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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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One of The Most Damning Things About the Mueller Report:

The Mueller Report confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia interfered in our elections. Clearly documented.

Even today, Trump, and the republicans, have absolutely no plan to prevent Russia from continuing to interfere in our elections.

Not only has Trump not said a word about stopping it, but he is on record saying he believed the Russians while disavowing American intelligence on the matter.

Trump Administration has not said one word about stopping Russian interference in our elections.

Yet so many here want to leave it up to an election to curtail Trump.

Ok I've had enough. Release the Kracken. Impeach the #ucker.

What's "reasonable" is starting to tilt the other way. Let the Senate be the traitors, assholes that they are. We can't give Congress an out and punt to the people. That precedent would be too damned dangerous. Not when they can cheat to win.

Everybody is fucking punting. It's time to run the damn ball.
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