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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Has Travis Yates shown up yet? Tulsa cop who wants to shoot 20% more blacks?

Black gun owners in OK will hold rally in OKC ar 2pm today

Found at joemygod who got it from USA Today

Rev Al spoke at Greenwood yesterday. Anyone watch/listen? Was it televised?

On YouTube several places

I had't heard anything about it until I checked youtube because I remembered hearing he was supposed to speak there Juneteenth

Son in IA heard Tulsa anti racism protestors to march from fairgrounds to downtown. Can't find anyt

Can't find confirmation anywhere

Only found Tulsa World possibility (with firewall UGH!)

That would explain boarded-up Quik Trip at 21 and Harvard---Fairgrounds side with Tulsa Driller statue is on 21st between Yale and Harvard. You go north on 21 past Harvard toward the Arkansas River to get downtown.

P C Cast book series House of Night set in alternate universe Tulsa where humans and vampires live

She wrote series with her daughter. I understand series is quite popular. I don't like vampire stories, so haven't read it

Part of it is set in a place modeled on Tulsa's Cathlic private prep school Casia Hall. See her comments about the location at the blog houseofnight.fandom/com/ wiki/Casia_Hall

Boston, Wichita, Austin, SanDiegi--people in Tulsa for rally!

From Tulsa World article

Read it easily. Usually have found it difficult to get past barriers paper puts up

People getting sick from being weakened from virus--Covered for 'pre-existing conditions'?

Wowl PCCast book series House of Night set in alternate universe of a Tulsa with vampires!

She writes the series with her daughter

I don't like vampire stories, so I haven't read any. I understand they are very popular

'Brother, nobody can outlie Texas!'

In a conference near the border between OK and TX, as part of his talk a speaker referred to Oklahoma as 'an outlying part of Texas. Someone near the back of the auditorium yelled out ' Brother, nobody can outlie Texas!'

I found this story in a Readers Digest when I was in junior high in OK in the 50s. The magazine had a feature every month called 'things people say', I think

Tulsans, Oklahomans---afraid you'll see neighbors, friends, family in news on rally line?

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