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Mad_Machine76's Journal
Mad_Machine76's Journal
November 29, 2021

Does it ever give anybody whiplash

to see how our society and culture seems to be becoming both simultaneously more progressive AND regressive at the same time?

On the one hand, social and cultural acceptance of LGBTQ+ has never been higher, yet there are some states where rights (to the extent they exist at all) are being curtailed- or lawmakers there are trying to find ways to curtail them.

Most people have bought the pro-choice/Roe V. Wade position on abortion, yet there are states that are trying to find ways to dilute and diminish and may, in fact, reverse Roe v. Wade and give them unfettered ability to prohibit and/or criminalize it.

There is growing awareness of the need to confront ugly racial and historical truths about our country and a desire to spread that awareness but there are states and lawmakers seeking to punish/block people's ability to learn about them.

A vast majority people believe in science and are trying to do the right thing in terms of stopping this pandemic, yet there are states actively BLOCKING mitigation efforts.

Lately, living in the US is more or less like living in crazytown.

November 24, 2021

Not saying this poll isn't accurate

But how did we go from sweeping Congress and WH (winning two Senate seats in GA of all places) only to be so horribly “broken” less than a year later after losing a single statewide election? Biden has been a breath of fresh air after the chaotic swampy mess of of the previous 4 years?!

People REALLY that fickle?!

November 18, 2021

That's disappointing

It seems like as long as Republicans are the anti-vaxx party, it will be "Covid today, Covid tomorrow, and Covid forever!"

November 17, 2021

If one wants to find things to complain about

They will find things to complain about.

What drives me crazy is that Democrats spend time and energy developing innovative proposals and plans to address real problems but we’re told that because we have a “messaging problem” we don’t get coverage and people don’t know what we’re doing to try to make them better- or Republicans just smear them to death.

However, Republicans- whom have no solutions to virtually any real problems are routinely given a pass and it’s always “good news for John McCain.” They lie and mislead and whip up moral panics that people pay too much attention to and that drives their voters and a sufficient segment of “independents” to turn out for them in elections. Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

November 11, 2021

Let's see here. They're ignoring:

1. COVID (Killing people)
2. Power Grid (Killing people)

Focusing instead on:
1. Abortion (Not Killing People)
2.Voter Suppression (Not Killing People)
3. "Library Pornography" (Not Killing People)
4. Guns (removing all regulations)(Killing People)

Kinda revealing, no?

November 8, 2021

She can't control what the Republicans in her state do

Or what laws they pass handcuffing her. But she can still fight for what’s right, even if it’s just her voice. But my patience has run out with anybody siding with Covidiots- even if they’re D’s

November 8, 2021

To paraphrase a quote from Star Trek:TNG's resident "mystic" Guinan

If we are convinced that we are going to lose, we'll probably find a way to make it happen.

Also, to paraphrase a certain witty pirate, our problems really aren't about the problems, but our attitudes about the problem.

Let's not get suckered by the media, pollsters, or anybody else into defeatism.

November 5, 2021

I get tired of these stories

1. If Democrats in the House and Senate are being recalcitrant, it's really more up to the House and Senate Leadership to corral and get them in line. Biden can help, but there are more immediate parties that can exert more power and influence JMHO.
2. What CONCRETE suggestions do they have for Biden to do? I feel like these are always more generalized and non-specific criticisms, but if I were Biden I'd be puzzled over what exactly they want me to do? And why aren't the people complaining doing something (showing everybody else the way). It's like dealing with some people in the house complaining about something or other not getting done, but not doing anything themselves to get things done either.

November 5, 2021

If losing one state gubernatorial election

is enough to declare the end of a Democratic Presidency not even a year old, then the Republicans should have been a miserable failure for years on end. The Trump Presidency was ultimately (largely) a disaster for Republicans as they lost the House, the Senate, and ultimately the Presidency in the span of 4 years and obstruction remains their only enduring legacy. Yet we are to believe that the end is nigh for Democrats because they lost one gubernatorial election in a state whose party traditionally switches in accordance with the party in the WH. Virginia was a disappointment, and the residents of Virginia are likely in for a bumpy 4 years (though Republicans do not control the Senate). Hopefully, Tuesday's result will encourage Virginia Democrats to come (back) out in 2022 to hold the Senate and reclaim some of their lost HOD seats and the Governor's mansion in 2025. Also, I think that Democrats need to tune out the media and stop treating their pronouncements and framing as good political advice. The media is not our friend and do not exist to help us. We need to do what we think is right and best for the country and ignore the defeatist and anti-Democratic punditry. And one more thing: We need to act like winners and spike the football when we win just like Republicans do. A win is a win is a win. We need to stop focusing on the size of our victories and do what we need to do regardless. We can extend our hands in friendship to all citizens and members of the other party in moving forward but we shouldn't be constrained by them if they persist in rampant obstructionism.

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