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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"Did you know that the crash of MH17 was all part of an American conspiracy to provoke a big war

with Russia?"

"Well, it’s all true—at least if you live in Russia, because this is the Malaysia Airlines crash story that you’d be seeing."

another snip from your link..

"But in Russia, television—most of it owned or controlled by the Kremlin—is trying to muddy the water with various experts who insist that there is no way that an SA-11 missile system could possibly have downed a plane flying that high. And, mind you, this is not part of a larger debate of could they, or couldn’t they; this is all of Russian television and state-friendly papers pushing one line: the pro-Russian separatists we’ve been supporting all these months couldn’t have done this. Watching some of these Russian newscasts, one comes away with the impression of a desperate defense attorney scrounging for experts and angles, or a bad kid caught red-handed by the principal, trying to twist his way out of a situation in which he has no chance."

I've seen bits of this on Rachel's show Friday night.. it's good TNR got it all down on paper. smh Thank you, again, sfm!

That's what this article is saying, too..

U.S. officials: Pro-Russian rebels likely couldn't down plane alone

"Based on signals the missile system gave off, analysts identified it as likely to be a Russian-made SA-11, a sophisticated system of radars, command posts and launchers. Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said the rebels probably couldn't have operated on their own.

"It strains credulity to think that it could be used by separatists without at least some measure of Russian support and technical assistance," Kirby said."


Good article.

Oh just a note to mention.. the "RT-USA Haters" OP got

a Hide. I wouldn't have alerted.. let them show their pro putin proclivities.. but evidently 4 jurors said differently.


So heartwrenching, she..

Yo, Corruption.. another RT Anchor Resigns Admits Spreading Lies for Putin..

Russia Today Anchor Admits Spreading 'Lies' For Putin
By Catherine Taibi @cathtaibi

Another Russia Today anchor has resigned from her post at the Kremlin-funded TV network. I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team, but I'm for the truth. pic.twitter.com/m...
HuffPost Media @HuffPostMedia

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Corespondent Sara Firth's announcement came nearly two hours after she stated on Twitter that RT anchors "do work for Putin" and spread "lies," in a conversation with RT London correspondent Polly Boiko. Firth alleged that the network asks its anchors to "obscure the truth," and now she is saying she's had enough.

Polly Boiko @Polly_Boiko

@ukTanos what am i spreading?

Sara Firth @Sara__Firth
@Polly_Boiko @ukTanos Lies hun. We do work for Putin. We are asked on a daily basis if not to totally ignore then to obscure the truth

11:50 PM - 17 Jul 2014 550 Retweets 175 favorites


Did you know..?

Know your farmer, know your food! http://www.cornucopia.org/ #StopMonsanto #BigAg #ChemicalCompany #Monsanto #Farmers The Cornucopia Institute

mahalo madokie

Still you gotta admit that some

new member comes in who doesn't know jack shit about those who are being appreciated and starts whining about it.. is pretty funny.

Besides DU is One of the Best Fucking sites with some of the Best Peeps in the known cyberspace, amiright, steve?!


Just found a new smiley site..

Thank you for that, karynnj.. it will mean absolutely nothing to those who are stuck in

a corner whining about PS, though. "links, kicks own thread, paid shill " they can't debate her so they whine.. sound familiar?

Something was FUNNY and Perry didn't think so..

mahalo kpete
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