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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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David Barton--claims America a Christian nation--constitution gives fed govt no role in health care

So Trump doing exactly correct thing.

[Found at rightwingwatch]

Barton is a darling of the GOP. Main person pushing claim America is a Christian nation, constitution based on biblical principles

Were you given a rabbit's foot for luck when you were a kid? Are they illegal now?

Where can I get reliable info about what's going on in Native American groups ?



SD Sioux

'We are living in a time when history is holding its breath' Arthur Clarke

Found in a Millhiser mystery (Moot Point) about Greene on internet

!!Moses wore a mask to protect others--Exodos 34:29-35. Attn!! Evangelicals

Discussed by Libby Ann at her blog lovejoyfeminism at patheos

She was raised in an extreme fundamentalist/Evangelical home---is now atheist

Jim Bakker (80 yo) has suffered a stroke and is taking a sabbatical at home

Reported today by the blog thefriendlyatheist at patheos. He got the info from a statement posted by Bakker's wife at the ministry's Facebook page

In early 50s in jrhigh last period teacher let us listen to world series on radio

We got to do this if class finished day's assignment

I recall it always being Dodgers vs Yankees (same teacher for 3 yrs)

I t was OK, so there was much support for Mickey Mantle and Yankees

Also some anti Dodger because they hired Jackie Robinson
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