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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Oh that's such a Great AD to counteract all the Koch Bullshit!

thanks kpete!

It will certainly add up over time, she.. Doctors such as Dr. Carden Johnston is

in a position to know this.

Greater Dayton, Ohio celebrates 4 years since the signing of the Affordable Care Act!

Some peeps are Happy about the OC Birthday.. and then..

Happy birthday, ACA! You've survived the courts, the House of Representatives, and a crazy-bad rollout of the federal exchange. But Republicans have more in store for you.

In the mean time..

Everyone sing Happy Birthday to ObamaCare! Four years ago today, I melted into tears watching President Obama sign the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law.

For me it had been like the end to a pregnancy from hell. Between fighting right wing lies and left wing discontent, I was exhausted from the constant barrage of misinformation and manufactured outrage on the right, and the painful disappointment on the left over the public option.

On that day, all I knew was that my children would now have a future where they didn't have to face a decision between paying for doctors or paying the rent. For one of those kids, the ACA meant the difference between a full, happy, healthy life and a life of constant struggle to maintain his health at all.




Okay I'll Get My Own Damn Food!


Excellent, Sarah!


Thanks for a great thread, William!

Good post on the reality of ACA, Sheepshank.. thank you~

Aloha William..

Mahalo and Thank you~

I'd like you to read a post from Skinner I read last night on.. ACA..

Skinner (59,110 posts)

1. My opinion is that the ACA is the single most important piece of social legislation of my lifetime.

No, wait. That isn't my opinion -- It is a fact.

I've read posts by DUers trying to tear it down for the last six years, and frankly I've found their arguments to be unconvincing. No, wait, that's not quite right. The truth is that I've found their anti-ACA crusade to be wrong-headed and maybe even a little offensive. I get that many of them are motivated by a desire for single-payer. I am also myself a supporter of single-payer. But I think wishing for the Affordable Care Act to fail is about the worst possible way to fight for single-payer. In fact, I think they are playing into the hands of Republicans who want the whole thing repealed. We sure as hell aren't going to get single-payer if the ACA is killed. More than likely we'd end up back with the shitty system we had before -- or something even worse.


And, thanks to steve for asking.. and another to MADem for bringing awareness in another thread~

I don't care what you do.. putin's a piece of shit.

Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown


Russian journalist says domestic politics behind anti-gay crackdown


NYT Editorial: “Mr. Putin’s War on Gays”

To the long list of Russians whom President Vladimir Putin is persecuting, add gay people and those who support gay rights. Along with political dissidents, journalists and billionaire businessmen, they are increasingly the focus of repellent laws and repressive practices that could send them, and anyone who dares defend them, to jail.

For some time, antigay sentiment has been spreading in Russia’s conservative society, encouraged by the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church. But Mr. Putin and his government have taken that to a new level by legitimizing the hatemongering in legislation.


Travel Guide To Moscow

"First of all, Russia has become very corrupt throughout the last few years. Vladimir Putin has now been in office for twelve years and over those twelve years he has eliminated most elections, monopolized major media, and destroyed the democratic political system. Everyday people are brutally arrested for starting and participating in anti-Putin protests, while some are even detained simply for being nearby. Clearly, Putin’s actions are those of a dictator, and he plans to stay in power as long as possible."


"entirely his own fault and responsibility". That's some scary shit.

Thank you for this, babylonsistah.. sorry I missed it earler. Bookmarking.

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