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WOW! That's what we've been fighting against,


Why would anyone take BS' advice?

Couldn't possibly have anything to do with her policies and plans are so much better than his own?

Fear the "plotting" Canapes!

And, just who is "nervous"?
And, yes.. let's talk about that "..cat out of the bag..".. what's up with that?! What does that even mean?! lol


lol@Ryan Grim.. "That Sanders is such a threat to the Establishment that they're warming to Warren..

So it's the tired, stale word "Establishment" that's "warming to Elizabeth"..

It's okay.. say what you want.. I don't think

you or anyone else who have tried to bring down Biden have changed any Biden Supporters' minds.

Of course, your OP is mild compared to some of them.

That's what these primaries are for.. to see who can weather everything thrown at them. And, be tough and resilient enough to beat trump head on in the GE.

Joe Biden slams Reagan Secretary of State on Apartheid: "I'm ashamed of the lack of moral backbone"


Symone tweets out for Joe Biden..


Yes, Symone's speaking the truth..


It does sound like Sirota,

the Jill Stein fan, who BS hired for his senior advisor.

I don't see BS having it tweeted in his name and not approving it, though.

Whomever originated it.. it's going over like the proverbial lead balloon.

We'll see if he "..apologizes to EW..".

And, the Black lawmakers who have Biden's Back understand this..

Clyburn wasn’t alone in his support of Biden, a longtime friend. In interviews with roughly a dozen CBC members, most defended Biden, who has long relationships with the caucus’ most senior members after a 36-year tenure in the Senate.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) said he had yet to see Biden’s full remarks from the fundraiser but agreed with his overall sentiment.

“I disagree with the overwhelming items that have come out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump. But we managed to work together with his administration to enact historic criminal justice reform,” Jeffries said.

“I think we here in the House Democratic Caucus have ourselves taken the position that sometimes you have to work with the opposition to the extent they’re in power without compromising your values if you can get things done.”


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