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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
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Evangelicals take-over of Air Force Academy

For background and history see Micky Weinstein's Military Religious Freedom Foundation. There are many articles by him and Chris Rodda about what's happened over the last decades.

Is this possible re Puerto Rico?

Rich people, others load big yachts with supplies, medical people, and fill ports and get people to aid on boats?

Some sort of Dunkirk type armada?

Some sort of massive thing that would constantly emphasize the abject failure of GOP and T to utilize resources of richest country, 'most christian country' in the world to help its own

Where's F Grahams Samaritans Purse?

Many mega church people could help. Jim Bakker's been talking about how they went to Houston to help. Of course, he emphsized replacing Bibles damaged by flooding and buying his food buckets to donate.

Figured it out!!Trump, minions, GOP strategy

Pursue many nasty, inhumane things at once ---

1) repeal DACA

2) repeal Obamacare

3) blatently support Nazis

4) repeal voting rights

5) wipe out environmental protections

And many, many more.

It's like we're living in a house with a leaky roof, constantly running to add a new bucket and patching the leaks when the rain slows. All the while the crazy uncle keeps slipping up to poke some more holes.

We have families, jobs, limited time, money, energy. We demonstrate, call, write letters...and immediately there's another need for action.

They have unlimited money, paid flunkeys, etc.

BUT we are united and we will NEVER give up.

Is there a US map of areas with natural disasters now?

1) south TX - hurricane, flooding

2) south LA - same

3) LosAngeles - fires

4) WA, etc - fires, smoke

5) coming...FL, southeast coast - hurricane, flooding


Isn't this an awful lot at once??

How/Can fed govt pay for another hurricane??


Christianity Today's weak article on Houston churches and Harvey

Article was posted on August 28. It mostly lists Houston churches' prayers and requests for volunteers from churches outside Houston.

The journal is a conservative Christian journal and is a favorite of The Gospel Coalition. TGC is a reformed (ie Calvinist) organisation with strong emphasis on pre-destination, God's complete and total sovreignity, and 'limited atonement.'* It dominates today's Evangelical church and is taking (or maybe has taken) over the Southern Baptist Convention. Many of its members signed the Nashville Statement.

*'Limited atonement' states that Jesus did NOT die for eveyone; he died only for those whom God before the beginning of the universe chose to be saved. So pray The Sinner's Prayer as often as you wish; if you're not predestined to be saved TOUGH.

IMO this belief directly contradicts John 3:16. Also I don't see how with this new belief the SBC can justify the time, money, and energy they want those in the pews to spend (ie waste) on missions and evangelization. But then I'm not the one banking the weekly tithes and offerings.

Osteen using armed guards to block survivors' access to donations

Search on youtube for adviseshow on Osteen. They've posted cell-phone videos of church corridors lined with bins and boxes filled with donated supplies.

I never heard of this group before and have no idea how reliable they are.

I wonder how many of Osteen's church members have been flooded out. I read Osteen lives in River Oaks, the area where Rice is located. A video of the campus I saw early on showed a bit of flooding.
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