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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 63,279

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Gingrichs position is, literally, that the rules should not apply to Trump because hes rich.


Trump is now re-litigating the election because Bill Clinton knocked him in a small town NY newspape

. In the book-filled oasis, where knowledge and facts and history were recorded and analyzed, the former president was in his element. Ten, 20, 30 minutes passed. More questions came. On Donald Trump: Yes, he did receive a phone call from the president-elect the day after the election. Mr. Trump came across as cordial, he said, incredulous, “like it was 15 years ago” when the Clintons and Trumps were seen socializing. Mr. Trump threw out what was meant as a compliment about his opponent: “She was tougher than I thought she’d be.”

“Is Trump smart?” a man asked as a follow-up. “He doesn’t know much. One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him,” Mr. Clinton replied.

Should President Obama use his power to make a recess appointment of Ms. Clinton to the Supreme Court? After a brief exchange about how President Eisenhower handled a similar matter, Mr. Clinton said, almost as a throwaway, “Anyway, I don’t think she’d want it.”

It was time to go. Was Mr. Clinton planning a visit to Katonah again this year before the holidays? Yes, he said, smiling, “I always go to Katonah for shopping.”




Andrea Bocelli Backs Out Of Trump Inauguration Performance After Backlash

The Italian tenor surprised and disgusted many of his fans by considering a turn at Trump's inauguration. Now, to their relief, he's abandoned the plans.

Could this be the moment for Kanye’s comeback?

After coming under huge pressure from his fans on social media, the Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has decided not to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony, which will take place one month today after his victory was rubber stamped by the Electoral College on Monday night.

The Italian tenor had reportedly been courted by Trump in person last week after a performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, and was said to be pondering the idea of performing at the inauguration.

Trump is known to be a huge fan of the blind singer, and has previously booked Bocelli to perform at a private party at his club in Florida.

However, under pressure from a backlash from his fans on social media, Bocelli has now stepped back from the performance.


If Dr Seuss Were Alive Today


In a land where the states are united, they claim,
in a sky-scraping tower adorned with his name,
lived a terrible, horrible, devious chump,
the bright orange miscreant known as the Trump.

This Trump he was mean, such a mean little man,
with the tiniest heart and two tinier hands,
and a thin set of lips etched in permanent curl,
and a sneer and a scowl and contempt for the world.

He looked down from his perch and he grinned ear to ear,
and he thought, “I could steal the election this year!
It’d be rather simple, it’s so easily won,
I’ll just make them believe that their best days are done!

Yes, I’ll make them believe that it’s all gone to Hell,
and I’ll be Jerk Messiah and their souls they will sell.
And I’ll use lots of words disconnected from truth,
but I’ll say them with style so they won’t ask for proof.

I’ll speak random platitudes, phrases, and such,
They’re so raised on fake news that it won’t matter much!
They won’t question the how to, the what, why, or when,
I will make their America great once again!”

The Trump told them to fear, they should fear he would say,
“They’ve all come for your jobs, they’ll all take them away.
You should fear every Muslim and Mexican too,
every brown, black, and tan one, everyone who votes blue.”

And he fooled all the Christians, he fooled them indeed,
He just trotted out Jesus, that’s all Jesus folk need.
And celebrity preachers they crowned him as king,
Tripping over themselves just to kiss the Trump’s ring.

And he spoke only lies just as if they were true,
Until they believed all of those lies were true too.
He repeated and Tweeted and he blustered and spit,
And he mislead and fibbed—and he just made up sh*t.

And the media laughed but they printed each line,
thinking “He’ll never win, in the end we’ll be fine.”
So they chased every headline, bold typed every claim,
‘Till the fake news and real news they looked just the same.

And the scared folk who listened, they devoured each word,
Yes, they ate it all up every word that they heard,
petrified that their freedom was under attack,
trusting Trump he would take their America back.

from the gays and from ISIS, he’d take it all back,
Take it back from the Democrats, fat cats, and blacks.
And so hook, line, and sinker they all took the bait,
all his lies about making America great.

Now the Pantsuited One she was smart and prepared,
she was brilliant and steady but none of them cared,
no they cared not to see all the work that she’d done,
or the fact that the Trump had not yet done thing one.

They could only shout “Emails!”, yes “Emails!” they’d shout,
because Fox News had told them—and Fox News had clout.
And the Pantsuited One she was slandered no end,
and a lie became truth she could never defend.

