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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
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Some pix with great timing to make you laugh, for your mental health break.

Schumer on Rachel now.

Lisa Page up soon on Rachel. Who's watching? This will be very good.

Rachel giving lots of background leading up to the interview.

RAchel: Trump called for Seoul to be "moved" during height of tensions with North Korea

When he found out Seoul was in striking distance of NK missiles, he said they have to move Seoul. And told his advisors to "go do it." Rachel talking about a new book that just came out...who caught the name? I missed it....too much too fast and i wasn't at my computer. And the book tells about him saying they have to move Seoul. THere is lots more...she's going really fast- but all of it crazy stuff.

ANyone watching Rachel on 2010 impeachment of Judge Porteus - Turley as defense, Schiff as. ..

Schiff mkaing the case for impeachment in the hearings. Porteus was impeached; Rachel showed clips of Turley offering BS defense and Schiff as the other side. Schiff was brilliant and Turley was offering the typical BS just like we are seeing now, referring to clear bribes Porteus took as "wedding gifts." SChiff brilliantly called him out on his BS.

Pelosi sure knew what she was doing when she chose Schiff to head things up.
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