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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 53,129

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tic toc motherfucker. jan schakowsky on the impeachment train.

this is a big one, folks. jan and the speaker are super tight.
if i had any doubt that these statements are being dribbled out to beat the drum, that is now gone.

eta- lawrence talking about it now, and they agree that this is ok w the speaker.

oops. forgot the tweet.

Joe Biden Is One of the Most Tone-Deaf Politicians in the History of Representative Government

from charlie pierce-

He paints the bullseye on his own self more artistically than anyone I've ever seen.

Wednesday is Juneteenth, the annual celebration held every 17th of June to commemorate the end of slavery in the state of Texas and, more generally, the decision by the nation, sealed in blood, that owning other human beings was no basis for a moral society. And what better way for a Democratic candidate for president in 20-freaking-19 to celebrate Juneteenth than to go before an audience of bankers and plutocrats and wax nostalgic for the days when you could "get things done" with segregationist monsters?


no doubt someone will alert on this.
but we really need to speak the truth.
this is exactly how i feel about joe. we just cant have a candidate w such high negatives.
it's about more than beating twitler. it is about who we are.
we can do better than uncle joe.

there is an honorable man at the pentagon that they should nominate.

thought i would cross post this here-

there is an honorable man at the pentagon that they should nominate.

i have a family member who is an asst sec def.
he is a hero and an honorable man. a bit wingnut, but not crazy.

if his name were to even be mentioned, i would believe that there is honor in our military, and in our govt. somewhere.
that it hasnt been so far tells me pretty much all i need to know.

he doesnt like people talking about him, or i could tell you tales.
but i can say that he is part of a composite character in the movie "12 strong". he is in the book that it is based on- horse soldiers, tho, true to his fashion, he refused to let them use real life details and names.

i suppose the trolls will now dig up his info. whatevs.
he isnt as skittish about it as he was when bin laden had a fatwa on him.

but you could vet this man for pope.
it isnt like there are not good people available.

i fear for my country.

eta- in the unlikely event that he is nominated, i promise you will get the full- "i changed his diapers" family lore. lol.

eta2- i would pump him for information, but he has told the whole family that if he shared what he did, he would have to kill us. his brother informed me that he didnt really know what he did, but that he did know 14 ways to kill you w a playing card.
i dont see much of him either. there were 2 deaths in the family last year, which is why i even know much about what he is up to.

man. a world where the u.s. president is just assumed to be lying.

holy shit.

as murky as issues of war and peace have been throughout history, i cant believe we are in a place where our military and intelligence is met, not w a well deserved skepticism, but outright laughter.
w universal disbelief.

but here we are.

playing w my brain. mmj

so, i have been struggling w fibro and arthritis for a couple decades now.
i have managed to keep going, but meds have outlived their usefulness in the face of the spread of the pain.
i turn 65 in a few weeks.
it was either opioids or weed, and having been a smoker most of my life, guess which one i picked?

fibro tends to cause paradoxical pain response, as it has for me, so i started out w some abnormal reactions.
edibles dont usually work for me, my lungs are old, there are lots of complications.

i also needed more than pain relief. i keep saying i need puppy uppers and doggie downers, and if you are old enough to get that joke, you know just what i mean. but yeah, millennials.

so, i have tried about a dozen strains of oil and about that many of edibles, and i am starting to find some useful strains.
but the trial and error has been interesting and fun.
i have come to think of it as playing w my brain.

i knew that one thing that mj did for me was it changed the way i interacted and took care of my animals. puts me in my happy place. activating this lightens my load, and adds to my joy.
i figure anything that does this is good, and might have some other good affects.
this has proven mostly true.

but some of the other things that have popped up have been very amusing.
a good sativa gummy at bedtime doesnt register a conscious reaction, but it does lead to nice sleep. fun dreams, as opposed to my usual nightmares. at least a short memory on awakening. wake up pretty rested.
this is great, because it is a signal that i should have a good day, fatigue wise. that turns out to be very useful.
some strains poke my creativity, and spark solutions to the many little problems that litter my landscape.
this is very useful, but sometimes leads me to wander off into space when i am trying to get things done.
some give me energy, but it is a jittery sort that isnt really useful, all tolled.

but i just found a super good strain this week.
energy w/o the jitters that some other strains brought, and totally poking me in my language centers.
yes, this strain sparks words.
i am not making any judgements about the quality of recent posts here and elsewhere, but they have been well above average in volume.
the big thing is, tho, i am not searching for words, not fumbling for spellings, not tripping the correct as much. no big, headbanging senior moments.
my typing is more automatic and fluid. fewer typos.
much more fluid.

