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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
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Millions Could Again Face The Troubles If Northern Ireland Protocol Is Scrapped

sharing my comment from yt,

dual citizen born in 54. all i knew about my homeland growing up was the troubles. my folks wanted us to be americans. i've slowly learned my history. these days i'm more proud to be irish than american. if we dont throw the bums out in nov, i 'll be done staying away. i'm fine w the crown holding the paper on 1 of the 4 provinces, as long as there's no bombs and no hard borders. trust me, if the checkpoints go back up, there will be an uprising on this side of the atlantic that will wsh all the way home.

so i feel like i have found a gift i lost so long ago, i didnt remember i ever had it.

a 2nd chance. so rare.
contemplating the joy of this voice. and of being in the place where i'm putting some finish on it. some color. i'm obsessed w the idea of putting the look on my face into my voice, and finding the emotion.
i watch jt earle sing, and put a curve on the sound w a sneer or a smile, and i can hear it.
and it dawns on me-
of course. because your face is where voice and emotion overlap.

i particularly like this example.

some advice from kurt vonnegut.


i just rewatched 'the interpreter'. u should too.

xpost from movies.


just rewatched the interpreter.

it popped up on netflix, and at 1st i didnt remember watching it.
i instantly knew i'd seen it, but didnt remember much about it, so i let it roll.
man, what a great movie. maybe it's just that the theme of home v adopted home, which country is home, are top of mind for me these days. i dunno.
i am not a huge fan of nicolle kidman, but she always impresses. maybe i should have more respect. do love sean penn, which is why i watched it.
love ny so much. have visited quite a few times, but never been to/by the un. the long shots and the ariels made me smile. and the towers....

even if you've seen this flick, i rec you watch it again.

ok, here's a question.

so, i have ppl in a cemetery near me, 1st to come here. my da's da's was buried there but was moved later.
it's a lovely place, catholic irish deal. there's a family plot that i'm sure had room for my ashes. but if i should move home, i'd want to be buried there.

i wonder if they would like their bones to be brought home. if i did move there, i'd sell most of what i own here, and would be well fixed. i could do it.
i'm in touch w a cousin on that side. it's a sparse branch of my tree, and there arent many who i even could ask for an opinion. afaik, they dont even know they are there. dont think they ever visit.

how would you feel? if you were my cousin, or if they were your bones?
i have no idea how they felt. they lived in an irish enclave. 5 gen and only irish marriages.
but dont all immigrants want their bones to go home?

well, i've already

trashed key words queen and corgis. tempted to do king, but i hold out a bit of hope for chuck.
we shall see. til no head wears that crown, i'll keep spitting on it every chance i get, tho.

well, i'm a big step closer to home today.

more here, https://www.democraticunderground.com/1189393#post5
but activated my kit, and boom, there was this tree.


i knew it was gonna be easy, but....
made my otherwise shitty so far day.
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