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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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the Democratic Party will be stronger for #BlackLivesMatter.. no doubt.

As for so called "progressives".. not sure about them.

They've whined about President Obama for 7 years and counting.. this successful and popular accomplished President. Who has made a lot of Progress. He was making Progress while they were whining on the net.

They wanted "his feet held to the fire"! but, question Bernie about anything and it's Back off.. he can't take it.

BS wanted him Primaried in 2012.. said "millions were disappointed with him because of .. social security blah blah.

Not true.. Millions Appreciate Obama and elected him for his second term.. and I thank African Americans standing in Long Lines for hours.. helping us out with that!

I've seen "progressives" on here bragging about not even voting or excusing those who say it. Well, they're no help to our Democracy. It's all about them. Newsfuckingflash.. it's not about them and their little feet stamping tantrums.

"Neo liberals.." Oh Please.. not that stupid tired refrain. You have no idea what you're talking


This is about #BlackLivesMatter. not Bernie.. not Democratic Socialists.. #BlackLivesMatter.. get it?

They are what matter.. not you and the many ways you're offended by how Africans Americans feel about "progressives".

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters and Activists aren't the problem.. it's the ugly

reaction to it from so called "liberals", who are sooo busy trying to blame the victim.

And, for what? Because they were "rude to Bernie"? Ohhhhh, do you think he'll ever get over it?

You bet .. he's already changing his tune.. so he listened.. #BlackLivesMatter made a damn good impression on him.. even if BS supporters are sticking their fingers in their ears and trying to shout them down.

Really.. thought that would do it, huh? "#BlackLivesMatter wants policies for Black People, not

Black People for his policies."

The common mistake made by both Carson and certain Sanders supporters is that in the midst of people

dying at the hands of police and a still-largely racist justice system, their reaction is to blame the victim."

Exactly.. unreal. "Certain Sanders supporters.." way too many.

Thank you for this excellent article by Jamie Utt, Starry Messenger.

And, No.. #BlackLivesMatters Protesters are Not the Problem!

I just listened to this radio interview with Marissa Johnson on what actually happened

in Seattle .. Speaking of the little pups.. quite different than the way a lot on DU is trying to portray it. I hadn't seen any video or anything.. just DU's version.. I knew it couldn't be that bad though.

The interview plays clips of the vicious crowd background too.

Bains Bane

Excellent points, Gen.. Absolutely Vital for ..

"The GLBT community - as Lewis pointed out in that one gif.
It is too important for Hispanics//Latinos, Asians, Asian Indians
It's waaaaaay too important for Native Americans
It's too important for Americans who practice Judaism and Islam
And it is way way waaaaay too important for women who fall into all of these categories.

The black civil rights movement "wrote" the play book."

Mahalo, Gen~


I'll tell him that, lovemydog! He'll get a kick out of it..

I often regale tales from DU.. but this will be a good one.


Bains is Awesome.. she's getting information out there about how people feel about this.. and

too many BS supporters can't handle it so they start personally attacking her.

She's a strong woman, though.. she can handle.

Isn't she brilliant, lovemydog! Pramila Jayapal is amazing.. Bravenak sent that to me from

"du jail" as she calls it.

Mahalo for your kindness.. it's very inspiring.

In the 2008 Election.. I didn't decide on Senator Obama until late December of '07. We all have our time when it hits us.. so to speak.

I was really against Hillary.. but, I think she has grown a lot and I like that President Obama chose her for his SOS.. I think she has what it takes now to deliver us from the horror of the gop and do a great job. She's got wonderful people on board.

Not trying to sell you.. just letting you know where I stand. Just talked to my son(his birthday! ).. and he's for Bernie but he's not trying to push anything on me .. nor I him. He'll gladly vote for Hill if she's the nominee.. and vice versa for me.

So glad you appreciated the FB post from Jayapal.. I thought you would.


I love my Black Brothers and Sistahs.. but, I do appreciate that they stood in long lines for hours

to vote for then Senator Obama and President Obama!

They have helped our Democracy so much.. and a large segment of the "progressives" are crapping all over them.

But, I'm betting there are even more who Love And Appreciate them. #BlackLivesMatter

"If you support Black Lives Matter activists up until they do something you donít agree with, then you were never really in solidarity. If you support the Black Lives Matter movement but have never done anything to challenge systems of privilege and power, then you arenít actually an ally. You are part of the problem."

I'm sure the Alert POlice wanted this shut down, too.. looks like they lost this time.

Thank you for the OP, she.. with Martin Luther King's Compelling quote!
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