it is also totally tickling my funny bone.
i almost never actually lol, but this week i am at least chuckling
it is just the time of year where i run into my neighbors a lot, and talk a lot. but i swear these conversations are at least a little funnier than usual. (i am pretty funny. i'm not sayin, i'm just sayin.)
it tastes pretty good, too. easy on my lungs to vape.

this is so great.
i was so worried that i might lose my language/writing skills. i have been struggling w so much fatigue, so much brain fog, that i was really starting to have a lot of searching for simple words, and other tripping around. daily brain farts.

i enjoy writing. i sing my irish ancestor's song. i am a former gifted kid in language.
it is also likely to be my last salable skill. i am comfortable, but i would rather be a little more bullet resistant.
i did most of the writing for my sister's campaign, and she did win. i mean.

it has long been my plan when the rocking chair gets me to set down my story(ies), at least for my kids. heck, i come from a big, big family. if i wrote it for fun, i would need at least 100 copies. it would entertain me for a while.
i could comb through my farm page for a book. people do like my farm story. i have gotten some good media. i mean...
a book tour would be a blast, and likely my last chance to do any real traveling.
i give pretty good speech.
i have been making a conscious effort to maintain these skills, and i am so happy to find a way to stimulate them.

this is just so much fun. i feel like this is a game of operation. only it's a brain, and i get to take this little probe and poke this spot and that.
i have a long time interest in how brains work, and how fun is it to play around w my own?
i wonder if any of you have good stories about pot and your head.

eta- the strain is pie hole.

tic toc motherfucker.

i see andy mc cabe is coming out for impeachment today.
diblassio was on mojo calling for impeachment today.
swallwell said it loud yesterday, tho he has long been on board, imo.

who else is gonna come out this fine friday?

this has me thinking about what the end will look like, and how it will happen. i think we all know it will happen fast.
this is what i think will happen.
between spanky's big mouth, and rising smoke in the gulf, could we be there?

there has been some speculation about the way members of congress have dribbled out to the teevee cameras to add their names to the whip count.
i have posited that is a plan to beat the drum.
one name today, one news cycle, one tomorrow, another cycle.
several on friday to win the sunday shows.
if any of this is a plan, this is what i think should happen this weekend-
i think 4-5 new reps will come out. maybe more dem senators will make strong statements. maybe someone respected from law enforcement or intelligence.
any other candidates that are ripe, but havent said it to the cameras?

if the plan is working, some spooks will come out.
there will be a leak or other reveal of something new. maybe something will get unredacted from mueller, or stone, or...
hopefully the media pounces.
david farenthold, i'm lookin at you. rachel, whatcha got?

i know, i know. we keep thinking the end is nigh, and we keep being wrong. but we know this HAS TO END.
when it happens, it will be a mile long string of dominoes.
it is a dam holding mountains of water. it will fall w a crash.

the heat has been turned way, way up, imho.
we all know they are lying about iran.
the whole world is frightened.

tic toc
tic toc
tic toc
tic toc
tic toc motherfucker

if mittens really breaks w the grand old perverts-

would the dam finally collapse?
amash was a quake in the house, but he has plenty of cover there, and a more purple base.

but the last argument that the donts have is that it is futile in the senate.
but one senator saying the i word, and the null argument is no longer valid.

one senator saying the word would create a cat 5 storm.

maybe it isnt the wise men trekking to the white house any more.
maybe now its a brave man saying it on the teevee.

he could say impeach, or he could say he's crazy and dangerous.

either way, it isnt day long hearings and running stories in the newspaper anymore.
it isnt the movie.

it's the tweet.
mittens could make the tweet heard round the world.

something could actually happen to tilt us back toward our axis, right?
at least a little?
or at least stop the slide?

please tell me i'm right.
i'm not asking would he do it.
this is purely the hypothetical- what if he did?

eta- rly du? almost none of these comments addressed my point, despite my specific reiteration of the question at the end.

some times this place makes me crazy.

the big diff between help from putin and hep from steele-

steele got paid. it was a straight up, above board contract to ask legit questions.

pootie put gave a gift, in secret, and completely expected a quid for his quo.

it's the difference between buying something and bribing someone.

eta- on earth 2, only a single point of overlap between the truth an a lie is good enough to throw it at the wall and see if it sticks.
and every time they repeat your lie on the teevee machine is how it sticks.

it's beyond false equivalence into bizarro world.

congress needs to talk to dr ronnie feelgood. it's the neurology, stupid.

it's not about what is criminal, what is moral, what is true.

it is about the act that the most powerful man in the world has a broken brain.
dr ronnie needs to reveal the real results of his physical, and spanky needs to be hustled off to walter reed for an mri, and an eeg.
(then he needs to be thrown in the brig.)
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