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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 57,807

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biden's considering this guy for cia.

great pick.


i haz teeth!!!

i got my 4 lower incisors pulled and replaced w a temp partial yesterday.
i have been trying to hang on to those teeth for 15 yrs. 2 awful bridges that were like having molars instead of incisors.

the procedure was long, grinding out the bridge, and getting the canines ground to take the partial.
the teeth came out easy. no pain today at all.

i got the young doc, not his pops, who was gonna tell me irish history stories while he worked.
it was pretty funny when he walked in and i realized my plot was foiled.
i brought a special irish coffee concoction, too.

i'll see him when i get the permanent one. i guess we'll just have to make a date.

meanwhile, look out y'all. i can reeeeeeally bite now.

rollicking version of a sad song.

mumford and sons, amazing grace.


if you loved the fuck 2020 xmas ornament,

which, btw, is called a fuckflake, you rly need to hit this link.
you can thank me later.


re- never trumpers. i've said it before

but today is a good day to say it again-

welcome aboard the boat.
grab and oar and row.

but take one step toward the tiller, i will run you through w mi cutlass and toss you to the sharks.

i found the funny bone in the irish music rabbit hole.

oh my.


biden has hired the chieftains to play the inauguration.

now i'm mad i'm not going.
i was fine w that. but now....


youtube served up this little gem this morning.


it was just sorta in the background till it hit ronnie drew and eleanor shanly doing 'a couple more years'

i am not surprised by the overlap between irish music and country. youtube served up more than 1 example. but this one cracked me up. that gravely voice is just perfect.

so, very strange. i got back into my ancestry account.

had a hell of a time, cuz somehow it got that 2 factor crap turned on. i know i didnt do that. but anyway.

it is showing me dna cousins. but i have zero recollection of uploading me dna there.
i never downloaded it from 23/me till a few months ago, and i havent been on the site since then.

i did go to the trouble of getting in so i could do that, then didnt see how to do it.
but they have it.
how the fuck did that happen?

so, i have bragged on my nephew here more than a couple times.

lest you think i was exaggerating, here is his retirement video.
mark e mitchell.


the orange anus' flunkie, john rood, pushed him out of the pentagon, where he was asst sec def for jsoc.
i hope he applies to go back.
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