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Gender: Female
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Home country: United Corporate States of the US
Current location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Member since: Thu Jun 24, 2004, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 13,231

About Me

Hairy, scary, pro-abortion, 'rad fem', doing my best to piss off the "religious" right and MRAs everywhere.

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(edit) ‘The use of firearms as a tool is in the DNA of most Americans’

I want to make a couple of points before posting a snip and a link.

I'm not sure what type of source the washington times is; reliable? honest? I don't know. < (edit) The wt is a r/w rag. I presume that means beretta would feel comfortable telling the "truth" about his views; talking among friends, as it were.> The author of this piece appears to be a r/wer. Which means, we have a r/wer interviewing an "it's just business, nothing personal" sorry sack of human dna. Now that we've established my views and agenda...

An interview with franco beretta, vp and managing director of beretta in Italy and exec vp of beretta USA, from June 2012.

Franco Beretta is the vice president and managing director of Beretta in Italy, executive vice president of Beretta USA (the manufacturing, distribution and marketing arm of Beretta in the United States) and one of two sons of Ugo Beretta, president of Beretta Holding. He began work in the engineering department of the business while in college more than 25 years ago. The famous firm, with its headquarters nestled in the Alps, dates back almost 500 years when the family produced arms for the doge of Venice. It has been family-run for 16 generations. An official supplier of the U.S. military, more than 600,000 American-made 9 mm Beretta pistols have been delivered to U.S. troops. Today, the company produces approximately 1,500 weapons daily and achieved sales of $600 million in 2011. You can find out more about this historic gunmaker and its firearms at: berettausa.com.


Decker: How important is the American market to Beretta and the gun trade in general?

Beretta: It is more than important: It is fundamental. Firearms are part and parcel with the American culture. From the right to self-protect to the culture of harvesting what the land has to offer, the use of firearms as a tool is in the DNA of most Americans. I feel that, today, if a firearms manufacturer is not actively engaged in the American market, it's virtually not in the firearms business. At Beretta, we are present in the U.S. market through products manufactured in Italy, but we have been manufacturing right here in the United States for decades. The decision to manufacture in the USA was in response to legislative limitations which prohibited the importation of certain products, but it was also an acknowledgement of the fact that there are brilliant resources for development and manufacturing in America, and not taking advantage of them would have been short-changing our ability to sustain growth. The ability to tap into the experience of people whose culture is so deeply entwined with the world of firearms becomes, in certain cases, essential.


Beretta: I think that - after the many political changes that have occurred around the world in the past 15 years - world markets have reached a stabilization point. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet bloc - which opened new, large hunting markets for us, like Russia and Kazakhstan - many world markets have reached a point of maturity. Beretta continues to cater to them through new products and technologies that serve their specific needs. While certain markets continue to be completely closed to us, our ears are constantly to the ground. One of the keys to longevity is the ability to understand the markets we serve, and even anticipate their needs. A global reach makes this task more challenging but also substantially more rewarding.

<snip> to more at link (emphasis added)

The US; we are a "market". "It's nothing personal; just business."

Truth has a liberal bias. r/w sources; not so much.

Truth has a liberal bias. r/w sources; not so much.

I've seen some argument that links to r/w sites, even those "perceived" as r/w, should or should not be hidden.

I happen to think that's the wrong argument.

In my opinion the argument would be more accurate if it were; are r/w sites reliable sources for honest, factual, reporting of events. I say no.

fox news, american enterprise institute, focus on the family, briebart, drudge, weekly standard, and many others can be relied upon to take cherry picked facts, spin them into "truth" and create a Benghazi, an attack on ACORN, create a birther CT, and, well, you know the drill.

Should a post be hidden for simply including a link to one of those sites? It would depend on the intent of the post. In my opinion, only if they are trying to present the information as accurate and factual. Much as happened when corsi was swift-boating kerry.

The real question is, can those r/w sites be counted on for valid reporting?

