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babylonsister's Journal
babylonsister's Journal
October 14, 2021

Alaska Pol Who Shunned Masks Contracts COVID, Turns To Her Vibrator For Cure

10/14/21 4:16am
Alaska Pol Who Shunned Masks Contracts COVID, Turns To Her Vibrator For Cure
State Sen. Lora Reinbold who infamously got permanently banned from Alaska Airlines for refusing to wear a mask is now treating herself with a Vicks inhaler and Ivermectin. And her vibrator.
By Ed Scarce

“Its my turn to battle Covid head on... game on!” Republican state Sen. Lora Reinbold wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night. "I am blessed to have gotten Ivirmectin [sic] the “de-covider.” My Vicks steamer has been a God send! [sic]" Ending with, “When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe.”

Apparently, one of her cures is to use a vibrator. I suppose if you're home with nothing to do but be deathly ill...

Source: Anchorage Daily News

JUNEAU — Alaska state Sens. Lora Reinbold, R-Eagle River, and David Wilson, R-Wasilla, have tested positive for COVID-19 and are quarantining at home, away from the state Capitol.
Reached by text message, Reinbold said she is resting and improving quickly using a variety of products, including vitamins, a Vicks steamer and the antiparasitic medication ivermectin. Ivermectin is not authorized for prevention or treatment of COVID-19 — federal health agencies and the drug’s manufacturer have warned against its use for such purposes, especially as many people have turned to formulations designed for animals, not humans — but it has gained traction on social media among vaccine skeptics and among conservative public figures.

The Eagle River senator has opposed COVID-19 vaccine mandates by sponsoring legislation to prohibit businesses and local governments from requiring vaccinations. She has also been a consistent critic of mask requirements.

She unsuccessfully fought the Capitol’s mask mandate and was banned by Alaska Airlines for her refusal to comply with that company’s mask policy.

Her Facebook post on her recipe.


October 14, 2021

House Riot Panel Will 'Immediately' Pursue Charges Against Steve Bannon if He's a No-Show


House Riot Panel Will ‘Immediately’ Pursue Charges Against Steve Bannon if He’s a No-Show
Jamie Ross
News Correspondent
Published Oct. 14, 2021 6:21AM ET

Steve Bannon has a choice to make today: Either he appears for a deposition as ordered by House committee investigating the Capitol riot, or the panel will immediately pursue criminal contempt charges against him. CNN reports the committee is getting ready to seek a referral for criminal contempt as soon as the ex-Trump adviser’s subpoena deadline expires later today. Bannon’s lawyer made clear in a letter Wednesday that his client has absolutely no intention of giving testimony or handing documents to the committee until a ruling is made over whether former President Donald Trump can assert executive privilege to prevent witnesses from speaking to the panel. CNN’s sources said the committee would take the initial steps to send a referral to the Department of Justice within hours of Thursday’s deadline. Three other Trump administration officials face subpoena deadlines this week.
October 14, 2021

Dear Democrats: Only 10% of People Even Know What You Are Fighting For

Dear Democrats: Only 10% of People Even Know What You Are Fighting For
Even if Democrats can pass their big bill, they won’t be able to sell it.
by Tim Miller
October 12, 2021 5:13 am

Quick: What is in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better,” “Human Infrastructure,” “Reconciliation,” “Unicorn Boner,” “Bed Bath & Beyond” legislation?

Can you tell me?

I’m guessing that you can. Well maybe you don’t know everything that’s in it. But I bet you can name a couple things. Because you, dear reader, are an engaged citizen. You participate in our rollicking national civic dialogue. You subscribe to a few substacks.

But do you understand just how rare you are, person who knows what is in the BBB plan? You are like the recherché and retired Batty the Bat beanie baby or the sweet Nikola Jokic double behind the back dribble TopShot NFT.

Because when CBS News asked the American public how much they know about the “Build Back Better” plan only 10 percent replied “a lot of the specifics.”

10 percent!

And let me tell you a secret: Even that number is wrong, because a bunch of those people were lying.


