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3 years in office today and 3.506 trillion dollars more in debt.

I watched FOX and friends for over an hour this morning.

Over the first hour, not one word of on the Parnus interview. I know it was on Rachael`s show but you would think that they would want to debunk this. Nothing was said. So this why the only FOX listeners are the way they they are. Not informed, because their handlers will not report anything that could wake them up. Just amazing to watch the way they do it.

How ironic would it be if Trump was impeached because he listened to Hannity and Dobbs.

That would be funny as hell. They get their own president impeached.

if we win the presidency, we still will not be able to do anything if Moscow Mitch is there.

He will block everything. That is why he has to be defeated almost more than Trump . We can not afford to not keep this out front every time some one reaches a microphone.

Look, we have to beat Trump but at this point, we need the senate more.

We must have the Senate in my opinion. We stop this fucking asshole McConnell, we stop just about everything. All we need is four seats. One of them has to be Moscow Mitch. This guy is one of the most miserable bitch I have ever seen. Take him out and there are no more Judges. No more supreme court judges. All our bills sent from the house would see the light of day again.Moscow Bitch has got to go just like Trump.

Hannity said "We must have more boots on the ground in the middle east."

How about your son Hannity. You want to kill people and get other peoples sons and daughters killed. So being a great American that you think you are, offer up your son to the war machine and make sure he volunteers to be part of the boots on the ground. One thing for sure is that your son will be doing something that you never had the balls to do and that is to serve your country. Now you can live through your son doing something that you were to afraid to do.

F you Pam Bondi. Lets talk about the $25,000 from Trump and than dropped the University charges.

https://www.politifact.com/florida/article/2016/sep/21/donald-trump-pam-bondi-and-25k-was-it-pay-play/ Let`s talk about this for awhile you lying POS.

You want to stop the packing of the courts?

The next time we have the Presidency and the house and the senate we have to change the jobs for life bullshit. Who in the hell has a job for life today? I know our side could pack it also but after what we are seeing now we cannot allow this to go on any more.

This is what FOX does to their employees when they dont follow their communist propaganda.


Someway Hannity has to be held accountable for pushing this as truth for months.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/barrs-handpicked-prosecutor-tells-inspector-general-he-cant-back-right-wing-theory-that-russia-case-was-us-intelligence-setup/ar-BBXM9OT?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=U452DHP. He is nothing but a fucking liar and it`s time his advertisers start paying for supporting this asshole.
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