Truth has a liberal bias. I'd like to think liberals have a bias toward truth...and the honest reporting of facts.

Stewart Acuff...AFL-CIO's national organizing director.


Thread etiquette question for you.

When you create an original post/thread, do you try to respond to all who reply?

I've wondered the threadicate of responding to the posters who take the time to reply to an OP.

If the thread is days old and on page 3 or 4 of the archives, I tend to leave it as a dead thread. Other times, depending on the topic and the discussion, I'll go ahead and revive a recently demised thread. If the thread is active, I try to get to each individual reply. Would you consider that too much noise to message ratio?

What about you? Have any ideas about thread etiquette?

A day in the life of the self made man.

He arises at 4:00am. He knows it's 4:00am because he can read the stars and their place in heavens above him on his plot of land, on which he lives with no deed/patent from the evil government and which he found as he was crawling on fours; merely an infant. He learned how to read the stars and the time through his observations during his toddler years. The scientific method was his preferred mode of learning. Though, as yet, he knew not that it had a name.

His toddler years.

Quite dismal by our standards as he was reduced to eating anything his chubby little fingers could place into his mouth as he was crawling on all fours. The self made man has no parent having sprung from the head of Zeus or some such; fully formed as an infant but fully capable, unlike other lesser mammals, of living without nourishment until such time as he could learn which leaves and berries were safe to eat.

But he did it, this self made infant, without the help or nurturing of any parent; naked and alone in the wild; avoided by any wildlife who, under normal circumstances, might perceive him as prey or lunch or snack. Fortunately for the self made man, the predators recognized his unique position as the self made infant and left him to live and to fend for himself. No wolf boy, our self made man, as the wolves knew they were not worthy of such a task as raising the self made infant to boyhood.

Upon arising, our self made man, dons the clothes of his own making. He planted the seed, harvested the crop, spun the fiber, wove the fiber, and sewed his own clothing which he intuited he should have; all with his own chubby fingers, then with his more dexterous fingers as he grew into the self made child.

He just knew how to plant and to grow and to water and to fertilize (okay, maybe that was an accident when he still hadn't knowledge of the outhouse) the seed which he had just known he needed to grow the crop to create his own clothes which he just knew he needed in order to be successful in the world in which he's never traversed.

As he dons his self made clothes, cleaned with his self made soap, he thinks of his goals for the day.

He puts the water from his self made well, on his self made stove to heat up for his self grown coffee crop. Fortunately, oh wait, no, Fortune has nothing to do with our self made man. Our self made infant knew to find a place in which he could grow the beans for coffee and find clean and safe water for drinking and making coffee and bathing. He intuited the bathing part as he noticed the not-self made animals held their nose at his stink. But, I digress.

He puts the water on the stove to heat using his self cut wood which he knew to chop since he is self made infant/child/man and waits for the water to boil so he can make his self made coffee.

With his coffee he has his self made cereal; harvested from his self made farm while reading the Wall Street Journal so he can see how his self made stocks are doing.

Wait? Wut? Of course he taught himself to read and to understand "The Market". He's a self made man.

Not a whit of education or help from parent or human, much less government, our self made man has taught himself, with no books, or tutors, or teachers, how to read, how to do sums, how to track ROI, and how to run a business, with no input, from any human or animal, at any stage of his self made development.

He grows his own clothes, grows his own food, cleans his own self made self, manufactures his own tools, learns his own lessons, knowns for his own self made self the markers of success, and treats his own wounds and illness.

No one gave him anything. He did it all on his own.

He is a wonder.

He is a super man.

He is...The Self Made Man.

"But, if by 'Liberal'..."

Accepting the NY Liberal Party Nomination, 1960

But if by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal."