October 13, 2021

Eric Boehlert: Media fail: Americans have no idea what's in Biden's Build Back Better bill


Media fail: Americans have no idea what’s in Biden’s Build Back Better bill
Obsessed with cost
Eric Boehlert
1 hr ago

Leaning into the doomsday narrative that President Joe Biden’s agenda and presidency is slipping away as Democrats work to pass both a huge infrastructure bill and even bigger social spending bill, dubbed Build Back Better, the Beltway press continues to do a great job ignoring the contents of the historic effort. Focusing instead on its cost and obsessively documenting the vote-counting process, the press has walked away from its job of explaining legislation.


Yet for the Beltway press, the process by which the bill might pass, and how much the legislation costs, far and away exceeds the importance of what’s in the bill itself. Even if the legislation is historic and potentially transforming:

• Creating a universal Pre-K program for 3- and 4-year-olds.

• Making sure low- and middle-income households pay no more than 7 percent of their annual income on child care for kids up to age 5.

• Funding the construction and remodeling of child care facilities as well as raising the wages of child care workers.

• Making community college tuition-free for two years.

• Providing federal paid and medical leave benefit for up to 12 weeks.

• Allowing families to receive a child tax credit totaling $3,600 for each child under the age of 6, and $3,000 for each one under age 18.

• Allocating $35 billion for child nutrition programs, which would allow nearly 9 million more children to receive free school meals.

• Adding dental, vision and hearing benefits to Medicare.

By turning away from the popular Build Back Better programs, the press continues to do Republicans a favor and focus overwhelmingly on the cost, leaving Americans in the dark.
October 13, 2021

Capitol Rioter Decides to Represent Himself in Court, Accidentally Admits to Two New Felonies


Capitol Rioter Decides to Represent Himself in Court, Accidentally Admits to Two New Felonies
Jamie Ross
News Correspondent
Published Oct. 13, 2021 6:14AM ET
Reuters/Stephanie Keith

A Capitol rioter who allegedly smoked weed in a senator’s office on Jan. 6 decided to represent himself in court on Tuesday—and it went exactly as badly as could have been expected. Washington, D.C. news network WUSA reports that the wild hearing opened with a judge advising Brandon Fellows against representing himself, but he ignored that warning and went on to bolster the case against him by admitting to two new felonies. “Most people do not do this,” U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden reportedly told Fellows. “I do not think this is a good idea… but I’m going to allow you to take the stand, if you wish.” Assistant U.S. Attorney Mona Furst reportedly got Fellows to admit that he gained access to the Capitol through a broken window, and that he tried to get a previous judge removed from the case using the judge’s wife’s contact information. At the end of the hearing, McFadden ordered Fellows back into custody and told him: “You’ve admitted to incredible lapses of judgment here on the stand, not least of which was seeking to disqualify a New York state judge.”
October 12, 2021

Speaker Pelosi Just Outsmarted Mitch McConnell By Using His Own Debt Ceiling Proposal Against Him


Posted on Tue, Oct 12th, 2021 by Jason Easley
Speaker Pelosi Just Outsmarted Mitch McConnell By Using His Own Debt Ceiling Proposal Against Him

At her weekly press conference, Speaker Pelosi announced that House Democrats are using Mitch McConnell’s debt ceiling proposal as a potential permanent fix.


Speaker Pelosi said:

In terms of the debt ceiling, we are just hoping that we can do this in a bipartisan way. Are all kinds of suggestions that members have. One that really was endorsed a while back by Mitch McConnell. But who knows, you know, who knows? But it was — the manifestation of it now, Mr. Yarmouth and Mr. Boyle have put forth, puts the responsibility on the Secretary of the Treasury to make the determination to lift the debt ceiling.

That decision could be overruled by the congress. It would take 60 votes under the present custom. But nonetheless, congress would have to overrule that. That seems to have some appeal to both sides of the aisle because of the consequences to people of not lifting it. But many Democrats and Republicans have voted against lifting the debt ceiling, but never to the extent of jeopardizing it. This is the first time.

Speaker Pelosi Has Turned The Tables On Mitch McConnell

Speaker Pelosi is going to use Mitch McConnell’s own ideas against him and expose his hypocrisy by making him vote against his own proposals.

The idea behind the McConnell idea is a good one. The debt ceiling is too vital to the US economy. It should not be a political football in the hands of congress.

The debt ceiling is an artificial construct. It is not in the constitution. Congress can choose to handle US debt any way that it pleases as long as it does not put the full faith and credit of the United States in jeopardy.

