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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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VP threw Birx under bus for telling people not to send their kids to schools in Covid 19 Hot Zones

NEW:On a call with govs today, Dr. Birx did not give her normal run down of stats, etc. But Gov. Beshear took a few mins to praise Birx for her work/visiting the state, saying it was with her help he has been able to contain the virus. VP then praised Beshear but not Birx


NY prosecutor seeking Trump's tax returns cites reports of 'protracted criminal conduct'

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City prosecutor fighting to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns told a judge Monday he was justified in demanding them because of public reports of “extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.”

Manhattan District Attorney District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. is seeking eight years of the Republican president’s personal and corporate tax records, but has disclosed little about what prompted him to request the records, other than part of the investigation related to payoffs to two women to keep them quiet about alleged affairs with Trump.

In a court filing Monday, attorneys for Vance said the president wasn’t entitled to know the exact nature of the grand jury investigation.

They noted, though, that at the time the subpoena for the tax filings was issued to Trump’s accountants, “there were public allegations of possible criminal activity” at the president’s company “dating back over a decade.”


Dow Soars (oh, btw no help for the common folk this week)


Portland's newest statue is quite something.


LINCOLN PROJECT: "That was a weird bingo night"


Andrew Cuomo rips Trump like never before: 'This was the worst government blunder in modern history'


“This was a colossal blunder — how COVID was handled by this federal government,” he continued. “Shame on all of you. Six months, lives lost. Hit the reset button, yes.”

“Because if the American people are continued [to be lied to], the confusion and the chaos and the denial will continue,” he said. “If the president actually tells them the truth and says, ‘I made a mistake,’ he’s not going to be telling them anything they don’t know.”

“Every American knows he made a mistake,” the governor continued. “Every American knows this was the worst government blunder in modern history. Not since the Vietnam War have Americans sat in their living rooms to see the numbers on the TV screen every night saying what a mistake it was.”

“Trust the American people,” Cuomo remarked. “And if you don’t trust them and you don’t trust their intelligence and you don’t trust their ability to handle the information then you shouldn’t ask to be their leader.”


PELOSI doubles down on her criticism of Dr. Birx

“I don’t have confidence in anyone who stands there while the President says swallow Lysol and it’s going to cure your virus.”



I didn’t want to do this but some of y’all need to hear it.

Stop invalidating teachers feelings about their safety. Stop using child abuse, food insecurity, and mental health to do it. That is some serious misdirection.

I work for the largest district in Iowa. A majority-minority district. I have a degree in social work, a Masters in counseling, and work in an elementary school. Let me tell you about what I do when I’m at work:

I sit and listen to kids tell me about this abuse you’re talking about. Physical abuse. Sexual abuse. Mental abuse. I have heard it all, and way more times than you want to know. Some kids are telling me for the first time. The first time they’ve told anyone. Other times are “Mrs. Hogan it’s happening again.” I make multiple mandatory reports a month to a DHS that is underfunded and whose social workers have overwhelming caseloads. Before we left in March I was doing suicide assessments nearly weekly. I have taken food and clothes from my house to bring it to students. I have to be the one that calls a Mom to tell her that her child has slits all over her wrists.

And I still won’t let you use this as a reason to force teachers and students back when it’s unsafe. THIS IS NOT ON TEACHERS.

The same politicians (hey, Reynolds) that want to hurriedly reopen schools under dangerous conditions are the same ones who always want to cut down and mismanage social services, mental health services, and their funding. They’re the same politicians who have FAILED the kids in my office. Do you want us to be a community school? Cause we are already trying and it sure would be a lot easier if we had the funding to do it.

Where’s all this talk when it’s not a pandemic? You guys know what often happens to these kids and families then? I sit with a mom after school and call every single homeless shelter in the area to find something for her and there is nothing. I listen to a mom cry after the mental health unit tells her there’s no bed for her child in crisis. And when she asks them and me what to do now, there’s no answer for her. Iowa is one of the worst states for mental health services in the country.

Do not come at teachers and schools. Their job is to educate. Mine is to help these kids and families and I’ll do home visits if I can, I will do my best to connect them with the resources they need and I know my colleagues will too.

The real problem is there are not adequate resources, even if we are in school. Not even close. COME AT YOUR GOVERNMENT FOR THAT. And do it when the pandemic is over too.

From: Barbara Hogan

From A TX Obit: "Shame on all of you, and may Karma find you all!"


China wasn't in charge of the US response. You were.


"With impunity, Trump lied. With impunity, the virus spread."

“Despite ample warning, the U.S. squandered every possible opportunity to control the coronavirus. And despite its considerable advantages—immense resources, biomedical might, scientific expertise—it floundered. While countries as different as South Korea, Thailand, Iceland, Slovakia, and Australia acted decisively to bend the curve of infections downward, the U.S. achieved merely a plateau in the spring, which changed to an appalling upward slope in the summer.”

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