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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Anyone remember when the wife stayed in Reno for 6 weeks so she could file for divorce?

The husband was the bread-winner, so he stayed at home at his job. And maybe with his 'sweetie', who was one of the reasons for the divorce.

Nevada had the easiest divorce laws. Of course, only well-off couples could afford to do this.

The trip to/stay in Reno was a frequent plot element in movies and novels, especially mysteries.

'We saw nuns kill children: the ghosts of St Joseph Orphanage' Buzzfeednews.com

Article posted Aug 27.

Appalling report of an early 90s case brought againdt the Catholic order that ran the orphanage. At the time people simply were unwilling to believe what was revealed.

Discussed and linked at PZ Meyers' blog pharyngula.

Found it impossible to continue reading about what was done there.

Did MD once have a no waiting period for marriage? Was a goal for couples in old novels

Ramped up attack on Pope Francis part of intense move to purge gays from RCC

It was initiated by Archbishop Vigano's letter. He is backed by major RW lay US Catholics.

See many recent posts by William Lindsey at his blog bilgrimage.blogspot.com.

They contain much info about the US Catholic right's machinations.

?!?Donations for UK sperm banks mostly come from Denmark? Brexit will slow sperm imports?!?

Saw this claim in a comment at LawyersGunsMoney to article on Brexit.

SoAfrica killing white farmers? See rightwingwatch on Carlson's story

Long article dated Aug 23 about Canadian and European white supremicist fears of becoming a minority in their country. And the international cooperation between national white supremicist groups.

It mentions particularly articles at the website Africa is a Country. Those are very informative. The website has many articles not even mentioned in the US m$m.

Highly recommend rightwingwatch's analysis and its links. Also the website Africa is a Country.

Should Burns' poem 'Such a Parcel of Rogues' be rewritten for T and his gang?

Sorry. Unable to copy poem.

Catholic Church of PA hid sex abuse by priests for over 70yrs in 6 of 7 PA dioceses

This is from the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report. Reported today by William Lindsey at his blog bilgrimage.blogspot.com.

What's the effect of drought, FL heathumidity, CA fires, etc on food supply? Eg, grapes, oranges??

??Manafort and Stone started a lobbying firm in 80 with Trump as 1st client??

Is this true?

Trump said he barely knew Manafort, right?

And they lobbied for lots of very nasty dictators, right?
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