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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Alberta
Home country: Canada
Current location: Conservative hell
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 41,225

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Teens share bullying tales in confession booth

One girl says the torment of being bullied made her suicidal and ultimately "ruined two years of my schooling."

Another girl took three showers a day in a futile attempt to appease classmates who jokingly insisted day in, day out that she smelled.

One boy remembers having been a bully and says, Im just disgusted with myself.

These are some of the stories that emerged after the CBC News Network show Connect with Mark Kelley set up a video confession booth in a Quebec high school to encourage students to share their personal experiences with bullying.



This was done at a school in Quebec but were it to be done anywhere, I suspect, sadly, the stories would be all too similar.

I love Arizona, a beautiful State!

Ptah put out an invite in the Welcome and Help forum so here I am with my story. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Arizona and fell in love with it. We found the beauty of Sedona almost surreal and, imo, there are no photos that can do justice to the stunning, almost overwhelming beauty of the Grand Canyon. We also visited Oatman and felt we went back in time to the 'old west'. I still have my fridge magnet from there.

I am saddened by the state of the government there right now but am hoping it is temporary. I have friends who are on their way to Phoenix right now and I am looking forward to hearing about their visit when they return.

Hi, I'm Spazito!

I am Canadian, love politics Canadian and American (maybe too much, lol). DU has been my go-to place for years because it has news, politics, you name it, you can most likely find it here.

Glacier time-lapse images reveal 'epochal change'

"Nothing is quite as damning or convincing as photo evidence.


Your basic human perception of this stuff is that major epochal, geologic scale change happened a long time ago or will happen a long time in the future.

"[But] when we looked at these pictures, we realized good God we're right in the middle of epochal change happening right now. It's happening right in front of our cameras," recounts Balog, an American photographer, mountaineer and founder of the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS).

The survey documents the shrinking and retreat of Earth's glaciers using cameras placed in strategic positions near the outflow of the giant ice sheets. Cameras are left in place for months at a time and take one to two pictures an hour. The end result are short films documenting the death of glaciers."



There is a fascinating time-lapse video clip in the article.
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