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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,345

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yeah, that totally jives with who I know was on enforced suspension from the alert stalkers.

I know a few guys who spoke out against BS that were alerted on and hidden.. the alert squad couldn't stand the reality of any bad news about BS.

Looks like you've got a few sad ones on your thread who are acting out. Kinda pouty cause Skinner declared Amnesty.

I couldn't be happier to see my buds back and Hillary killed Super Tues.. the Ides of March.. somebody needed to beware.

Happy St Paddy's Day, she~

St Paddy's Day already.. oh my! What a beautiful green graphic you've created for Hilllary!

Mahalo Boo! She's in Iowa there.

This is great, Justin.. I figured this is what's happening.. nice to see it in the article!

Thank you!

"The bedrock of her winning campaign is African-American women, and, as a group, these women seem pretty damn determined to vote for her.

“They are the absolute heart of the party,” Jaime Harrison, the South Carolina Democratic Party chairman said of African-American women in a comment posted on Sidewire (the political communication platform I work for). “Hillary is their BFF.” -

So much enthusiasm for Hillary!

Damn Straight, Sancho!

"Her campaign led by Robby Mook and John Podesta put together an amazing young, diverse and effective operation. Men, women, gay, straight, transgender, Latino, African American, White, Asian, people with disabilities, and others from every ethnic group. Hillary has shown everyone she learns from her mistakes and no one, even someone as brilliant as Hillary, can live life without making some. She clearly learned from her loss in 2008 what she had to do to win in 2016."

It's Hillary's Revolution.. started with Obama's Reality Revolution in 2008 and Hillary is carrying through to 2017 and beyond.

Thank you!

OMG! That is Perfecto, BB!

E Como Mai! Mahalo for all your work for Hillary!

And, Ohio! Hillary slams the door on Bernie


But if Florida was a bonanza that widened the delegate gap between them, Ohio was the wild card win that allowed Clinton to shift her gaze forward -- her 13-point victory represented a staggering blow to Sanders, who was not able to translate his economic message and opposition to foreign trade deals into success in Ohio and Illinois. In the other industrial Midwestern states to vote Tuesday, Clinton held a slight lead in Missouri with 99 percent of the vote in.

The Clintons had deeper roots in Ohio, which the Democratic frontrunner won eight years ago, and had more union backing there than she did in Michigan. That contributed to big wins across the state -- she won early voters by over 40 points in Cleveland; by almost 30 in Columbus; by almost 40 in Cincinnati; and by over 40 in Dayton, a Clinton campaign aide said, crediting campaign manager Robby Mook’s game plan for the resounding win.


workingclass http://hillaryclintonsupporters.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7492

Yes, this is what I say to Hill fans who say they think BS is nice guy..

"Here’s what’s wrong, terribly wrong: He caved to the pressure from his campaign manager Jeff Weaver and top aide Tad Devine to ride the ever-present wave of Hillary hate and to go after her character, impugning her honesty and insinuating that she is untrustworthy."

Not really.

snip from your link//

Bernie’s campaign aides, surrogates and supporters have criticized the superdelegate system, claiming it reflected an antiquated structure that unfairly favored the “establishment” candidate. What they haven’t admitted is that Tad Devine helped craft that system and that Bernie himself is a superdelegate. Either way, the superdelegates will not save Bernie’s campaign.

Hillary is winning and she’s winning because of her positive, pragmatic and uplifting message. Bernie could learn a thing or two from her campaign.

Excellent piece by Peter Daou, Starry! Thank you!

Oh Wow.. you made it! That's Awesome.. so creative~ Now I have to put it in my

Journal so I'll have it the next the time I need the Glass Ceiling Shattered symbol!


Thank you, brer!

I left home today before anything had been called except Florida and made sure I stayed away until it was all over. I kept thinking about it all afternoon just hoping she wins them all.. and then when I came back it had happened.

Otherwise I get too hyperventilating. Ever since I jumped up an down when they called Florida for Gore I don't reply on anything until it's all over.

I too just want to get Hillary to the GE so we can go straight to the White House.

And, have President Obama campaign with her like they did in 2008 when their roles were reversed.

I got one word for those who shut down voices for nothing.

It's incredible Skinner lets this happen on his Democratic site.

Thank you for this Jackie.. I knew about brave but I hadn't seen your sweet thread for her until now.

Awesome virtual hug.

And, one for bravenak~

sheshe's out too

How many have you done of these?
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