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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Just went over 100 million in cost for his golf outings.

How much of that went back to Trump?


Do you think its time Nadler punches someone right in the mouth?

I heard some talking head the other day say that the democrats do not know what to do with us. They have no answer to Trump. He was laughing when he said this. No one seems to care what Nadler says. When he talks on TV, that is all it is, talk. If he can`t do something to these people who refuse to testify than step aside and bring someone in who will. Put someone in jail or fine them daily otherwise that talking head is right. The cons can do whatever they want.

Lou Dobbs and his so called Fox Business News Show.

A business news show? Certainly you jest. You are just another chicken shit hack who did not serve his country during the Vietnam war as a twenty year old in 1965. Yet, you spew what should be done to other countries and how we should turn them to dust.A business news show you say? When was the last time you did a show on strictly business? People like you and that person Maria Bartiromo with her Sunday Morning Futures show are all politics all the time. Keep selling your soul to the devil. Karma is a bitch.

Trump tweeted that the best horse did not win the race well....

That is what we said about you when you won the Presidential race in 2016.
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