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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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says the Pete bashing over it and purity tests aren't really helping the party #DemDebate + in Calif


Soledad O'Brien: "American Coward"


"..Biden had a flawless debate.."


Damn I get tired of putting out fires..

Here's How Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Ultimately Voted For Trump

Fully 12 percent of people who voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries voted for President Trump in the general election. That is according to the data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study — a massive election survey of around 50,000 people. (For perspective, a run-of-the-mill survey measuring Trump's job approval right now has a sample of 800 to 1,500.)


That's ok.. BS "Swoops" in to Save the Day!

Therein lies the risk that Booker identifies for the Democrats, that not only is very little gained from this line of attack, it also might embitter voters toward other candidates who fail the test. And as Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders demonstrated Thursday night, that risk extends to Warren.

Seconds after Warren and Pete finished up, Sanders swooped in to boast that he is “the only candidate up here that doesn’t have any billionaire contributions,” which includes Warren. Her current presidential campaign, not her old pre-pledge Senate campaign, has accepted donations at or near the $2800 individual contribution limit from at least six billionaires.
**** the purity tests.. they've caused too much Grief already

This is the thing.. hypocrisy is not a good look & "purity" isn't, either..

The biggest moment of the night came when Warren finally struck back against Buttigieg, who has been gradually siphoning support from her over the last two months. Warren predictably focused on the recently-leaked pictures of Mayor Pete’s gilded wine cave fundraiser and his general eagerness to raise money from super-rich people. Somewhat surprisingly, Mayor Pete got the best of the exchange when he pointed out that Warren’s net worth is 100 times larger than his and that Warren has herself participated in exactly these kinds of fundraisers in the past—and even rolled over money raised from those old fundraisers into her presidential campaign account.

It's like.. " it's good for me but not for thee"?

Damn the purity tests.. We've gotten too much Grief over "purity" already.

Gabbard ousted herself.. don't you dare try to blame this on

anybody but Gabbard.

When she says things like this.. who can trust her?

TG is nicer to Huckabee than our hard working, on the Front Lines, Democratic Party..

Yang is Wrong.. it's the Rule of Law and our Dems want to get it Right!

no one said ever that " #45IMPEACHED is the cause of all our problems".. those are Yang's words.

All our Candidates should be United behind Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House Dems.

Here's Gabbard gaslighting & whining about it..

In full statement, Gabbard calls impeachment a "partisan process", Democrats "extreme".


Joe Biden..

Who talked the most during the
December Democratic debate

BS talked the most with 19.9 minutes.. but the WaPo writer called him a Loser.

Winners and losers from the December Democratic debate


Amy had 19.6 Pete 19.4 EW 19.3

Biden 15.4

Steyer 11. 7 Yang 10.9


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