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Cha's Journal
Cha's Journal
August 30, 2014

I wish I did in RL but there aren't very many

beautiful Black people around where I live(although, I do light up whenever I see Clarence!). I did back in the day in Denver but since then I've lived in areas where there's a lot of Latino population.. and now Hawaiians, Filipinos, Haoles(what the Hawaiians call White People).. and Latinos(amazing amount of Mexican Food restaurants in our small beach town).

Whites and Blacks sure do have each other as friends in shows and movies.. and I think it's great to see that! We're just people.. no better or worse than anyone else because we have different skin color.


August 30, 2014

"declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp.." Kinda like RT only for Russian youths?

"It's best not to mess with us".. Like Putin is Messing with Ukraine and that all the other shit he messes with?

thank you, Peacetrain.

August 27, 2014

Wow, frazzled! Maybe that's why Dr West didn't get invited to the Inauguraton.. could not be.. but,

geeze.. that's just crazy talk and the kind I'm use to coming from "mr so entrenched in people's skin color" he's rendered himself obnoxious. His own worst enemy.

"At any rate, we'd tuned into the Tavis Smiley radio show on NPR, and he had his friend West on. And they start talking about Obama and West says, "He's not really a brother, you know. His mother was white." And my husband and I looked at each other and pretty much gasped. The conversation continued about how this fellow Obama (then our senator from Illinois) was not black enough, and in that sense, was some sort of fraud."

Dr West sounded like a jealous mean girl before Obama became President.. now it's just the Tavis and West Vitriolic Tour and sure they have some ODSers to give them applause .

mahalo frazzled~

August 26, 2014

Oh thank you, proverbialwisdom! I'm on Kauai.. and this is

the first time I've heard that our law that was passed by our People has been overturned by an Judge for the GMO co.

KauaiK "REMINDER: ALL the law said was (1) they have to disclose WHAT they are spraying; (2) give notice WHEN they spray; and (3) cannot spray near people, residences, businesses, schools, etc."

"This issue is far from over," said Gary Hooser, a Kauai council member who co-introduced the bill. "One opinion from one federal magistrate does not settle the issue."

Mr. Hooser said he supported appealing the ruling, although the full Kauai county council must make such a decision. The bill passed in November after council members overrode a veto by the island's mayor.

"By denying Kauai's law, the judge undermined efforts to create more transparency and more protections for farmers, workers and families from hazardous pesticides," said Paul Towers, spokesman for the Pesticide Action Network, which supported Kauai County in the case. Mr. Towers said the group still was reviewing the order and would "explore all available options" to defend Kauai.

August 26, 2014

"Where The Hell Were These Blackademics Before 2008?" Or 2009?

Barack Obama in 1992 as director of Project Vote; which achieved its goal of registering 150,000 African American Voters

They damn sure didn’t help the black farmers get their money, they damn sure didn’t get black people health insurance, and they damn sure didn’t help our black gay brothers and sisters from getting kicked out of the military.

So where the hell were they?

I’ll tell you where they were, they were at each other’s schools sitting on some fucking panel theorizing about how to end racism or make it better for African Americans.

But do you know where President Obama was?

He was out in the streets registering people to vote, he was condemning an unjust war before it became fashionable to do so.

We got pictures of Barack Obama fresh out of college walking in poor black neighborhoods registering people to vote.

We got pictures of a young Barack Obama helping black folk.

We got pictures of a young Barack Obama sitting in a village in Kenya breaking bread with his grandmother.

And these same motherfuckers want to question his blackness


Illinois State Senator Barack Obama at a community meeting in his district with his state representative (second from right) House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie

Barack Obama in his first year at Harvard Law School after working at Developing Communities Project as a community organizer from 1985 – 1988 where he set up a tenants rights organization, job training program, and college preparatory program. He enrolled at Harvard Law School in the fall of 1988 so as to better help his community

This photo released by Obama for America shows Barack Obama teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. After Harvard Law School, Obama returned to Chicago, joined a small civil rights firm, ran a voter registration drive, and lectured on constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School

Barack Obama with his grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama in her home in the village of Nyagoma-Kogelo, western Kenya, 1987

After his graduation from Harvard Law School, working on a voter registration drive in Chicago

The rest of the story..
The Obama Diary http://theobamadiary.com/2014/08/23/where-the-hell-were-these-blackademics-before-2008-2/
August 25, 2014

The Inanity of Rand Paul's quote on Ferguson, MO..

Judd Legum ✔ @JuddLegum
Rand Paul on Ferguson: "There is a very good chance that this had nothing to do with race."

3:44 AM - 24 Aug 2014 90 Retweets 25 favorites


"Let's say you're African-American and you live there, let's say none of this has to do with race. It might not, but the belief — if you're African-American and you live in Ferguson, the belief is, you see people in prison and they're mostly black and brown, that somehow it is racial, even if the thoughts that were going on at that time had nothing to do with race.

"So it's a very good chance that had(sic) this had nothing to do with race, but because of all of the arrest and the way people were arrested, that everybody perceives it as, 'My goodness, the police are out to get us,' you know? And so that's why you have to change the whole war on drugs. It's not just this one instance."


Our bad.. we only "perceive it" as such.. Only Rand Paul in his infinite wisdom knows what's going on here... and there's a "very good chance that this had nothing to do with race "

I like this from the comment section at the link..

"So some white guy from Kentucky is telling the black people in Ferguson that it’s all in their head. Rand Paul doesn’t know a dam thing about what it’s like to be black." anniebella

Michael Brown
August 23, 2014

I love her.. she's been one of my most favortie card people for so long!

What a beautifully poignant thing to do for the Michael Brown Memorial Fund~

Mahalo, sufrommich.. this should get many many RECS!

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