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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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E-mail boner sent to bush to demand EO when Congress Rejected it..

Jesse Lee ✔ @jesseclee44
Here's @SpeakerBoehner demanding a Bush EO to save an historic boat Congress had rejected: http://archive.cincinnati.com/article/20081204/NEWS01/812040397/Local-reps-ask-Bush-Save-Delta-Queen
8:09 AM - 25 Jun 2014
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Yeah yeah, boner.. A couple a tweets.. @Press Sec's quote on PBO's reaction..

Mark Knoller ✔ @markknoller
Despite Boehner lawsuit plan, @PressSec says Pres Obama not rethinking his "pen and a phone" strategy to pursue exec actions on his own.
7:35 AM - 25 Jun 2014

Sabrina @Charmed86
Josh - I'm looking forward to the republican "taxed funded lawsuit against the President for doing his job" LMAO
7:37 AM - 25 Jun 2014
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mahalo bigtree

LOL.. that should have been

your red flag, betsuni!

Grey Poupon Wants Obama to ‘Pardon’ Dijon Lovers

"Real mustard growers may be fairly indifferent to the semi-controversy surrounding President Obama's preference for Dijon mustard, but Grey Poupon is trying to take advantage of this rare marketing opportunity, when an infinitesimal slither of America's attention is marginally focused on the topic of mustard. Over the weekend the company's public-relations team sent over a statement calling on President Obama to "pardon" lovers of Dijon mustard — a riff off the classic "pardon me" commercials that made their product seem so snooty in the first place. "The right to choose condiments freely is quintessentially American and embodies the spirit of our democracy," reads the release's tongue-in-cheek interpretation of our national ideals. Heh. Isn't this so much more fun than not making an issue of how Obama eats his burger?"


May 8, 2009

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Mr. President:

We applaud you, Mr. President, for exercising your freedom of taste when recently ordering
a burger with Dijon mustard. We’re always happy to see people use Dijon mustard to add
flair and flavor to their favorite foods. The right to choose condiments freely is
quintessentially American and embodies the spirit of our democracy.

So we urge you to respond to “Dijon-gate” by issuing a “pardon” to any American who has
ever been criticized for putting a liberal spread of Dijon mustard on a burger or a
conservative dollop on a ham & cheese sandwich. These “Pardon Me for Loving Dijon”
proclamations will empower the millions of Dijon mustard-loving Americans to ask for their
favorite condiment with pride.

Respectfully yours,



You're Pardoned..

But, "Whistleblowers are thrown in jail.!!!1111"

Good for Dianne Parcell!

Yummm I like pics of food and the President!

gracias, bigtree

Well, let's get it over here..mccain palin' around with terrorists

f*Cking idiot.

Thanks for the huge thread on President Obama's visit to Chipotle, bigtree..

Zeke Miller @ZekeJMiller · 2h
Obama: "It’s been a while since I had a burrito bowl—and it was good . . . I just walked over to Chipotles for lunch. I caused a lot of havoc"

A snippet of a sequel from the Obama diary..

President Obama & The First Lady Champion Working Families

Robin Roberts and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House Summit on Working Families

[font color=blue]Marlei Martinez: Obama Seeks ‘Good, Strong, Healthy Families’[/font]

"President Barack Obama is encouraging Congress and the country to focus on issues here at home — namely how to improve the livelihoods of working families.Here are the five things we learned from our sitdown with the President: 1. The goal of the summit is … “… to lift up the conversation that everybody is already having individually and let people know you’re not alone out here,” Obama said. Priority one: Paid family leave According to a survey from the United Nations’ labor agency, of the 185 countries and territories with readily available information, only three do not provide paid maternity leave. And, you guessed it, the United States made that list. The other two countries are Oman and Papua New Guinea. “Paid family leave, we’re the only advanced country on Earth that doesn’t have it,” the President said. “It doesn’t make any sense. There are a lot of countries that are a lot poorer than we are that also have it.”

Much MOre..

Some ways President Obama has transformed the Nation from the hell-hole that was


by Milt Shook

"It’s 2014, and once again, we have a very important election ahead of us. Yet, there are a lot of very loud progressives who have done nothing since President Obama was elected five years ago but complain, because he’s not perfect. They claim that he’s no progressive.

That’s a lie. What do these folks think “progressive” mean? The root word is “progress,” and we’ve seen a hell of a lot of progress since January 20, 2009. We have a national health care plan, for the first time in our history. We recovered from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression in quick order; we would be well on our way to a full recovery, except that Republicans in Congress are blocking everything anyone in the Democratic Party proposes, out of fear that the first black president may actually look good. Yet, with all of that blockage of progress, some progressives still spend all of their time going after Obama and Democrats."

And, if you don't spend all your time going after President Obama and Democrats.. the above doesn't appy to you.


"In addition to health care and the economy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is history. Same-sex couples are getting married and enjoying the same benefits of other married couples. The marijuana prohibition is frittering away. The stock market has more than doubled. Manufacturing is starting to come back from Asia. The auto industry is not only whole again, but they’re producing a record number of hybrid and electric cars, and we’re on pace to double average vehicle gas mileage by 2020, even as the government both reduces our dependence on foreign oil and makes record investments in developing renewable energy sources.