Then, he continued:

I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, in human liberty as the source of national action, in the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas. It is, I believe, the faith in our fellow citizens as individuals and as people that lies at the heart of the liberal faith. For liberalism is not so much a party creed or set of fixed platform promises as it is an attitude of mind and heart, a faith in man's ability through the experiences of his reason and judgment to increase for himself and his fellow men the amount of justice and freedom and brotherhood which all human life deserves.

I believe also in the United States of America, in the promise that it contains and has contained throughout our history of producing a society so abundant and creative and so free and responsible that it cannot only fulfill the aspirations of its citizens, but serve equally well as a beacon for all mankind. I do not believe in a superstate. I see no magic in tax dollars which are sent to Washington and then returned. I abhor the waste and incompetence of large-scale federal bureaucracies in this administration as well as in others. I do not favor state compulsion when voluntary individual effort can do the job and do it well. But I believe in a government which acts, which exercises its full powers and full responsibilities. Government is an art and a precious obligation; and when it has a job to do, I believe it should do it. And this requires not only great ends but that we propose concrete means of achieving them.


Our liberalism has its roots in our diverse origins. Most of us are descended from that segment of the American population which was once called an immigrant minority. Today, along with our children and grandchildren, we do not feel minor. We feel proud of our origins and we are not second to any group in our sense of national purpose. For many years New York represented the new frontier to all those who came from the ends of the earth to find new opportunity and new freedom, generations of men and women who fled from the despotism of the czars, the horrors of the Nazis, the tyranny of hunger, who came here to the new frontier in the State of New York. These men and women, a living cross section of American history, indeed, a cross section of the entire world's history of pain and hope, made of this city not only a new world of opportunity, but a new world of the spirit as well.

Please read the rest at the above link.

Have a happy, healthy, safe, holiday.

Earth Day: "Once upon a time in the US..."

"Once upon a time in the US..." or, how far our priorities have shifted.

Wiki has a pretty good write-up on this as it's not too controversial.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)


NEPA came into existence following increased appreciation for the environment, and growing concerns about ecological and wildlife well-being; indeed, the public outcry after the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill was perhaps the leading catalyst. An Eisenhower-era Outdoor Recreation report, a Wilderness Act, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, along with Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring, all reflect the growing concerns, public interest group efforts, and legislative discussion involved.[4] Another major driver for enacting NEPA were the freeway revolts that occurred in response to the bulldozing of many communities and ecosystems around the country as the Interstate Highway System was being built during the 1960s. The law has since been applied to any project, federal, state or local, that involves federal funding, work performed by the federal government, or permits issued by a federal agency. Court decisions throughout the law's history have expanded the requirement for NEPA-related environmental studies to include actions where permits from a federal agency are required, regardless of whether or not federal funds are spent implementing the action. Although enacted on January 1, 1970, its "short title" is "National Environmental Policy Act of 1969."


The preamble reads:

"To declare national policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment; to promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the health and welfare of man; to enrich the understanding of the ecological systems and natural resources important to the Nation..." (emphasis added)

Imagine my surprise when I read the:

Legislative history

- Introduced in the Senate as S. 1075 by Henry M. Jackson on February 18, 1969
- Committee consideration by: Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
- Passed the Senate on July 10, 1969 (Unanimous)
- Passed the House of Representatives on September 23, 1969 (372-15)

- Reported by the joint conference committee on December 17, 1969; agreed to by the Senate on December 20, 1969 () and by the House of Representatives on December 23, 1969 ()
- Signed into law by President Richard Nixon on January 1, 1970 (emphasis added)

Or when I read that Nixon "expanded" the mandate of the CEQ and placed it "within the executive office":

Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)

The CEQ was modeled after the Council of Economic Advisers created by the employment act of 1946. Shortly after the act was signed into law, President Nixon expanded the CEQ's mandate by Executive Order directing it to issue guidelines to federal agencies for the proper preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and to assemble and coordinate federal programs related to environmental quality. The Council was placed within the executive office of the President and is composed of three members. These members must be appointed by the president and subsequently confirmed by the Senate. The CEQ has some fundamental roles which include assisting and advising the President in the preparation of the annual environmental quality report on the present progress of federal agencies in implementing the act, on national policies to nurture and promote the improvement of environmental quality and on the current state of the environment. (emphasis added)

Nixon was hardly an environmentalist. He was however, president during a time the US population appeared unified in its concern about the human impact on the environment. He was also president during a time in which the president was considered to be the president of the US; not just the president of the "red" or "blue" parts of the US.

