Perez and Keith Ellison.. they are the ones whose

opinions count for me..

We have the best DNC Chair, Tom Ellison, and his Deputy, Keith Ellison, to move forward,

They are about Unity.. Inclusive leaders, who were elected because they are trusted to know what they're doing.

This is the kind of leader who we'll be going forward with.. so much respect..


Nancy is.. Here's some good news for tonight..


Mahalo, Hekate~!:hi

Nancy Pelosi aint having it


I don't know if this has been posted.. but if not.. gotta see our Nancy. Looking so fine in White!

Like you sig line! Someone on Democratic side blurted out "that's Obamacare"..


Just reading about it makes me sick.. I thought

I could take it.. maybe later when it's more dissected?

Oh here's something..

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