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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 8,203

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Turn on Rachel. Bridget Kelly from NJ Bridgegate scandal going to fed prison tomorrow

and says there is something everyone needs to know first. She was set up by CHris CHristie. SHe is appealing to SCOTUS.

Guaranteed to make you smile: A father's heartwarming (and funny!) toast at his gay son's wedding

Because you need something happy!

Judiciary committee press conference RE Barr /Mueller rept shenanigans live now on Chris HAyes

Go here to watch if you don't have TV:

To warm your hearts, because you need it: Animals who found their BFF twins in other species

Cross-species friendships - a reminder of goodness in the world. To balance out...all the other. There is still a lot of goodness! Do not despair, my friends.


This fence is no barrier to friendship! (cuteness overload)

Katie Porter: "The point of hearings is not for politicians to talk. It's for the American people...

to get answers."
Just now on Chris HAyes.
She is so good! And who better than a financial expert to be on the finance committee. Bet she's making a lot of people really nervous. She will be another ELizabeth Warren.

Deutsche Bank, Anthony Kennedy connection...is Kavenaugh a link in this web?

From NYT article:

"The bank recruited a handful of Goldman Sachs traders to lead a push into commercial real estate. One was Justin Kennedy, the son of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy."


"Over the next few years, the commercial real estate group, with Mr. Kennedy now in a senior role, kept lending to Mr. Trump, including to buy the General Motors building in Manhattan. Occasionally, Justice Kennedy stopped by Deutsche Bank’s offices to say hello to the team, executives recalled."

How does this all tie in? Anyone remember the particulars better than I do? I remember it was like Kennedy in effect chose K to be his replacement but don't recall the details. Just how thick is this plot line?


Katie Porter on Lawrence: "I spend 2-3 hours reading/prepping before a hearing." She is GOOD!

This in answer to Lawrence asking her if she thought she would be able to pack so much into the allotted five minutes and giving her kudos for doing so. Imagine reading! She is brilliant. Cut right to the chase and pulled no punches in the Wells Fargo hearing.

SHe said we should neither impeach nor not impeach for political reasons, but for constitutional reasons.

We have some incredible freshman reps.

Rachel talking Cindy Yang, fake charity, high level military connections with Chinese govt. & GOP

Another web with deep, wide, treacherous tentacles. Is there anywhere the GOP doesn't have their tentacles?

RE my post about McConnell, Russial, China, Chao: What we can do. Will you help?

I posted this yesterday and it's at the top of greatest.

McConnell / Russia /China /Chao corruption connection: new significance. How deep does this go?

I said this: "The McConnell connection is so under-reported in the media and explains so much.
I have often thought that a bunch of us should send this to Rachel, Lawrence,
Chris Hayes and ask them to dig into it. I always think of it when they start going on about why GOP leadership continues to support Trump, as though it's this big mystery. They are totally protecting themselves, and it seems so obvious."

And many of you agreed that this is extremely important and vastly underreported.

So I am proposing that a bunch of us email MSNBC hosts and ask them to dig into this and cover it, thinking that if they get enough people asking for it, maybe they will. There are links to some excellent coverage in the post i did yesterday:
McConnell and the Agents of Power and Influence
This is a very well researched and documented article with more outside links. Send it to them and ask them to dig into it!

However, I discovered that finding their email addresses is easier said than done, with the exception of Rachel, who is right out there with her contact into - she often mentions "Send it to Rachel". She seems to be the only one who makes it easy to contact her.

This is what I came up with:
ari at msnbc (dot) com (Ari Melber)

Couldn't find Lawrence or Joy. Katy Tur is good too. Anyone have any other email addresses or able to track them down? I don't do Twitter.

We could also send it to NYT, WaPo, etc. I would so love to see RAchel take it on, though.

Other ideas?
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