And the Trump watched it all go according to plan—
a strong woman eclipsed by an insecure man.
And November the 8th arrived, finally it came,
like a slow-moving storm but it came just the same.

And Tuesday became Wednesday as those days will do,
And the night turned to morning and the nightmare came true,
With millions of non-voters still in their beds,
Yes, the Trump he had done it, just like he had said.

And the Trumpers they trumped, how they trumped when he won,
All the racists and bigots; deplorable ones,
they crawled out from the woodwork, came out to raise Hell,
they came out to be hateful and hurtful as well.

With slurs and with road signs, with spray paint and Tweets,
with death threats to neighbors and taunts on the street.
And the grossest of grossness they hurled on their peers,
while the Trump he said zilch—for the first time in years.

But he Tweeted at Hamilton, he Tweeted the Times,
And he trolled Alec Baldwin a few hundred times,
and he pouted a pout like a petulant kid,
thinking this is what Presidents actually did,

thinking he could still be a perpetual jerk,
terrified to learn he had to actually work,
work for every American, not just for a few,
not just for the white ones—there was much more to do.

He now worked for the Muslims and Mexicans too,
for the brown, black, and tan ones, and the ones who vote blue.
They were all now his bosses, now they all had a say,
and those nasty pantsuited ones were here to stay.

And the Trump he soon realized that he didn’t win,
He had gotten the thing—and the thing now had him.
And it turned out the Trump was a little too late,
for America was already more than quite great,

not because of the sameness, the opposite’s true,
It’s greatness far more than just red, white, and blue,
It’s straight, gay, and female—it’s Gentile and Jew,
It’s Transgender and Christian and Atheist too.

It’s Asians, Caucasians of every kind,
The disabled and abled, the deaf and the blind,
It’s immigrants, Muslims, and brave refugees,
It’s Liberals with bleeding hearts fixed to their sleeves.

And we are all staying, we’re staying right here,
and we’ll be the great bane of the Trump for four years.
And we’ll be twice as loud as the loudness of hate,
be the greatness that makes our America great.

And the Trump’s loudest boasts they won’t ever obscure,
over two million more of us—voted for her.


This Modern World: "We are completely & utterly screwed. But Happy Holidays"


Ryan's Christmas Carol: Scrooge gets huge tax break---paid for by taking away Tiny Tims health care

In Paul Ryan's A Christmas Carol, Scrooge gets a huge tax break, paid for by taking away Tiny Tim’s health insurance

Ebenezer Scrooge may be Charles Dickens’ personification of everything that is wrong with unfettered greed. But to Paul Ryan, Scrooge — with his estimated net worth of $1.6 billion — is a proud example of those job creators known as small businessmen, which by Ryan’s definition includes all Americans who “file their business as individuals, as people.”

This class of taxpayer, New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait notes, allegedly includes Donald Trump, a man who seats himself in a gold throne and identifies as a billionaire. Though Trump evidently is not much of a taxpayer.

Ryan doesn’t like to point out that 76.1 percent of his proposed tax cuts go to the richest 1 percent in 2017, and that percentage rises to 99.6 percent by 2025, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

But who would? That kind of talk would only make rich people sad, which to Paul Ryan is a crisis almost as severe as America’s recent epidemic of poor people getting health insurance.

the rest:

Creepiest Photo of the Year

Christmas @ Mar-a-Lago: @realDonaldTrump, relaxed and chatty, hosts press for drinks -- off-record but pics OK



These are the same people Trump has been viciously attacking and degrading all year at his rallies.
Notice how all their eyes are blank, empty white mirrors — except Trump’s. Just a flash effect, I’m sure.


Why won't Donald Trump say "Radical Russian Extremist"?

Russia ready to veto UN measure on Aleppo observers

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - Russia on Sunday warned it would use its veto to block a French-drafted resolution on sending UN observers to Aleppo, setting up yet another showdown with the West over the fate of the besieged Syrian city.

Moscow presented a rival draft resolution during a closed-door meeting of the Security Council that requests that the United Nations make "arrangements" to monitor the situation, according to the text seen by AFP.

But the Russian proposal makes no specific mention of sending observers to Aleppo, where the evacuation of civilians from the last rebel-held part of the city was set to resume on Sunday.

France and the United States have said they would be ready to call for an emergency special session of the General Assembly if Russia again blocks UN action on Syria.

Such a session, a rare occurence at the United Nations, would be aimed at declaring global condemnation of Russia's actions in Syria, although resolutions adopted by the General Assembly are non-binding.


Oh My - From 1920


"Party First, Country Last."


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