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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 55,876

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the media needs to black out the president.

stop asking him questions about this illness. he knows nothing.
he is trying to spin the few factoids that have managed to lodge in that old, moldy, disintegrating sponge of a brain to duck any blame.
he only cares about himself, and his power.

let him talk to fox, and hope that those that die listen to his advice dont infect too many other people.


a warren/biden race going forward would be good for the party and the country.

warren pulled up short in a lot of places, but if you look at the combined not bernie/not joe totals, there is a significant chunk of the electorate that is still unsettled.
w bloomie out, i think she still has a path.
i think she should stick it out through the next few contests.

but i sure wish bernie would wake up and realize that his policy goals would go forward if he drops out, but it dies w him a little more w every delegate in his column.

i had a teenie tiny hope that bloomie was start enough to see it this way, but no. teenie, but i wonder what hawkfish would have said. did say, most likely.

imma go throw warren a few bucks now.

my bernie fan friends, please, if you vote tomorrow,

please give me you ear/eyes for just one minute.
please carefully weigh AALLLLL the pluses and minuses, and please consider voting for warren.

take the biggest lesson for us right now from 2016- do not nominate someone w high negatives.
do a head to head. a clear headed head to head.
i see zero warren minuses, and sooo many for bernie.
she is going to implement identical policies better.
she has a good grip on the intersection of race and class, where bernie sees none. that is why she has higher support among black women.

and then there is his health, WHICH.HE.IS.HIDING.

the one reason i didnt want hillary to run is that i did not want to drag her baggage from door to door. i didnt believe a bit of it. but if you are explaining, you are losing. period.

please do not make me explain the difference between democratic socialism and joseph stalin. dont make me explain why bernie keeps using the word free. dont make me explain the diff between m4a and the aca.

no good leader send an army into the deciding battle of an epic war w holes in their shoes, rocks in the rucksacks, and too few spavined, mangy, rented mules.

please give this foot soldier a banner i can carry w pride.

and if you care about what comes after, lets not burden ourselves w the hard work of revolution when our democracy has all the tools it needs to right this ship.

warren has what it takes to heal our wounds, and move us forward.

instead of advising how not to get cv, how about how not to spread it?

it strikes me that the subtle message of info so far is the self centered message of how not to get sick, yourself.

but i've seen little mention of how not to spread it. besides an offhand comment on the topic of masks, that those ones they give you in the doc's waiting room is that it keeps you from spreading it. but then poopoo the idea of wearing masks.
we should be telling people to get a couple of simple masks, and if you have any symptoms, wear the damn thing.

they are also spreading a bit of info that i dont agree w.
they say if you sneeze, to sneeze into your sleeve, your elbow. but then you wear that sleeve around for the rest of the day.
a young friend of mine went to the culinary institute, and they were told- sneeze into your hand, then immediately wash it. that makes much more sense.
sneezing down your shirt has also been mentioned, which is better, but not much.

but, how about telling people to carry a handkerchief? that's the ideal right there, but i guess they just arent a thing any more. but pocket packs of tissues, people.

a better descriptions of the typical course would also help. picking up those mild cases earlier is important. telling people that most people get over it is fine, but i am not hearing about the proper course of action. i feel like they are sending a message to tough it out, instead of one of- it's up to you sick people to do your best to keep it to yourself. here is what you need to do as soon as your nose starts itching.

also would like to hear it compared to the other cv's that we know of, which are cold bugs. when you say flu, despite repeatedly explaining that it is a respiratory illness, not "stomach flu", people would have a much better mental pic if you explained that this is a cold type virus, but more deadly.

selfish murika.

eta- et tu, du? 10 replies and 2 recs.
i rest my case.

can someone explain to me why it isnt a huge goal to "progressives"

to have the first woman president?
why are so many clinging to a sick, cranky old man when there is a sharp woman w mostly identical views, who is so well positioned in this race?
do they just hate it that she is practical enough to keep her head out of pipedreams, and into details and plans for what can get done, and how fast?

are they hardcore stubborn folks who are allergic to the idea of compromise?
are they naive enough to think that the sliver of difference in their goals is big enough to matter w to the sausage that will come out of the congressional meat grinder?

is anyone thinking about the fact that the nom enlists us all in a door to door war?
does anyone care about what they are sending us foot soldiers to war with?

i keep asking my bernie friends about this, and i keep getting crickets-
why is the "progressive" wing of the party sending us off to war w all bernie's baggage, when all warren has is this cute little handbag?
why isnt the first woman president a part of more people's equation?

*when i say "progressive", i mean that faction of the party that wears that like a badge, not just tho who think about the future and hope for more fairness and equality but will take any road to get there.

a question for bernie supporters.

i'm not talkin about the bros here, but sane folks who want to beat twitler-

how many out there could be persuaded, or might conclude, that warren is acceptable, and that if they threw in w her, the results would be pretty much the same, as far as policy? and that it is time for the first woman president?

i think if bernie doesnt get way out of the 20's in the next 2 contests, the party is headed for trouble. i wont say disaster, because i think we have the wind at our back no matter what. but it will get ugly, even if he doesnt get out of the 30's.
and if he cant crack 40 by super tuesday, this is gonna drag on at a time we would be better moving on to the ge.

if, on the other hand, super tues leave ew and bernie as the big winners, something no one on my teevee is talking about, do you think there will be any strategic voting by bernie supporters to get on the train, and get moving?

here's the thing about bloomie that may just win me over.

imho, he is likely the first person in american history to run for the presidency who really didnt give a shit whether he got the job or not.
think on that.

he's got one mission, and it is the one mission that all want our candidate to take on- trash donald trump, and roast his carcass on a billion dollar fire.

and now we have meme2020.

this is all over but the cryin.
go mike.

hey, check out this rapper. eta- how come nobody told me i forgot the link?

jake palumbo. anyone here ever heard of him?
this is my middle child's man. he stole her away, took her off to the big(ger) city.
it gave me a jolt to realize i was seeing her new landscape. it felt good. oh yeah, she has coney island now.

anyway, kid's a good lefty, woke.
give him a click.

would you let this man steal your daughter?


if you allow an age of presidential overreach, expect more frequent impeachments.

we wouldnt be seeing increased calls for impeachment if we didnt have presidents pushing the limits of their power all.the.time.
funny it's mostly rethuglicans, tho.

checks and balances, ladies and gentlemen.

but if we dont follow through soon, it becomes a meaningless side show.
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