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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Why do women authors write such horrific novels about rape,torture,murder of women?

This seems to have started about 20 years or so ago. At least that's when I started feeling it was becoming more and more common.

Is it a 'mere reflection of reality'? Or is it a way to deal with the horrors that many women around the world face?

What do you think?

Note--I think the first book of this type I read was Nora Roberts' book Carnal Innocence. I think it was one of her first books to break out of the Harlequin-type books.

Are you familiar with the poem 'Say not the struggle naught availeth' by AH Clough?

Just learned about him. The women in his life were very Interesting according to the wikipedia article on him.

I can't decide if this poem is positive or not.

What do you think?

[Sorry. I can't transfer the poem to DU with the device I'm using. ]

We are the RedQueen--we run to stay in place, have to run 2x as fast to make any progress

The Trump gang are all WhiteQueens--although nothing has happened, they cry long and loudly each morning just in case something might happen later.

And Trump-- he's HumptyDumpty constantly yelling that words mean what HE wants them to mean, after all he paid for them!

Which fiction authors were you sorry to hear had died?

The ones I thought of at once--

* Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels

* Dick Francis

* Diana Wynne Jones

* Dorothy Dunnett

Is The Town Mouse, The Country Mouse early propaganda for superiority of rural life?

It's an extremely old tale with many variations in different countries and eras.

(Read up on it to supplement what I remember reading yrs ago as a kid.)

Christianity the only religion whose founder starts with the belief that the world is to end soon?

The only major world religion?

Star Parker spoke some yrs ago at conservative Christian college social work class

It was during the 90s. She had been invited by the Young Republicans, and her presence was strongly supported by college admin.

The students and prof in the class had together formed a list of topics they wanted to ask her about. Her comments on poverty, etc contradicted what they had learned in their study.

Shortly before she came to address the class, the admin told the prof that no questions would be permitted. The prof then told the students.

Many in the class were very angry and disillusioned. I think some still believed the school welcomed free and open discussion.

Note: IIRC she was promoting a Far Right view of poverty causes and what the federal government could do to alleviate the effects of poverty.

Is Our Town still taught in US high schools?

Did you read it in school?

IIRC when Commonwealth citizens began moving to England there was White Supremacy pushback

They were able to do this by law.

As I recall, there were numbers of people angry about the increasing number of Indians, Packistanis, West Indians moving into England.

In early 70s I spent some time in London. An older women in a coffee shop complained to me about not seeing any 'real English' in London.

How is 'Jesus Son of God' different from sons of Greek gods? Ever hear sermon on this?

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