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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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hmmmm, more popcorn anyone?

Q: Have you been interviewed by Mueller?
McCABE: I have. I have.

Q: Those memos that you and he kept, are those going to hold up in— let's say he's impeached. Will they help the prosecution or not?
McCABE: I don't know that I can answer that.



This sounds about right to me...

Hillary Clinton, 70
Won 2016 Popular Vote by 2,864,903
Won 2016 Primaries by 3,708,294
Media: go away.

Bernie Sanders, age 77
Lost 2016 Primaries by 3,708,294 votes


Shoutout to Senior Official 1:


McCabe - Re Nunes' presence at the Gang of 8 briefing on the Russia investigation

Re Nunes' presence at the Gang of 8 briefing on the Russia investigation, McCabe says in the book: "I looked at Rod (Rosenstein). Rod said, At the end of the day it's his recusal. it's his choice, I can't enforce it. We can't kick him out of the room."

We had to cut this for length, but McCabe told me that his guess is that the White House "immediately knew the steps I took after Jim got fired, and the cases I opened" because of Nunes. "When I was surprised to see Nunes at the briefing, I knew it would happen very quickly."

And here is what McCabe says about this in the book: "Now that the Gang of Eight was a crowd of two dozen in the room, I thought, the chance of this not getting back to the president was basically zero. Then Devin Nunes walked in, and the chance was less than zero."



The Metaphor


Hey Mr. Stable Genius: 16 States NOT 16 Cities Filed Suit Against Your Fake Emergency!

Sixteen states filed this suit, not “16 cities.” The Democrats do not endorse open borders.


THIS from Paul Krugman


So Democrats will run on proposals to expand healthcare and child care, while the GOP screams about socialism and scary brown people. And news analyses will say that both sides are descending into the gutter.


There it is. On Page 30 of lawsuit against Trump's emergency declaration is Trump's line from Friday

"I didn't need to do this."



A formal apology from a scared Roger Stone filed in court this evening

This is a lie. He claims he had “no intention of disrespecting the Court.” Stone’s whole point was to denigrate the judge and the process. He’s only apologizing because he’s scared.

Stone seems to recognize how much trouble he got himself into by attacking the judge in his case on Instagram.

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