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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,373

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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An awful statement by Green Party presidential candidate

"Stein also has staked out a rather extreme position on Syria, actually calling for the United States to help Assad reassert power. But that call seemed to suddenly disappear from her website Wednesday after reporters spotlighted it."

Mahalo for that, Docreed

stupid dumb as a sack of shit wants to

be able to point to his "experts" and say.. "See, I won the popular vote".

here's fuckhead now..


Speaking of.. Yay LA! Los Angeles City Council votes unanimously to rename southwest LA street


Fascistrumps are enemies of the state.. did you

see this?..


Nevada Is doing this...

"Information on Nevada voters, including names, addresses, dates of birth and voting history, will be turned over to President Donald Trump's election integrity commission, but the Nevada Secretary of State will not provide confidential information such as a voter's social security number"


Dumbshits! Wonder how the Voters in Nevada feel about this obvious scam to rig another election?


"Anyhow, Kobach sent out this ridiculous letter demanding that states turn over all kinds of information a little Nazi like him shouldn't be trusted with; names, addresses, drivers license numbers, SSNs, do you prefer cake or pie, how attractive on a scale of 1-10 do you find Chris Pine (now, I'm straight, but in all I honestly I have to say "at least 6", did you eat the last Hot Pocket DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME CARL, and several years' worth of voting histories.

Needless to say, state officials from both parts are telling Kris where he can stick his letter. Mississippi's Republican Secretary of State even told him he could jump in the Gulf of Mexico, so other officials are feeling pressure to up their game. "Make like a tree and go fuck yourself," reads a draft from Illinois, but the SoS thinks he can probably do better if he sleeps on it.

Most hilariously, Kansas Secretary of State...wait for it...Kris Kobach...announced he can't comply with his own records request because of state privacy law. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHOHGODIHURTMYBACK"

Mahalo, Ferret

oh for crap sake.. As President Obama

use to say and I'm sure he still does..


How could you not tell that the sexual pervert was NOT a good person?


Mahalo, stillone~
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