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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,181

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New name for Trump. Chump.

President Chump.

At first it was hydroxyclorozine and now its just good ole sunlight!

How long before give me some dirt on Biden and I'll give you a ventilator?

After all, republicans said this is okay.

We still don't know if you can get it again if you survive it.

And from what I'm hearing, even if you survive it, there's permanent damage to your organs, so the chance of surviving it again probably decreases accordingly.

The coronavirus was Trump's 3 am phone call and he fucked it up.

Turned over and went back to sleep. Got up later to play golf. He fucking blew it. Never took it seriously. Now he's trying to find somebody to blame.

Who knew how intimate with were with each other?

One thing this virus shows us is how much we literally commingle with each other. Literally breathing each other's air, sharing billions of molecules, germs, all the time, everyday.

Just breathing air in a room with another person is a very intimate business.

Trump is like a rooster crowing because he raised the sun.

All hat and no cattle.

I think they should make insuring the food supply a priority.

Not the priority but a priority.

They should be making plans if they don't have them already.

Captain Bligh got kicked off the ship and cast adrift in a little rowboat

I'm just saying. He identifies with Captain Bligh. Proceed cap'n.

So what happens if we go "substantially above 100,000 deaths"?

What will his supporters say?
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