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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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I look forward to making them fear us for the next 100 days, and the next 100 after that.


It may have been the largest single-day demonstration in the history of the United States. It almost certainly set a record for the most women rejecting a specific man in the history of humankind. Thatís kinda cool.

Even more cool, resistance to Trump hasnít been a one-off. Iíve never seen such sustained outrage about anything, ever. And itís not just inchoate rage; the bone-deep anger people feel has translated into action, including boycotts of Trump products and follow-up marches to support science and protest Trumpís refusal to release his tax returns.

Never thought Iíd see my wingnut congressman in a +20 GOP district jeered and shouted down in a packed town hall, but it happened. Never thought our sleepy local Democratic committee meetings would be flooded with new members who not only showed up at the first post-election meeting but continue to show up and mobilize for local protests and receive training to run as candidates and turn out voters.

Trumpís presidency and the GOP agenda have been stymied, not only due to their own epic ineptitude, not only because this administration is mired in scandal and infighting but also because Republicans are fearful. I look forward to making them fear us for the next 100 days, and the next 100 after that.


Documents show Corey Lewandowski promises foreign clients meetings with Trump and Pence


More Of THIS, Please.


Yes, you too CAN understand Trumps Tax Plan in one page


Adding fuel to the pie fight...


Rep. Maxine Waters-Newsflash to Trump: Republicans control Washington. Russians control you.


MAXINE WATERS: Newsflash to Trump: Republicans control Washington. Russians control you.

Trump looks less like Superman & more like Prof Marvel in the "Wizard of Oz"


Pay attention to the man behind the curtain: Trump is no wizard of government
As a candidate Donald Trump made numerous, grandiose promises.
In his first 100 days, those campaign promises proved hard to fulfill.

by: John Harwood

What distinguished Donald Trump's presidential campaign was not just the scale of his promises, which included obliterating ISIS, replacing Obamacare, building a wall with Mexico's money and super-charging economic growth.

Candidate Trump also insisted that, by force of his negotiating skill, he could fulfill those vows quickly where predecessors had failed. When I reminded him in a Speakeasy interview that America doesn't have Superman presidents, he replied jauntily: "You will if you have Trump. You watch."

If his first 100 days have made anything clear it is this: That wasn't true.

In the Oval Office, in fact, Trump looks less like Superman and more like Professor Marvel in that "Wizard of Oz" scene when Dorothy peers behind the curtain to see that Oz isn't so great and powerful after all. Trump is a talented salesman with the world's biggest microphone, but he has no experience making government work and precious few aides to help him learn how.


the rest:

NEW: From the Catholic Hospitals - Trumpcare amendment is a sham.


Trump isn't failing, he's stealing - Trumps first 100 days have been a moneymaking success story

Heís getting what he cares about.
by Matthew Yglesias

........Trump isnít failing. He and his family appear to be making money hand over fist. It's a spectacle the likes of which we've never seen in the United States, and while it may end in disaster for the Trumps someday, for now it shows no real sign of failure.

The Trumps have unprecedented conflicts of interest

During the campaign and for much of the transition, Trump liked to at least vaguely allude to the idea that as president, he would separate himself from his business empire and do something to provide the public with transparency on his taxes. Since winning, heís made clear thatís not going to happen. The day-to-day management of the companies is in the hands of his two oldest sons, while his oldest daughter and her husband (both of whom run substantial businesses in their own right) serve as high-ranking officials in the White House.


But donít just take my word for it. Multiple reports have found that no meaningful separation exists:

Derek Kravitz and Al Shaw reporting for ProPublica have confirmed that the terms of the trust in which the Trump Organization is held allow the president to pull money out of the company at any time.

Eric Trump says he is giving his father regular updates on the state of the Trump Organization, on a ďprobably quarterlyĒ timeline but with no specific commitments.

Donald Trump Jr. is not only a top executive at the Trump Organization but also does surrogate interviews on behalf of the president.

Beyond that, of course, thereís the fundamental reality that everyone knows Trump owns properties like the Trump National Golf Club or Trump Tower because they have his name slapped on them.


The Rest:

Here's the map Trump handed out in his Reuters interview while discussing China:

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