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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 70,896

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Ex-Tucker Carlson producer files NEW claims Fox lawyers coached her testimony in Dominion lawsuit

The former Tucker Carlson producer who sued Fox News last week alleging she was pressured into giving misleading testimony about the network’s coverage of supposed election fraud has filed new allegations about coercive coaching by Fox lawyers, bias and unprofessional behavior by staff members, and retaliation by the network.

In papers filed Monday morning, Abby Grossberg seeks to correct the Sept. 14 deposition she gave about the network’s coverage of Dominion Voting Systems, which she says was tainted by pressure from Fox lawyers. Grossberg alleges she was not able to see a transcript of her testimony before it was made part of the record, even though she requested a chance to see it six times, while male colleagues were allowed to see their transcripts. She says she was able to review and correct it only more than five months later, after she retained her own attorneys.


The persecution of Donald John Trump -by Tom Tomorrow


'Fear of knowledge': Florida woman, 100, makes quilt, gives fiery speech against school book bans


With 100 years of experience behind her, Florida resident Grace Linn has lived through a lot of history. Her husband was killed fighting the Nazis in World War II. Linn, a local resident, appeared at a Tuesday night meeting of the Martin County school board to speak out against the Florida book ban.


American biological weapons program to put chips in Russians so they can be struck by rockets.

Russian actress Maria Shukshina 🇷🇺 says that HIMARS hone in and hit those who received the “Sputnik” Covid vaccine.

This is part of the American 🇺🇸 biological weapons program to put chips in Russians so they can be struck by rockets.

If you watch 🇷🇺 TV, this must sound normal.


Monica Lewinsky: well this is going to be fun...

Monica Lewinsky (she/her)

in what universe is this fair to people who can suffer consequences for being impersonated? a lie travels half way around the world before truth even gets out the door.



Waco-Tribune-Herald: "they were tired, hungry or both and wanted to get home."

Trump arrived shortly before 6 p.m., his plane circling the airport as attendees intently looked to the heavens. He wrapped up at 7:32 in the evening, though quite a few fans did not last that long.

About 30 minutes into the rally, the crowd began to thin, with people getting a head start on the walk back to the parking lots, designated and otherwise. Several leaving early said they accomplished what they wanted to achieve by showing up for the rally, enduring traffic and long lines. Some said after hours on the tarmac, they were tired, hungry or both and wanted to get home.


Keith Olbermann: THREATENING PROSECUTORS IS A FEDERAL CRIME: Arrest Trump today in Waco.

His attempt to get his cult to kill Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Jack Smith, and Fani Willis is terrorism and must be prosecuted as such, and without bail.

WEEKEND COUNTDOWN: https://tinyurl.com/27pahdjy

'The emperor has no clothes': N.Y. Post sticks a knife in Trump's re-election hopes



There is much wrong with the country.

And yes, it will take someone strong to wade through the thicket of Establishment opposition to change.

But Trump is not trying to make America a better place.

He’s not offering anyone apart from himself a better future.

He’s out for revenge.



If you want to be more involved in your kid's education, you don't need a law.

You just need to be more involved in your kid’s education.


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