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mopinko's Journal
mopinko's Journal
July 24, 2024

anyone care to wager that tsf will drop out? fake a health crisis? too many ppl talking about epstein.

i honestly dont think he’ll make it to nov as a candidate.
the level of pressure he’s under, perhaps the big macs will catch up to him. but the whole party is shitting their pants.
remember- he’s gotten away w being a pedo cuz so many of them r pedos, too. i think ppl will start connecting those dots.

July 23, 2024

i dont think it's joe's age. it's his failure to take the fight to maga.

he let his ag drag his feet, instead of telling him to go get trump.
he has been ‘gentleman joe’ amidst a culture of corruption that makes teapot dome look like a tea party.
he never called for corrupt scotus justices to step down, to b charged w bribery.
he hasnt even called on menendez to resign.

in some ways, he’s the worst of washington ‘go along to get along’ culture. he played by the ‘rules’ while everyone around him pissed on the rules.
he’s been a great prez who did an amazing job amidst ridiculous times.
but harris is a fighter. THAT’S y ppl have gone nuts to support her.

July 22, 2024

there's 1 thing i hope joe does now that he has been reluctant to do up to this point-

light a fire under merrick garland on election integrity. marc alias shouldnt b the only 1 saving us from the thug’s election interference.
he’s been loathe to break that norm, but he is, after all, part of the executive.

July 22, 2024

harris is gonna win, cuz

even misogynists r good w a woman cleaning up the messes old white men make.
srsly. many examples in business.

July 19, 2024

how does scott jennings still have a job?

i dont have cable, i only see news clips on yt. i mostly watch msnbc. i used to follow cnn, but unsubscribed a while ago. they still pop up on my feed, but i’ve never seen scott jennings.
HOW does this man have a job at a news station?
he’s a worse fan boy than half of fox.


July 18, 2024

i think it's not just the money guys behind this putch. it's the war mongers.

a lasting peace in the middle east, an end to the war in ukraine, are ENORMOUS threats to their business model.

sure, the american oligarchs hate that he’s a union guy. they hate what he’s doing for consumers. they hate how much black ppl love him.
but if he starts spreading peace around the world, they go BROKE.


July 6, 2024

what's wrong w jennifer rubin?

i’m guessin her bosses at wapo have given their marching orders to not talk about pedos.
happened to b the 1st to comment on this post, and boy howdy am i making new friends in the xitter today.
been rt’d 33 times.


eta- she has not replied.

July 5, 2024

make america more fabulous.

i swear i want to b randy when i grow up. not sure there’s time tho.


July 5, 2024

about the uk elections-

so, i read a fair amount of news about politics in the uk. the thing i dont think ppl realize is that starmer was not a good candidate. i dont think anyone rly loves the guy. yet, his party won in a landslide.

watch this jon oliver show from a week ago. the parallels r strong. if they reran the brexit vote, it wd go down hard.
take heart peeps. this was a snap election. i dont think it’s possible, w all the money the dems have rn, and w how much time we still have, for us to lose.

July 4, 2024

excuse the xitter link-


eta- his name was southern yankee bulldogges’ dr victor von doom. call name doctor.

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