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ismnotwasm's Journal
ismnotwasm's Journal
October 22, 2023

So I asked ChatGBT about the Israeli-Palestine conflict

I asked how I could determine “who is right”

I got a good answer

Determining who is right in the Israel-Palestine conflict is a complex and contentious matter. It's essential to approach the issue with an open mind and consider various perspectives. Here are some steps to help you form an informed opinion:

1. **Educate Yourself**: Start by reading and learning about the history, context, and root causes of the conflict. Understand the narratives and claims from both sides.

2. **Multiple Sources**: Seek information from diverse sources to avoid bias. Consider reputable news outlets, academic sources, books, documentaries, and reports from international organizations.

3. **Listen to Voices from the Region**: Engage with people from the region, both Israelis and Palestinians, to hear their personal experiences and perspectives.

4. **Analyze the Key Issues**: Focus on specific aspects of the conflict, such as borders, refugees, settlements, security, and human rights. Analyze these topics separately to form a nuanced view.

5. **International Law**: Familiarize yourself with relevant international laws and resolutions, such as UN Security Council resolutions, to assess their implications on the conflict.

6. **Historical Context**: Understand the historical events and key milestones that have shaped the conflict, from the Balfour Declaration to the Oslo Accords.

7. **Complexity and Nuance**: Recognize that the conflict is multifaceted with many layers and viewpoints. Avoid oversimplification.

8. **Humanitarian Considerations**: Consider the humanitarian aspects, including the suffering of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians, and the need for a peaceful resolution.

9. **Dialogue and Peace Initiatives**: Learn about past and current peace initiatives and efforts to promote dialogue and cooperation.

10. **Form Your Own Opinion**: After careful research and reflection, form your own opinion, keeping in mind that the situation is continually evolving.

Remember that this conflict is deeply polarized, and people's views can be emotionally charged. It's important to approach this topic with empathy, respect, and a commitment to peace and justice rather than taking sides.

I have started something similar to this process multiple times over the years and quickly get overwhelmed. There is so much. I’ve established bottom lines—Israel has a right to exist, the Palestinians are in a constant Human Rights crises, Hamas is a very, very effective Terrorist organization, that wants Israel obliterated and doesn’t care about the means.
September 4, 2023

Who's Making News? --a site tracking sex crimes against children

I follow this woman on TikTok, and I wanted to share her website

Hi, I’m Kristen Browde, and this is a site that was set up because people wanted to see the data that goes into my TikTok series, Who’s Making News for Sex Crimes involving Children.

Who is actually committing crimes against children?
Here is the data from the latest 2526 cases, as of Sep 4, 2023 .

What she has found is the overwhelming number of horrific crimes are committed by Republicans—not Trans people or drag queens. This is just the actual data. For instance;

- 80% of the top ten highest number of offenders per capita are Republican states.

- 100% of the top ten lowest number of offenders per capita are Democratic/Swing States.

- 60% of the top ten highest number of offenders per capita are in the top half of the most religious states.

- 20% of the top ten lowest number of offenders per capita are in the top half of the most religious states.


My point is Republicans those who claim to care about children while ignoring facts are just as bad as you think they are.
August 25, 2023

Wait, does George Takai read DU?

On threads, he has posted thr OP by Aristus, I can’t copy it. Something about Maga wanting civil war and their leader already surrendering in Georgia.

Did anyone see this?

July 14, 2023

Biden administration forgives $39 billion in student debt for more than 800,000 borrowers

The Biden administration announced it would automatically cancel education debt for 804,000 borrowers, for a total of $39 billion in relief.
The debt cancellation is a result of the administration's fixes to repayment plans, which included updated counts of borrowers' payments.

May 19, 2023

I am in an argument with a lady on Tiktok

Well I was—she deleted her argument.

Regarding the word “Antifa”

According to this lady, Antifa was founded by Stalin and Mussolini and this is true—all I have to do is google it, and I will find books by people such as *Rosa Luxemburg* detailing this….founding.

This woman, just spouted out complete bullshit, confidently telling me I could easily confirm it for myself.

You know, I usually don’t try to troll people anymore. I genuinely want to know where they are getting their information from. Kinda sorry she dropped out, I had no intentions of being mean—(unless she turned out to be a bigot—fuck those people) I think she was terribly misinformed. She had content on that app, was an older lady, hard to tell how old—50s or 60s.

She approached me, telling me “please don’t support Antifa” regarding an activist Veteran who is on the side of being a decent human being.

May 19, 2023

'Please Don't Move'

All of you fighting the good fight in Red states, sticking it out— you are so incredibly brave to me. So many of these states have such incredible natural beauty as well. Thank you for everything you are and everything you do to fight the fascists.
April 26, 2023

"Alphahol" (satire ad)

Cracks me up. He is also A brilliant young country artist

April 22, 2023

Marianne Williamson is capturing the attention of the Left

And could very possibly siphon off the youth vote. Fuck.

I’m on TikTok a lot and just noticed this trend. There is an article about her and TikTok and youth in The Intercept—not my favorite source, but it is a source I guess


By the way—she is 8 years younger than Biden. Not exactly a voice for youth for those concerned

April 10, 2023

Found this on Facebook from a friend of mine, re: Justin Pearson

Facebook isn’t really my thing, as I rarely find good stuff there, I can’t vouch for the veracity, but this sounds about right

Posted in a private group; so am sharing without attribution. Fantastic, inspiring story about one of the Tennessee Three🙏

"When I was a young organizer, we would often sit in MCS (Memphis City Schools) board meetings, even when we had nothing pressing on the agenda, to listen and observe. In those days, public comments came last, which meant if you wanted to say something you were sitting in a 3 hour meeting into the night in order to do so. This often culled many a poorly planned or not determined speaker. Often by the point they’d be called it was 10 PM and the three minutes they were about to get didn’t seem worth it anymore.

As the meeting wore on it always thinned and it was usually me, a few reporters, and staff. This particular night I looked over and noticed a young man who was sitting and waiting to speak. We didn’t often get young people who came and spoke in those days and I was very interested in what he was going to say. He was the very last of the public comments called which meant it was nearly 10:30 by the point he got to speak.

Once he got to the podium and started talking the room completely shifted. This young man was from Mitchell High School and he wanted to know why his school wasn’t respected enough to have textbooks students could use. He explained he was going to college and the credits that Mitchell offered wasn’t even enough for him to qualify for most prestigious schools. He challenged the board to answer for why they had such low expectations for his school and his community and how those expectations were reflected in the resources they allocated. He pushed them in a way I had never seen another public speaker do. I was amazed. Once he was done I gave him a standing ovation.

From there, that kid got some things in motion. Books were distributed. People paid closer attention. I went to go speak with his dad who was a pastor and I never forgot him speaking about intentionally moving into New Chelsea and sending his child to his alma mater because he believed in investing back in the communities that raised you. I remember telling him, your kid is going to change the world, and he said, that’s the hope.

That kid is an adult now and that adult just got expelled from our house floor making national news. I stand with Justin J. Pearson. I stood with him when he was 17 and I stand with him now. And I can tell you one thing, he has been unstoppable since 2012, and that ain’t changing any time soon."

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