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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 1,003

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There is an NRA convention in Houston this weekend.

There will be no firearms allowed. I guess they are scared of guns. I would have to assume that it is guns that kill people and they know it. They took guns away from people that are coming to the convention so that they would be safe from guns.

14 kids dead and one teacher.

When are we the people going to stop this fucking shit. Texas governor should be removed. Florida governor is following the steps of Texas. He has promised to let people get all the guns they want without checks or licenses. The republicans in congress must be removed before they destroy our country. It`s time for the people to act. Enough is enough.

Gov. DePutin was very busy dictator yesterday.


So Ron De Putin wont allow students to learn about slavery but

will allow this. On May 9, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 395 into law, which establishes November 7 as “Victims of Communism Day.”

A Florida newspaper has a new name for the Governor.

They have it right. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/wellness/voice-of-the-people-gov-desantis-%e2%80%a6-or-is-the-name-really-guv-deputin/ar-AAXkwrI?li=BBnb7Kz

I guess it was not ok for Hunter to make millions but...

It was ok for Jared Kushner to make billions.


just another example of what this idiot DeSantis will do if elected.

Just because Disney will not agree with him. He is the dictator in waiting.


How does the fool Tucker Carlson get away with what he says.

Are there really people that stupid out there that they believe this garbage? I know free speech and all but just outright lying and making millions doing it. I just hope the sane people realize just how dangerous electing republicans to power will be. It will be over of this country as we know it. And all the fools who vote for Trump and if he wins, will be shocked to find out how fast they will lose everything to Trump including their money and dignity. I don`t want to depend on the military for coming down on the side of the constitution. There are too many of them that support Trump.

So Alex Jones says DeSantis is better than Trump.

Yeah because he knows that DeSantis can be president for over 40 years because he is so young. He is more dangerous than Trump. Neither one of these Putin wannabes should ever come close to being President. He refused to condemn Putin like Trump and it was found out that he has over 300 million of the state's retirement fund invested in Russia. He refused to answer when he was asked if he would get out of the Russian investment.

Watergate repeated.

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