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Cha's Journal
Cha's Journal
May 30, 2015

Hey BRDS! I know it's a mess.. thank you for being nice about it.. I got told on the other OP in LBN

about this..

"For your own sake I hope someone's paying you for this.

I'd hate to think you're this fucking stupid all on your own."


LOL.. I don't care anymore.. I'll say what I think if there's 100s against the President and I'm the only one. He's winding down now and I'm going to miss them all.. all those Obama Dems!

May 30, 2015

The OP is the opposite of true. It's sickening.. they do Bernie a huge disservice..

with flinging disingenuous crap like this around, too..

"..she doesn't give a damn about the sisters, or poc, or LGBTQ.."


May 30, 2015

lol.. I actually thinks he makes a couple of good points..

"They propose expanding Social Security rather than prioritizing serious efforts to preserve the program — even though it will be unable to provide full benefits as soon as 2032, the Congressional Budget Office has made clear," Delaney said. "The only way a large-scale expansion could work is by allocating new revenue away from needed investments in the next generation or by shifting the financial burden to workers or our children."

"He said Democrats' "party microphone has been hijacked by people more interested in scoring points than in solving problems."

I've seen that against President Obama.. basically calling him a "liar" and "sexist".. to score points. Their bullshite isn't true.

Key legislation Delaney has sponsored:

Veterans' Advisory Committee on Education Improvement Act of 2013 (H.R. 2011; 113th Congress) - a bill that would extend through the end of 2015 the Veterans' Advisory Committee on Education and change its membership.

Partnership to Build America Act of 2013 (H.R. 2084; 113th Congress) - a bill that would establish the American Infrastructure Fund (AIF).

Medical Foods Equity Act of 2013 (H.R. 3665; 113th Congress) - a bill that would extend coverage of medical foods, vitamins, and amino acids to those with metabolic disorders. [19]

MOre.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Delaney_(Maryland_politician)

May 30, 2015

It's fair now. many AAs have spoken out about his kick off.. not just us.. this is very important

to a lot of people and Bernie's supporters who are trying to sweep it under the rug aren't helping him. and, not all of his supporters are trying to sweep it away. Props to them.

"Why Bernie Sanders doesn't talk about race"

"But there's a reason I say "those progressives" instead of just "progressives": because not everyone in the Democratic base shares those particular passions, or those passions alone. For other progressives — many of them black or Latino — economic inequality is important, but so is racial inequality. They're extremely concerned about racial bias in policing, and about ending mass incarceration.They're concerned about the treatment of unauthorized immigrants, and about protecting voting rights (an issue like campaign finance where progressives are worried the integrity of the political system is at stake — and where the outcome doesn't look good for them)."

"And Bernie Sanders doesn't speak to those concerns. He didn't mention those issues in his campaign launch yesterday, or in his email announcement to his supporters last month, and they're not on the issues page of his website."

This isn't an accidental oversight. These simply aren't issues Sanders is passionate about in the way he's passionate about economic injustice. When my colleague Andrew Prokop profiled Sanders last year, he pointed out astutely that Sanders's career has been "laser-focused on checking the power of the wealthy above all else." Sanders believes in racial equality, sure, but he believes it will only come as the result of economic equality. To him, focusing on racial issues first is merely treating the symptom, not the disease.

To be clear, Sanders hasn’t avoided talking about race throughout his career because he’s a bigot. His motivations have been unsentimental and practical (again: Vermont is about as diverse as a Simon & Garfunkel concert). But they’ve been ideological, too. “Sanders believes in racial equality, sure,” writes Lind, “but he believes it will only come as the result of economic equality.” A politics of racial justice that neglects the question of economic power — or treats it as a secondary, separate issue — is, in Sanders’ mind, equivalent to “treating the symptom, not the disease.”

Senator Sanders is very smart, though.. and I would think he'll learn all about Social Justice when he gets out on the campaign trail.

In the mean time there's not a thing wrong with pointing this out. I don't care what those who want to "coddle" him have to hammer about it.

little end snip//

"..She doesn't embody any single progressive passion the way Sanders embodies economic populism — but it looks like she's responding to the progressive concerns Sanders has mostly ignored.."



May 30, 2015

And, thanks to President Barack Obama she's had those 4 years as SOS.. that's got to

immeasurably good experience for Foreign Policy and being around the White House working with another Dem Prez.

President Obama and Hilary Clinton spoke movingly at the ceremony as the bodies of four American citizens killed at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi were returned home


And, dealing with the gopredictable blowout afterwards. that never found anything wrong with how the State Dept handled it.

Mahalo KMOD

May 29, 2015

I had to look up FIFA.. "Why is the U.S. bringing down the hammer on FIFA?"


"But as U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch lays it out, the suspects planned their crimes in the U.S.; they used the U.S. banking system; they planned to profit through schemes that targeted the "growing U.S. market for soccer."


Poor Putin Always whining it's someone else fault.. some other guy is sending Russian Soldiers into Ukraine while their Mothers are wondering where their missing sons are..

Ukraine crisis: Russian mothers of killed and captured soldiers ask 'why are our sons fighting in Ukraine?'

Reports have since claimed that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of soldiers are fighting – like those captured, without identifying uniforms – in the country. The developments echo the events that led to the annexing of Crimea by Russia – the sudden appearance of unidentified and well-equipped "green men" which preceded the Russian takeover.

Moscow has denied that the soldiers were sent to fight in Ukraine, claiming instead they had crossed the border by mistake. "The mentioned servicemen were patrolling the Russian-Ukrainian border, and crossed it, probably accidentally, at an unmarked border point," an unidentified Defence Ministry source told the RIA-Novosti news agency on Tuesday.


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