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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 60,951

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fix foster care

so, a friend of mine from my days on the board of my ward dem committee, is jay paul deretany.
he is one of chicago's most successful personal injury attorneys, and he ran for judge and asked for our endorsement. we formed a mutual admiration society right then and there and have stayed in touch.
one day a judge assigned him to defend a young man in who had barely survived his time in foster care from the kind of charges kids like that him end up catching- drugs, assaults...

and off he went on a crusade to change the foster care system.
he wrote and produced a movie, 'foster boy', w shaquille o'neil. if you havent seen it, find it and watch it.
so, he shared this petition of fb today-

as well as this radio interview-

20 minutes, full of good advice to fix this broken god damned system where 40% of the kids who age out end up dead, incarcerated, or homeless w/in 4 yrs. including how to get involved and make a difference.

please take a minute to sign this petition, and listen if you can find 20.

ftrt, jay is gay, married, has no kids of his own. imho evolution gave us gay people because it figured out that 2 people are not enough to raise kids. dont know a gay person who isnt some kid's wingman.

who wishes we still had caller id?

i mean, i wish people i call could have my id.
any legit company probably wishes they could signal customers that it's a legit call. my vm says if you arent in my contacts, i'm not answering your call. but if i had a clue, i'd pick up a lot of calls. like the good old days.

sure, they'll start spoofing those soon. but hey, a fake id is a lot easier to share w others than a spoofed phone number. so, limited downside imho.

am i the only one?

about tomorrow- here is new york

so, i went to nyc that october. as a working artist at the time, i felt it was almost a duty to see it. it was the only time i did what w told me to do.
the smoke and smell of death were still belching out of the manholes. i smelled it when i stepped out of the airport in newark.
they were just starting to hose down the ash.

i was walking around soho, and saw a huge line, wrapped around the block, to get into a gallery.
what it was was- here is new york.
it was a collection of photos of every day new yorkers, hung from wires, filling the gallery.
it was the most incredible sight. part of why the line was so long was that you looked at it all, and you just froze. or cried.

they were still taking submissions, so when i got home i submitted a few of mine. they dont come up in the search, tho.
they later published a big book of them.
they put it all online, and it's still there.


chicago was just voted the second most beautiful city in the world.

an online poll from timeout. statistically crap, i am sure.
but i love my city w all my heart. i think there is no better place to live. we have everything civilization has to offer, and a fair bit of wild, too.
also voted friendliest, again. 2&3 in a bunch of categories.


ok, who wants to hear my good news?

so, i put up this thread about my son a while back, https://www.democraticunderground.com/1266706
and today is a most peculiar and unexpected breakthrough day. so weird.

ok, so, over the weekend, i ended up in jail. it's a long boring story, but i stood up to some bullies, got arrested, and missed my court day. i was stress related sick af because of the people who got me arrested.
anywho, i figured i'd get a letter or something, but i wasnt worried.
i'd been charged w a misdemeanor that carried zero fine, and i'd admitted what i did. i am not sure why i had to go to court, but...
so, they issued a warrant, but nobody told me, and i got picked up.

a very strange mother-son bonding experience, but he did a week in the same jail, which rly compounded his trauma. i thought i got it, but now i truly get it.
we started chatting, and after a bit of defensiveness, he realized we were always on the same page about the petty cruelty of the system.

then he told me that he had made a friend, a musician, that wanted him to drum for him.
now, drumming is what this kid did for the pain when he still lived at home.
he has a roomy now, so cant make noise. i sent him what i thought was a decent pad, but it only insulted him. so, today i offered to get him a good electronic kit.
he's been so excited all day, figuring out what he wants.

finally, i've found a way that he can feel the love.
jeeez how did it get so duty in here?

i should add that he had gotten pissed at both his dad and me, and wouldnt accept any help. but he started talking to the youngest, who asked for help for him. so dad and i have been sending money. the kid cant work as he has warrants, and no dl or car any more.

