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CA DU'ers, are your cities and counties having trouble implementing the recreational MJ law ?

My Orange County FL "county mayor" feels like she has a gun held to her head (her words, paraphrasing). For FL, it's only medical marijuana and it's very tightly restricted. Our counties and towns just have to adopt similar rules to pharmacies.

I think it's BS. I think our county mayor simply doesn't want MMJ, and she's too cowardly to come out and say this.

Patients tearfully call on Orange (County) to allow medical marijuana dispensaries


While a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2016, the law passed this year by the Legislature requires cities and counties to regulate dispensaries exactly as they would pharmacies.

Among Central Florida cities, only Oviedo is moving forward with an ordinance allowing dispensaries. Orlando has declared its two dispensaries on North Orange Avenue to have been grandfathered in, a strategy county attorney Whitney Evers called “a somewhat risky position to take.”

Speaking before the commission, state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, D-Orlando, described the Legislature’s rules as a “trap to share the blame with local governments. It muddies the water further and voters just blame everyone. But I fear they’re going to blame you.”

Jacobs partially agreed with Smith, saying the law “puts local governments between a rock and a hard place, and I’m really just trying to understand why. … To say, ‘If you don’t like it, just ban it’? That is not a situation I ever remember being in.”

I don't get why this is so f******g difficult. Granted, I'm not a lawyer. Can someone enlighten me as to legitimate reasons why this is hard for counties to implement ? Our county mayor feels like a gun has been to held to the commission's head (her words, paraphrased). Come on damnit, just tweak the rules for pharmacies to rationally fit the dispensaries, job done.

The quote that pisses me off:
Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs described a medical marijuana decision forced on them by the Legislature as feeling like 'a gun to our head'

Professional Liar Sarah Sanders on now


Already letting Kelly off the hook. "Facts are on our side about collusion" paraphased about Russia indictments

Kitties answer the door on Halloween....


Heathrow's secret security data found on memory stick on street in London


Heathrow Airport’s secret security planning has been revealed in files on a memory stick found in a London street.

The documents outline routes and safeguards for the Queen, foreign dignitaries and top politicians using Britain’s busiest airport. The USB drive also includes maps showing where CCTV cameras are located, and escape routes for the Heathrow Express railway serving the airport.

Other files describe the ultrasound detection system for protecting the perimeter fence and the runways, and detail the ID requirements for accessing every area of the airport.

A man found the memory stick in Ilbert Street, London W10, just 10 miles from Heathrow. Several days later, he took the device to his local library and studied the contents. When he realised the security implications, he approached the Sunday Mirror.

Oh boy, not good at all!

50+ Brilliant Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever


a lot more at the link up top

Jurassic Carpark

T-Rex family waits for school bus


Occurred on September 22, 2017 / Orting, Washington, USA

"My family and I decided to dress up in costumes as our oldest daughter came home from school. We encourage our children to work hard, play hard, and not take life too seriously as shown clearly in this video."

Corgi and Chicken and Duck, enjoy!


Dogs dressed as pumpkins


tons more at link above
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