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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 256,001

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I know, ucr.. What comey did to the nation and the

Planet is fucked up. And, trump is just fucked up as everyone who's a decent being knows since the primary.. And for firing him.. they both have some HEAVY Shit Karma to pay when it comes calling.


A couple of more reasons reported comey got fired..


Is gabbard afraid of upsetting trump for some reason? she's

my rep and I don't like her. she was Always on Fake fox whining about President Obama.. they like her.

Mahalo for the tweet, mcar!

Aloha Al Giordano!

Nice to see you where I can reply directly to you. I'm not on twitter yet but I read your twitter feed all the time.. yours and Boney Hurdle's.

I want to say Mahalo to you for all you do for our Democracy. I read your blogs during the Obama years.. the links would show up on the Obama Diary... and now the Twitter era during Hillary's campaigns and beyond.

Sorry it has to be under such vile circumstances with some random attempt to smear you on DU.

My Very Best Wishes and Aloha for a return to Good Health.

There are lot of assholes out there who want to ratfuck

our Democracy.

I am beyond grateful for Al Giordano who has been on the Front Lines Fighting for us for decades.

Al's Rules for 2020 Presidential Candidates
Al Giordano ✔ @AlGiordano

1. Stories like this on potential 2020 presidential candidates have started, so here are MY ground rules:

Ronald Reagan used to cite his commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican." Democrats could learn from that...

3. My own policy is going to be an amended version: "I will only speak ill of 2020 Democrats who speak ill of Democratic values & leaders.

4. So if you're a candidate who is going to drag on President Obama instead of embracing his legacy, I'm going to hit your hard & often.

5. Likewise, if you're going to pander to the "Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate" ...., I hope you can take it as hard as you dish it

6. But if you're out there talking about issues & strategy & tactics & how to get change, I'm not going to speak ill of you. And I expect...

7. ...that my mentions on social media be free of such internecine food fights. I will block people for dragging on any potential nominee...

8. ...except to counter any candidate who himself is dragging on other potential nominees (I'm especially talking to you,...).

9. If you're going to seek the Democratic Party nomination, you have a *duty* to leave that nomination in better condition than you found it

10. If in your ambition & selfishness you weaken the value of that nomination (& eventual nominee), then fuck you, it's going to be war.

11. We're all paying the steep price of those kinds of antics today, and we'll be paying them at least through January 20, 2021.

12. The Democratic nomination comes through millions of people who are very diverse but embrace one label: Democrat. Grok that!

. We will defend closed primaries in states that choose them & will not broke any asshole trying to drag the legitimacy of their results.

14. We will sabotage any aspiring nominee who panders to non-Democrats by running against the DNC & lowering its value. We will destroy you.

. Yes, we all have things we want the Democratic Party to do better. And we fight for them the effective way, within the family, not media

16. We will neither tolerate attempts to abandon the pieces of our coalition in favor of a re-centering of white and/or male voters.

17. If you're one of those people using those bottom-feeding tactics, & you think we hit you hard in 2016, you ain't seen nothing yet.

18. This time we'll be more ready to isolate, contain & marginalize you for trying to weaken the value of our vehicle to win in November.

If you want the nomination, you had better be adding to its value - no matter who the eventual nominee - every day of your campaign.

. If you try to win by parasite tactics that suck away its value, you forfeit any right to that nomination. And you will lose. Badly.

. Those are my rules from here to 2020: Thou shalt not speak ill of any Democratic presidential candidate who does not speak ill of others

22. But that rule has a rider attached: If you speak ill of the party or any of its potential nominees, the gloves come off. End memo

Your pathetic attempts to smear Al Giordano are NOT working.

BS endorsed the "Aggressively anti-choice" Mello..

who was touted as a "progressive" .. and at the same time BS "didn't know who the "Pro-Choice" candidate, Jon Ossoff, for the valuable House seat, even was.

I hope BS learns not to divide.. he didn't think Jon Ossoff was "progressive".. that's a purity test.

But the most puzzling development this week is Sanders's decision to keep Georgia special election candidate Jon Ossoff at arms-length. Sanders hasn't endorsed Ossoff, and in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he seemed to suggest Ossoff's progressive bona fides were in question.


I knew it! Voter Suppression.. one of the Huge Contributing

Factors to the pervert getting rigged in.

Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law Suppressed 200,000 Votes in 2016 (Trump Won by 22,748)


Thank you for this, Coyote

Trump wants heads to put on the White House fence to threaten others.

"Trump wants heads to put on the White House fence to threaten others. He can line up Comey's next to the noggins of Sally Yates and Preet Bharara"

I like the Rude lays it out..

6. Yeah, fuck Comey for what he did. But fuck anyone who thinks this is okay, that it's all cool just because Trump can fire the people he's fired. And fuck us, again and again, for allowing this mongrel age to happen.


How the Right Wing Weaponizes Identity Politics


It is the right wing that frames Black Lives Matter as a threat to police officers and public safety. It is the right wing that frames immigrants as a threat to citizens. It is the right wing that frames women’s rights as a threat to men. And, as we are about to witness tomorrow, it is the right wing that frames the rights of LGBT as a threat to religious freedom. In other words, it is the right wing that frames these issues as simply “identity politics” that somehow pose a threat to white Christian heterosexual men.

It is high time that liberals and Democrats quit buying into those narratives and start reminding people of this country’s de facto motto: e pluribus unum.


Mahalo for your post, STC.. We'll see what happens.

cenk's a r********.

Cenk Uygur Crying Foul Blames The White House For His Short Lived Career At MSNBC

Cenk feels that the White House is behind the coup detat of his reign as a decorated talk show host but of course he can't produce any evidence of such accusations except manufacture it as usual..


Can't take personal responsibility like a republican.. blame it on President Obama.

As If M$M would do anything to mess with their bottom line or takes orders from a DEMOCRATIC President.
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