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Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 02:42 PM
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Are there ANY demographics that have shifted in Trump's direction since 2016?

He got in by the skin of his teeth winning by a few thousand votes in several swing states but since then I don't see any trends that would help him out. Here is a list of how everything has trended:

1. His approval is stuck between 42 and 43% He has lost support since winning.
2. He has lost a lot of older voters because they don't like his handling of Covid19. This is a key GOP demographic.
3. Minorities haven't moved toward him at all and they have increased in numbers compared to whites
4. There are more young voters registered who absolutely despise him and his key demographic which is the very old have had some pass away. Unfortunately, young voters are not that reliable.
5. He has lost a few Republican voters and not gained squat from Dems
6. Migration patterns in the US are really bad news for Trump: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/american-migration-patterns-should-terrify-gop/598153/

Please list any others

All I can think of that might help Trump is them fucking with the mail and suppressing the vote.

So Texas has overperformed for Dems the last two elections. It's currently a 1.5% lead for dickhead

This could spell disaster for Trump if that trend continues this round. The margin there could be paper thin. Probably thin enough for Republicans to steal is my guess.

In the debates when Trump starts throwing out juvenile insults at Biden

like calling him "Sleepy Joe". Biden needs to just look at him and say: "Are you a 3 year old? Most kids above the age of 6 sound more mature and intelligent than you with this ridiculous name calling? Come on, we need to bring back dignity to the Presidency. Stop acting like a Jr. High School bully and grow up."

Trump's Junior HS childish antics need to be called out for what they are.

Trump NO Nos Quiere YouTube

I am hearing some Republicans are worried Trump's attack on the post office will backfire

They are worried Republicans won't vote by mail now and Dems will and then when it comes time to vote in person, many Republicans will stay home fearing getting the virus.

Architect of bin Laden raid issues blistering rebuke of Trump

Old but worth sharing on social media again to refresh people's memories:

Wear a mask to protect yourself

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