Over and over again, Democrats have outsmarted McConnell on the debt ceiling, and the best move of all will be to free the debt ceiling hostage forever by using Minority Leader McConnell’s own idea against him.
October 12, 2021

NFLPA Chief on Gruden's Racist Email About Him: Football Must Be Better


NFLPA Chief on Gruden’s Racist Email About Him: Football Must Be Better
Jamie Ross
News Correspondent
Published Oct. 12, 2021 9:38AM ET
USA TODAY Sports/Robert Hanashiro

The NFL players union chief who was the subject of a racist remark made by now former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden has issued a classy response to the revelations that derailed Gruden’s career. On Sunday, a bombshell Wall Street Journal story exposed a racist comment that Gruden made in a 2011 email about NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith. That was followed up by a string of other stories about Gruben’s use of misogynistic and homophobic language, and the Raiders coach announced his resignation Monday night. Smith has responded with a Twitter thread, writing: “The email from Jon Gruden—and some of the reaction to it—confirms that the fight against racism, racist tropes and intolerance is not over,” Smith tweeted. “This is not about an email as much as it is about a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less.” He added that “football itself has to be better,” and confirmed that Gruden had reached out to him since the remark was made public. Smith said they would “connect soon.”

October 12, 2021

Brian Williams Taunts One America News With Tuning-In Tip


Brian Williams Taunts One America News With Tuning-In Tip
The MSNBC anchor mocked the right-wing network after reports of AT&’s involvement in its creation and funding.
Lee Moran
10/12/2021 03:53am EDT | Updated 2 hours ago

MSNBC’s Brian Williams responded to the news that communications giant AT&T helped create and subsidize right-wing One America News with a ding about how to watch the conspiracy-peddling network.

On Monday’s episode of “The 11th Hour,” host Williams slammed OAN as being “for people who find Fox News too leftist, the people who want to bathe in a nice warm grievance, believers in the big lie, vaccine doubters and the like.”

“If you should stumble upon it on cable, you can also pick up their signal if you happen to angle your tinfoil hat just right,” he cracked.

OAN “has the patina of respectability until someone starts talking,” said Williams. Then he aired a new spot from the anti-Donald Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project explaining what AT&T customers are paying to fund on the channel.

October 12, 2021

Elk with car tire around its neck for two years is finally free

Elk with car tire around its neck for two years is finally free
“I am just grateful to be able to work in a community that values out [sic] state’s wildlife resource,” a wildlife officer said.
Jenna Romaine | Oct. 12, 2021
(Courtesy of Dan Jaynes near Conifer, Colo.)

Story at a glance

A Colorado bull elk spent two years with a tire around its neck.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife were finally able to track down the elk and remove the tire on Saturday.
The tire had been filled with close to 10 lbs. of pine needles and debris.

An elk in Colorado is finally free after having had a car tire stuck around its neck for two years.

Since first receiving reports of an elk with a tire around its neck in July 2019 in Pine, Colo., officers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) have attempted to tranquilize the 4-year-old bull elk four previous times so they could remove the tire, but all had been unsuccessful until Saturday.

“I am just grateful to be able to work in a community that values out [sic] state’s wildlife resource,” office Dawson Swanson said in a press release. “I was able to quickly respond to a report from a local resident regarding a recent sighting of this bull elk in their neighborhood. I was able to locate the bull in question along with a herd of about 40 other elk.”


October 12, 2021

Steve Bannon And Rudy Giuliani Mock Prospect Of Prison


10/11/21 12:37pm
Steve Bannon And Rudy Giuliani Mock Prospect Of Prison
Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon on Monday mocked the idea that they could go to prison for flouting a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
By David
15 hours ago by Karoli Kuns

Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon on Monday mocked the idea that they could go to prison for flouting a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The two men made the comments during a segment defending Columbus Day on Bannon's War Room broadcast.

Giuliani told the story of a mafia boss who was treated well in prison after being convicted.

"And he was conducting his business from prison," the former New York mayor recalled.

"Rudy!" Bannon interrupted. "That's the [prison] suite you're going to get when the committee puts you in prison? Have you got that all lined up already?"

"I don't intend to go without you," Giuliani shot back. "I'm going with you and a couple of other guys that sound interesting."

"I'm counting on you to get hooked up," he added. "We'll do radio and television all day."

"The War Room! Come on," Bannon replied. "War Room: The Prison Years."

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