Yes, the road hasn't been easy but that's what Progress is in this atmosphere of unprecedented Obstruction.. and the President never said it would be easy. But, there has been Unprecedented Progress, too.

The Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama

He’s gotten more done in three years than any president in decades. Too bad the American public still thinks he hasn’t accomplished anything.

By Paul Glastris


"Even over the past year, when he was bogged down in budget fights with the Tea Party-controlled GOP House, Obama still managed to squeeze out a few domestic policy victories, including a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction deal and the most sweeping overhaul of food safety laws in more than seventy years. More impressively, on the foreign policy front he ended the war in Iraq, began the drawdown in Afghanistan, helped to oust Gaddafi in Libya and usher out Mubarak in Egypt, orchestrated new military and commercial alliances as a hedge against China, and tightened sanctions against Iran over its nukes."

Just one snip but great comprehensive article though for those who have the time..

Paul Krugman on Obama's Great Year..


"New York Times columnist Paul Krugman attempted to puncture a prevailing media narrative on Monday, arguing that — contrary to what Beltway centrists would have you believe — President Obama has actually had a successful 2014.

The Nobel Prize-winning economist highlighted the progress of the Affordable Care Act, financial reform and Obama's recent new regulations on power plants as evidence that the press and commentariat are wrong when they emphasize the negatives, such as "the contrast between the extravagant hopes of 2008 and the prosaic realities of political trench warfare, the troubles at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the mess in Iraq, and so on."

Krugman was also dismissive of Obama's relatively low approval rating, contending that it "mainly reflects political polarization" and shouldn't be used to judge the President."


Again, thank goodness for people like Paul Glastris, Paul Krugman, and Milt Shook, she.. who are there to deal in reality unlike the ratfuckers who bait and click to get their attentionwhore profits satisfied.

"Please tell me how leaking intelligence to Terrorist Organizations is a Good thing?"

More Snowden leaks - and this time Al Qaeda is the surveillance target (+video)

".. But what caught my eye in one of the unredacted slides was the mention of Al Qaeda in Iraq being a particular target of the NSA's efforts. The slide reads: "Visual Communicator – Free application that combines Instant Messaging, Photo-Messaging, and Push2Talk capabilities on a mobile platform. VC used on GPRS or 3G networks." The next five words were what the Times tried and failed to redact: "heavily used in AQI Mosul Network."

The aim as described in the documents is to target mobile phone apps that can give away a target's physical location. The utility of this in tracking terrorists hardly needs to be stated. The document describes a program focusing on clear security interests – Al Qaeda in Iraq, now calling itself Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) – killed thousands in Iraq during the US-led war there and continues to carry out suicide bombings and attacks on civilians there on a weekly basis. ISIS is also deeply involved in the civil war in Syria, and the groups ties to Al Qaeda make it an obvious security concern for the US.."


"..But his claim that "none of this has anything to do with terrorism" is not reasonable. That's pure nonsense -- as is his attempt to suggest that any revelations of eavesdropping techniques can't do any harm because terrorists already know all about it. Terrorists may know that the US is trying to spy on them as best it can (just as Germany and France know that). But knowing the precise method is another thing altogether."



Thank you, Paul Rieckhoff

Thanks Oilem.. from your link.. "Greenwald sets up a false dichotomy between.. " Shocking!

“… if you’re going to talk about how far we’ve come when it comes to porn, if you’re going to posit Paul “Max Hardcore” Little as the latest victim of the Bush administration, if you’re going to lament one more strike against your First Amendment rights, you should bear witness as to what a porn star drenched in vomit looks like.”

"..That’s a quote from (link is to a NSFW site) Susannah Breslin, in her response to a Salon column by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald sets up a false dichotomy between the DoJ’s prosecution of pornographer Max Hardcore, and governmental performance and perpetuation of torture. After making the fairly obvious point that torture is wrong, Greenwald repeatedly asserts that Hardcore’s actions are “fictional” and says that “no real pain was inflicted.” Yet Breslin says the following about Hardcore’s ouvre:


"At the same time, it couldn’t be more clear that Greenwald couldn’t care less about the real women who were harmed by Hardcore’s pornography production. By dismissing what happened to them as “fiction” he is promulgating the view that pornography performers are lying whores who deserve whatever bad things happen to them. Torture is only wrong when it happens to men, apparently."

"I apologize for linking to Glenn Greenwald"


(Update: I have been asked to preface this post with a warning that readers may find it disturbing.)

"When I posted a link to Glenn Greenwald’s column the other day, I was unaware of his history as an advocate for torturers. Greenwald has vigorously championed torturers’ rights, has explicitly privileged their version of events over that of their victims, and has asserted — in agreement with the torturers — that “no real pain was inflicted” on the victims.

Of course these aren’t the torturers at Gitmo or Abu Ghraib. It’s the film company of “Max Hardcore,” an extreme pornographer who grossly abused women while filming the proceedings for the entertainment of other men. Hardcore claims his victims were thrilled to be tortured, and Greenwald accepts this point of view unquestioningly."

Amazing what a difference gender makes, huh?


Such an "honorable man".. not.
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