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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 01:35 PM
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I don't use the "new" expressions unless I like them. Most of them (IMO) are insipid and meaningless.

The older ones I like because I consider them imaginative and meaningful.

Taking a dim view
Blessing in disguise
A dime a dozen
Taking it as it comes
Call it a day
Benefit of the doubt
Begging the question
Cutting corners
Get out of hand
Pull someone's leg
Pull yourself together
So far so good
Speak of the devil
The last straw
The best of both worlds

ALSO (straight from The Bard-- still used often after ~400 years!)
Heart of gold.
Kill with kindness. ...
Laughing stock. ...
Wild-goose chase. ...
Green-eyed monster. ...
Lie low.
Apple of my eye

Cervantes also coined many phrases we still use-- but I'm in California and my power is going to be cut any minute so I can't elaborate.

California governor slams PG&E, saying 'greed,' 'mismangement' led to widespread power cuts



He really excoriated PG&E-- it was great to hear it.

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