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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 286,675

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

What's a Poor Treasonous Assface

to do after his tax returns are released against his explicit demand they NOT be Released?!

lol.. Whine & Threaten away, Shithead.

Wah Wah Wah.. Greene on Boebert.. lol

Ive supported and donated to Lauren Boebert. President Trump has supported and donated to Lauren Boebert. Kevin McCarthy has supported and donated to Lauren Boebert. She just barely came through by 500 votes.

She gladly takes our $$$ but when shes been asked:

Lauren refuses to endorse President Trump, she refuses to support Kevin McCarthy, and she childishly threw me under the bus for a cheap sound bite

They can both Rot in Gaslit Magat Liars' Hell.

Yes, we need a thread to

consolidate all our favorite Tweeters.

This could be it.. here's Marc Elias' link to POST.. which is where I am for just a few days now. I like it.. it's a work in Progress..

Rec for saying the

quiet part out loud.

Craving attention after Sen Warnock to reelected.

Oh and .. The AZ Dem Party has gravitas now with their recent BLUE WINS!

Thanks you two for working out

the crazy!

I like that sign.. could I borrow it?

Love it.. Warnock Flipped Baldwin & Washington Co..


I just got a text from deSadist.. he supports

Walker.. BFD.

Dt & lawyers were paying

tiddly winks. & "AG Garland was playing 8th Dimensional Chess".

"The Delay helped the DOJ".. Ben makes my point in this video.

AG Garland & DOJ set a trap for Dt & he fell right into it Hook Line & Sinker. By admitting everything 100s of times!

And, ol Connon did Not have Jurisdiction and she got Busted for it.

We were all so upset when t got his Special Master.. little did we know how this would turn out!


TY & DOJ & AG Garland!! nt


TY & Marc Elias.. I'm grateful he's on it..

I don't know what's going on but does that mean if the magats win.. there would be no more elections according to them?

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