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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 60,374

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So you fired them because they were investigating you? Hmmmmmm....

The Rigged Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on as the “originators and founders” of this scam continue to be fired and demoted for their corrupt and illegal activity. All credibility is gone from this terrible Hoax, and much more will be lost as it proceeds. No Collusion!

7:26 AM - Aug 15, 2018


Oh, and - Just wait until Trump voters find out he doesn't like dogs!!



Trump's CEA Quietly Offering Apologies for Sarah Sanders False Claim re: African-American Employment

Trump's Council of Economic Advisers is quietly offering "apologies" for Sarah Sanders's wildly wrong claim about Obama and African-American employment...and is now offering misleading data in its place. Good work everyone.


CEA accepts blame and offers "apologies" for @PressSec's dissemination of false information about black job numbers under Obama vs. Trump. Replaces false information with misleading/context-less data that proves... Obama took office after a massive recession?


LOL: Dad doesn't want freeloader son live-streaming anti-Semitism from mom & dad's bedroom.

This is HILARIOUS! Jason Kessler, organizer of the spectacular fail, “Unite (about 20) Whites” in front of the WH, is getting yelled at BY HIS DAD while on a video chat!!
Dad doesn’t want freeloader son live-streaming anti-Semitism from mom & dad’s bedroom.

Unite the Right 2 organizer, Nazi failure Jason Kessler gets yelled at by his dad for being a Nazi while livestreaming w Nazi loser Patrick Little, who admits he may have to sell the boat he's broadcasting from at a loss because he needs money.


if you think a tape possibly existing of the President of the USA using the N-word is shocking.....

if you think a tape possibly existing of the President of the United States using the N-word is shocking just wait until it's finally played and his approval rating goes up


I have a tape of (fill in the blanks)


i have a tape of trump calling mexicans rapists


She's obviously a liar, right? ....Oh, wait a minute.


Omarosa tells @KatyTurNBC that Trump was very physical with women and would grab them and kiss them without permission.


"only the best people"

Trump has spawned&cleared the underbrush for wave of counter-Trumps who appear ready to feast on him


Rep Elijah Cummings message for Trump: "Stop this vulgar behavior. Our country is better than this."

Mr. President, it is beneath you and the office of the presidency to call any woman a dog. It is degrading and demeaning, and I pray that you will stop this vulgar behavior. Our country is better than this.

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