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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yeah, kind of hard not to notice that most of these same people insisted on holding Pres Obama's

"feet to fire" for 7 years now.. but, don't try to touch Bernie's feet even peripherally.

Or you'll get shouted down, alerted on, and juried out.. like Bravenak.

That's their latest.. "divisive.. " I was accused of that yesterday because

I posted a compelling post from FB by Washington State Senator, Pramila Jayapal

"Why Saturday's Bernie Sanders Rally Left Me Feeling Heartbroken"

beautiful snip//

'To build a movement, we have to be smarter than those who are trying to divide us. We have to take our anger and rage and channel it into building, growing, loving, holding each other up. We need our outlets too, our places of safety where we can say what we think without worrying about how it's going to land, where we can call out even our white loved ones, friends, allies for what they are not doing. But in the end, if we want to win for ALL of us on racial, economic, and social justice issues, we need multiple sets of tactics, working together. Some are disruptive tactics. Some are loving tactics. Some are truth-telling tactics. Some can only be taken on by white people. Some can only be taken on by people of color. Sometimes we need someone from the other strand to step in and hold us up. Other times, we have to step out and hold them up. Each of us has a different role to play but we all have to hold the collective space for movement building together. That's what I hope we all keep in mind and work on together. It's the only way we move forward.'

Much MOre..

Sweet pics, she.. Mahalo, We won't be forgetting what's important here.

By Nerdy Wonka

"White supremacy in action. Some days, I just want to scream, scream, and keep screaming. The strength it takes to be Black in this country and keep your sanity is unquantifiable"

Jon Swaine
✔ ‎@jonswaine
This is how one of the African American men who turned out not to have a handgun was arrested in Ferguson last night
6:39 AM - 11 Aug 2015 2,300 2,300 Retweets
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BuzzFeed News
✔ ‎@BuzzFeedNews
Arlington Police: The officer who shot and killed #ChristianTaylor has been fired.
12:28 PM - 11 Aug 2015
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More Tweets..

You can't speak for African Americans then can you? I see a Host of this AA Group has

spoken up for she.. so that ends discussion. She doesn't need to go around posting "I'm white" to satisfy those who don't get it.

It's incredible that you would want to stop her from posting poignantly beautiful pics of African American kids, anyway.

What's it to you? too bad if it upsets some people on here that she is dedicated to supporting the struggles of African Americans in our Country.. particularly focusing on Police Violence since Trayvon Martin's murder.


"But do you know what else is irrational? The behavior of Sanders’ fanatical supporters in response

to the disruption of #BlackLivesMatter activists at Netroots Nation and the Sanders rally in Seattle led by Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford this past weekend."


"Real Ugliness".. ongoing.. no end in sight.

snip from your link//

These supporters have twisted and perverted what is a movement about the liberation of Black people and turned it into a weapon to be used against us. They threaten to withdraw their support in protesting state violence against Black people. One Twitter user frankly told me that he was sick of #BlackLivesMatter and would actually vote for people who will “put you in your place.”

My question is why?.. why do they think they have to be so ugly and vicious?.. it's not like it's getting them anywhere. They're not helping BS when they do this in his name.


"The only people who continue to stalwartly refuse to listen are his fanatical supporters. They stubbornly continue to claim that the protests are stupid and counterproductive despite clear evidence to the contrary, and they express their displeasure in rhetoric steeped in racism and
misogynoir "


"Ultimately, Bernie Sanders has a coalition problem. His coalition is comprised of primarily white progressives and liberals, unsurprising for a man who hails from a state that is 94 percent white. And when a vocal section of that coalition thinks belittling and harassing Black people is a smart way to encourage Black people to vote for Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders likely has a larger problem on his hands than he probably realizes."


"Look at the numbers. Black women are the most loyal and reliable Democratic voting bloc. We won the election for Obama in 2012. Black voter turnout surpassed white voter turnout in 2012. We won the gubernatorial election for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia."

That's bravenak right there.. and Voices like hers

"Look at the numbers. Black women are the most loyal and reliable Democratic voting bloc. We won the election for Obama in 2012. Black voter turnout surpassed white voter turnout in 2012"

BS supporters Diss them at their own peril. Just sayin'..

Oh, I have to post this.. this was so hot and heavy on DU for however long..


"And when we see Sanders supporters entertaining conspiracy theories about the #BlackLivesMatter movement being funded by George Soros or Hillary Clinton, we have to wonder why it is easier for white and non-Black progressives to believe in ludicrous theories about #BlackLivesMatter attempting to destroy the progressive movement or destroy Bernie Sanders than it is to believe that the movement is beyond partisan politics—that the Black women who are standing up in protest are fighting for their very lives and the lives of their children."

Did they ever apologize for those CTs?

Mahalo Mr Scorpio #BlackLivesMatter

Here's the pic, DMM.. I uploaded it!


They'll never understand that.. pity, too. Mahalo Cali

"Now white progressives, this is important: You don’t hold the moral high ground. You don’t get to decide the strategy of an oppressed group. Not everything is about you. And every time you talked about your frustration at being momentarily inconvenienced by Black Lives Matter, you show how white supremacy is benefitting you."

" by demanding... fealty using authoritarian tactics.." Exactly.

"Two Black women called for a moment of silence for Mike Brown a year after he was gunned down,

bleeding in the street for 4.5 hours, and White “progressives” shouted, booed, and chanted the name of a White man throughout that moment."

Bains Bane

Great article.. and properly pissing off those who think they're protecting bernie because

he can't handle it.

They screamed to hold President Obama's feet to the fire for 7 years .. but, don't question BS.. he's off limits doncha know.

Oh and someone thinks they need to point out that you're "white", Bains.. poor thing.

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