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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 278,411

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

lol@KriystalBall..If Team Sanders wants to win, they need to stop playing along with the bogus unity


Thank you for these Tweets from

Hillary, Hermit.. and yes Prescient.

Here it is, Hermit.. straight from Rhiannon!


10 minute clip including mentioning President Obama..

27K Likes 5.2 Retweets! Viva Mexico!


"I've really fucking had it with the Hillary-Go-Away-themed CNN panel."


But according to what a lot of people are saying on twitter Biden is done, why haven't voters been..

Retweeted! Mahalo, highplains

As I've been saying.. this is Patriots VS treasonous *******s.. It should only affect Biden and Dems positively.



Hallelujah! trump has been

fucking them over for too long.

Quite ironic that it was an intelligence person who is the Whistle Blower that led to Impeachment Inquiries!

".. to talk about the Trump-Ukraine scandal."

He got that absolutely right.. it's the.. "Trump-Ukraine scandal." That's it.

Hes going all around town, stirring things up. Its not helpful"l

Hope Sekulow is bloody well WRONG and they get buried by this

Yes.. and this is where it's been leading

up to since his violent incited rallies in 2016. and the ensuing blood that's been shed in his name.

Fucking m$$$$media that helped get us here.

Protect the whistleblower
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