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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 54,109

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ok brain trust- who are the toadies at the sec?

my ex worked at cboe. you may remember the mysterious 9/10 trades in airline stocks. that was them. the truth never came out, but he always assured me that it was known, and would have been known immediately.
futures are especially vulnerable to fraud. the industry is built around keeping it clean. (cboe built it. my ex built their computer system.) there are algorithms galore to watch the whole chain. there are red flag warnings generated automatically for anything funky. anything.

many of us have speculated about insider trading in this admin. if there is, you can bet that they have send their thugs to disarm those warnings, and bury anything fishy.

(i dont talk to the ex, and he doesnt work there any more.)

i know we have a few market geeks around here. i wonder if anyone has noticed anything hinky.

is 25a a way out of impeachment?

it occurs to me that springing 25a at this point, in light of his recent tweet about his wisdom, and the spiraling chaos would be the fastest way to end this mess. maybe when the thugs come out from under their rocks the republican party will decide it is time to stop the madman.
25a would get it done w/o the blood letting and the discovery.

they know in their little black cinders of hearts that they will have to vote to impeach and soon.
i honestly believe the medical evidence is a short trip to walter reed away.


today's jobs numbers- are we gonna

believe mike mulvaney's numbers?

black and hispanic unemployment at "survey lows". hmmm.
sounds so trumpian. lowest numbers ever!!!

w a manufacturing slump in progress and jobs are steady?


wouldnt it be great if

other world leader would release transcripts of their calls w mango mussolini?

merkle, macron, trudeau. they must all be sitting on stuff that would shock the conscience of anyone who still has one.

it will be telling if pootie does.

if lindsey graham really cant tell that that call was a shakedown, i hope

every scammer on the planet is looking up his phone number right now.

he may be a little too busy w the scammer-in-chief, but who knows.

marianne needs to go home and stfu.

jeeebus. on msnbc right now spewing about how pathetic and unprepared the dems are. how stupid the debate was.

donald trump is going to be re-elected.
donald trump is going to be re-elected.
donald trump is going to be re-elected.
donald trump is going to be re-elected.
donald trump is going to be re-elected.
donald trump is going to be re-elected.

on and on about what is missing in the conversation, as tho every dem in the country doesnt know how frightening it is to think this could happen. that's one thing we dont need to be reminded of karen.

jesus flapdicky christ.

uh oh. font sale. terror fonts. i'm in trouble.

so, this little volunteer job i am doing has been a blast. (more here-https://www.democraticunderground.com/10181257760)
i have done a couple dozen kid jokes, complete w goofy fonts and silly glyphs.

got about a dozen to go.
and darn myfonts has a friday the 13th sale.


so far i see one that i need for one joke. bonerfied. lol.
i will grab a couple. there are some beauties, fersher.

y'all could help me out if you have a short q&a format pirate joke. at least i could use that jolly roger a couple of times.

ok, brain trust. re the spy story. who remembers rachel's reporting

at about this time, iirc, about a couple of high ups in russia being killed and abducted?
i remember that one of them, which she said would have been involved in the steal, was sitting in a meeting and masked men came in, threw a bag over his head and dragged him out.
another guy was found dead in his car in a sketchy "suicide".

is that related to this new story? seems like it matches up.

i had a great excuse to buy some fonts today.


i am doing a little project for the hospice org i volunteer w.
it is a kid oriented project, making scrapbook-type objects to make greeting cards.
i have some jokes, and some sayings, some sappy, some silly.
so, big range. all typography, mostly.
have plenty of frilly and serious, but just not enough silly.


fun fun.

dear justin trudeau,

please grant visas to these sick kids.
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