feminism 101- recommend a book or movie

so, i have a friend who is 40, educated, but says she's read zero feminist theory.
maybe she and i dont have the same idea of that word, but...
she's someone who is a mess because of a macho, toxic family. she should just tell them to go fuck themselves, but she really wants to try to articulate what the fucking problem is.

so, she wants recommendations.
i'm gonna look through my library and see what i have. but it seems like forever ago that reading led me to thinking and being someone who is whole, and makes no apologies for it. (or so i tell myself.)
i dont remember where my path started beyond ms magazine and 'fat is a feminist issue'.

what books or movies opened your eyes?

well, i'm enjoying lucifer.

about 5 episodes in, binged the last 2 days.
as a recovered catholic, the premise is fun. the eye candy is great.
and it's just a lot of silly fun.

but can they keep this up? there's 5 seasons. will i get tired of it?

found an old pbs fave on amazon- lovejoy.

hubs and i loved that show, and it was shut up kids, our show is on teevee.
bumped into it on prime, just watched the 1st episode, and who is the very attractive supportive character, lady jane?
phyllis logan, aka mrs hughes.
she is so damn cute here. eccentric rich lady designer and antiques buff to ian mcshane's shady genius.

this will be fun.

nine black baseball players who shape mlb

now, i am not a big sports fan, in general, but i have spent many happy hours watching baseball.
raised a cubs fan, many happy afternoons in the friendly confines, and watching wgn.
just didnt have the bandwidth when my kids were small, but their dad was a sox fan. likewise enjoyed many hours and beers at the cell.
but i never took it heart attack serious.
and i consider total ignorance of sports news to be a perk of my divorce.

all that said, i thoroughly enjoyed this wapo article on black baseball players.
i was not aware that the percentages were changing, tho i do know that there is more overt racism from the knuckle draggers these days than i ever saw at the park.

great bios of 9 players, old and young, and a critical look at what it is to be a black player even now.

fascinating despite being infuriating.


ok, finally watched '12 strong'. i cannot tell you how strange it was to watch a movie

about someone you know. someone whose diapers you changed.
the main character is a composite of my nephew, and another guy in his team.
my nephew-https://democraticunderground.com/100214554773

i read the book it was based on back when it came out- 'horse soldies' by doug stanton.
the driiiiiest book i ever read.

anyway. so part of the experience was sorting out what was mark. the merge was for the movie, not in the book.
since he had a fatwa on his head from obl, he wouldnt let them use his real name, or details in the book to begin with.
the bio was mostly the other guy. except for the family. that was his wife, his little girl, his town. they actors looked like them.
but that guy had never held a command before, and that was NOT mark.

the relationship w dostom, the warlord, was def mark. he talked about him at the time.
they left out what kind of man he is. brutal. just brutal. but mark came to respect him, and at the end it says they are friends to this day. i believe this to be true.

in light of the publication of 'the afghanistan papers' i think my original opinion of the book proves true- it was a hagiography published at a time when support for the war was waning.
iirc in the book at least they make mention of the money that changed hands, left out of the movie. at any rate, it's a fact i know that is not mentioned. but i thought it reeked of puffery. down to the sub-title which is some nonsense about riding to victory in afghanistan.

will also point out that mark did not go home.
he stayed at mazari sharif, and was responsible for putting down the prison uprising there, which earned him a congressional medal.

it's been hard all along to see someone so good spend his life is such a dubious pursuit. so smart, so driven, so brave, and for what? back when i made buttons, i made one that said- love the soldier. hate the war. but it was damn hard.
i asked him the other day if he was sorry he retired. he said- you know that saying 'familiarity breeds contempt'? yeah, that's true. i'm glad to be out of all that.

he's on to another life. he's talking about a book, but, sadly, is unlikely to spill any tea.
he's a master at that. it will likely be about foreign policy.

all in all, tho, so completely strange.
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