Then I went on to read about the Freeway Revolts that contributed to the passage of NEPA and helps to show the sentiment of the people of the US and around the world during that time.

I have less faith in the freeway revolts wiki as it seems to have some opinion wandering around as fact. I include it, however, as you can follow the link and scroll to your state and read about how it impacted the freeway system there.

How far we've moved from those ideals in a short 43 years. How polarized we've become in that same short time frame.

ann rmoney is not trying to make herself "like us" or "mainstream".

she is trying to make herself *exceptional*.

You see, she was able to stay at home and bear and rear 5 boys and that is why it is "so despicable" that those "lazy welfare queens" and those "career women" are an "abomination".

Some are missing the dog-whistle.

Much like shlafley jetted around the US telling women to 'stay home and take care of their children' and few noticed the hypocrisy; annie is making the same point; and some will be so caught up in the manufactured "mommy wars(tm)" they won't notice her trust fund, her various homes, her gargantuan privilege, and so on.

brewer's AZ bill and "menopause babies".

This is what happens when legislation isn't based on science.

As I understand the new law, the gestational age of the fetus is counting back to the last menstrual cycle of the woman. Is that correct?

Now, read and think about this:

When a woman goes through menopause, her body phases out menstrual cycles until they stop all together. The woman may go for months or even a year between having one period and the next. This long time frame is at the heart of the undiscovered menopause baby.

During the time when the female body is not having a menstrual cycle, the body may still be releasing those last few eggs. If the egg is released and there is a viable sperm waiting to fertilize the egg, the female can, and will, get pregnant.

Thanks to the lack of a normal menstrual cycle, the female may not notice they are pregnant until they are months into the pregnancy. There have even been cases where mothers of climbing age have gone to the hospital with stomach and back pains only to leave the hospital a few days later with a baby in their arms.

From this link: http://www.babymed.com/gettting-pregnant-during-menopause

"A year between having one period and the next"

Based on an exceptional case, it is conceivable (pun intended) that the gestational age of the fetus - based on the AZ law - would make what would normally be a 16-week pregnancy (~4 months) into a 16 month pregnancy? I wonder how many 21-month-old babies will be born in AZ in the coming months and years? *sigh*

Why would neo-cons be anti-HIPAA?

This question is part rhetorical and part WTF?

Several weeks ago I took note of an article in my local neo-con, online, rag in which a neo-con pundit attacks HIPAA as 'anti sunshine'.

I won't provide a link as it's from a source known to go after DU for 'intellectual property rights.'

It is posted at the Las Vegas review journal site and is entitled " HIPAA an affront to sunshine" by glenn cook; our 'resident' neo-con pundit. It was posted March 11, 2012.

I took note of it because it didn't make any sense to conflate a criminal investigation into ethical standards of politicians (seriously?!) with HIPAA. It was too weird.

I have a long history of tracking the media's reporting of events and their spin on said events. My BS meter went ballistic.

Trial balloon? Foreshadowing? Whatever.

My best guess - somewhat informed - is that ALEC, neo-cons, the republican party, are going after HIPAA next.

I've found some vague dots to connect; but not yet anything substantial.

If you're in the medical industry, especially medical coding, please keep an eye out for a "Obamacare"=HIPAA="bad for business"="we want to invade your privacy while pretending PRIVACY is sacrosanct" theme.

There is something called ICD-10 compliance which adds to this puzzle.

Something is up. Stay vigilant. There will start to be many anti-HIPAA stories.

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